Sidney Powell’s 30 Claims Of Voter Fraud In Georgia Lawsuit; GOP Flips 3rd House Seat In California

00:00 Sen. Scott: Stakes Are High for Georgia
One Republican senator says the stakes are high in the Georgia runoffs. He says, if Republicans lose Georgia, Democrats will transform the country into a ‘socialist utopia.’

01:22 Georgia Lawsuit Makes 30 Allegations
Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell’s new Georgia lawsuit makes dozens of allegations. Here are some of them and what her team is asking the court to do about them.

02:53 GOP Flips 3rd House Seat in California
Another Republican candidate has emerged victorious in a tight house race in California. This marks the third congressional seat that Republicans have flipped in the state of California this election.

04:24 Wisconsin Woman Charged With Voter Fraud
A Wisconsin woman has been charged with voter fraud. This, after prosecutors alleged she submitted an absentee ballot for her life partner who died earlier this year.

05:15 Pompeo Talks Afghanistan Troops Withdrawal
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has defended Trump’s plan to reduce the number of American troops in Afghanistan. Pompeo says removing them from harm’s way is part of the Trump administration’s mission.

#SidneyPowell #VoterFraud #GeorgiaElection

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    💎Sign the petition to investigate, condemn, and reject the Chinese Communist Party

  • Dave Farnsworth

    The Dominion rats are jumping ship, cleaning out their desks and Twitter accounts. Run and hide if you can.

    • Andreas karlsson

      @Dakotasan Correct, but you need to present evidence to start an audit. It’s a VERY costly affair to just do like that with zero evidence presented to the courts.

    • OK Team

      Nope. Nothing wrong with the Dominion machines. You are just reciting a debunked internet conspiracy.

    • Squidwolf Minor

      @anthony nicholson Try as you might, you’ll never shut me up, Weakling.

    • Jason Walker

      @Ricky Robbie so you didn’t vote for Trump and don’t support him?

      I’m all for Trump going through his due process, but the irregularities you speak of are people just throwing crap against the wall to see if it sticks. They just don’t have proof.

      Every time they have been in a court case they don’t claim fraud, so what is their claim? This is just to subvert the election and get people to question the election without valid proof. It’s been thrown out of court every time it’s been in front of a judge.

      Before you say the end game is the Supreme Court, they don’t have to hear this case. Especially since the evidence hasn’t even held water at the lower courts. PA ruled (with comments from a Trump appointee Bibas) that there isn’t sufficient or specific evidence of voter fraud. I’m paraphrasing but you can find the ruling online, the real words of the judge are more scathing.

      Before you say they haven’t shown all evidence and they have a card up their sleeve, they can’t bring new evidence to light just for the Supreme Court case. The judges that have thrown out these cases thus far have seen all the evidence. So if they do have new evidence it will have to be a part of a new case/complaint and will have to start back at the bottom again.

      Sorry man he lost. They are grasping at straws.

    • Jason Walker

      @Darren Kastl you can be pissed all you want it doesn’t make any of this true.

      By the way the military never confiscated servers from Germany this has been found to be untrue. The military has said these reports are false. Also Scytl doesn’t have offices or servers in Germany.

      As an American you can believe what you want, but you aren’t entitled to alternative facts.

  • Roger Levasseur

    Not a “utopia”, more like a “dystopia”. One look at the dumpster fire that is California will give you a preview of what they have in store.

    • Forty Six

      @Ceremitas Yeah, a living wage where you give half of your check to the state and pay $1400 a month for a studio apartment. I used to live there….you are nuts if you want the rest of the US to be Cali……but hey, weed is legal…..You probably get state help.

    • Glen Bard

      That’s what I was thinking. It’s like when George Soros is described as a philanthropist instead of a misanthrope.

    • Jim Cumback

      Commiefornia is what the Democrats have planned for all of America. With the Democrats as dictators.

    • humboldthammer

      God vs God vs God vs God vs NOT GOD renews this Christmas Day.
      Borrow + Bomb = the False Profit ewes (US) still follow since 2001.
      Do NOT BE A PRETENDER — was Trump CHOSEN BY GOD? MOST men and women — over 93% — are nearly deaf and blind spiritually. Why should YOU be any different?

  • Steven Clary

    The Constitution is going to Save America 🇺🇸

  • Hori Kingi

    Wow while the world watches the US is a circus like clowns performing according to media 🙄 yeah the media.

    • Contented Spirit

      @Igor Vdovchenko It’s not a Chinese government sponsored channel though. It’s a channel founded by Falun Gong, which is a group of health conscious spiritual people. This is the same group that the CCP arrest, jail, and use for organ harvesting. Not a bad group of people so your claims are baseless.

    • John Smith

      @Buddha Cook “Congrat’s”. Why the apostrophe you eighth-wit?

    • Ron Long

      Trump left the last NATO summit early because other world leaders were laughing at him! They must have seen Trump’s baby Orange blimp flying outside! 🤣🤣

    • Ron Long

      The world gets to see a Clown Show! Rudy should know better than to sweat like a pig when wearing hair dye! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Everdine Stenger

      Not inthe Dutch media where they keep telling ue that Biden won and Trump refuses to concede. Piss on them.

  • James Greer


    • ben schutte

      Let’s make China 🇨🇳 great again 👏
      Biden: I want China to rise, they aren’t bad folks.
      tibetan genocide
      Organ harvest
      Tiananmen Square massacre
      Breaking UK deal, Hong Kong.
      Border disputes with India, Japan & Philippines etc…..
      How can you motivate someone to say that?
      Don’t let your hate for Trump blind u!
      Do your own research, stop depending on mainstream media.

    • 存储脚本错误

      Both are in severe debt. They’re stages of a plan by the most virtuous and civilized, I hear. Very strange act, indeed!

    • AJ Archibald

      @manny123041 Early June, Trump came on TV during prime time and tear gassed protestors and proceeded to threaten to send heavily armed troops to our cities. That right there made the whole situation 10 times worse. Even more people came out the next day to protest nation wide, even around the globe. That and him downplaying the virus is why he lost. If Trump would have took leadership in handling the virus, put stimulus money in Americans pockets and didn’t divide the country when it came to race, he would have easily won.

    • AJ Archibald

      @manny123041 Actually I have an extremely good memory. I do not think Trump shut down borders with China to keep the virus from coming here. He stopped travel to gain more leverage in their trade talks. If Trump was truly trying to keep America safe at that point, he would have shut down just about all borders. Instead he still allowed travel from other asian countries that already had CoVid. In addition, weeks later when he stopped travel to and from Europe, he still allowed travel to and from the UK even though they had some of the highest rates in Europe.

    • AJ Archibald

      @X Your ignorance disgust me. There’s nothing strange about how the virus attack certain groups, most viruses are like that. Spanish flu attacked people who were in their early 20s, with swine flu some older adults had antibodies already in their body from the previous times they caught it, while it was new to the younger generations. Hard for me to discuss anything in your comment. It’s one thing to say the killing of unarmed citizens is justified, but you’re on a whole different level of ignorance saying that police killings caught on tape are fake. They record a large portion of them with their own body cameras.

  • D R

    Nobody saw this in 1999 but we do now.

    We do, now.

    • Jason Walker

      @Taharka Menez that’s because there is no film. All these guys want to do is spread lies. If there was election fraud it needs to be rooted out and people punished, but nothing will come of any of it because Republicans try to stay relevant by limiting voting. It’s been a fundamental pillar of the party for a long time. Look up a guy named Paul Weyrich, there is a video on YouTube of him saying that Republicans lose when everyone votes. They don’t want everyone to vote (by everyone I mean legal registered voters).

    • Forty Six

      @Dieseldragon D Yep……Fauci and the NIH even funded the Wuhan lab as late as 2015. And if it wasn’t a thing until 2020 as they claim…then why did they name it Covid –19 for the year 2019?

    • rushfan9thcmd

      @Forty Six the messy part is yet to come. At some point they will have to leave their liberal cities to come take the arms away from the millions of people that have been quietly stockpiling.

    • Joaldavid Sutton

      @Eoin McCoy If you go outside by sight you can,t prove theres a gentle breeze but you can feel it

    • Cristie Barto

      You are a brave lawyer it’s indeed a crusade

  • mary calalang

    You are a brave lawyer it’s indeed a crusade

  • Joe Schlotthauer

    Attempted voter fraud, or voter fraud should be a mandatory ten years in prison…

  • George Horner


    • Ben Höflinger

      @Mark George We are a democratic republic unlike any of the nations you mentioned. Trump is using the military for vaccination deployment. He is fighting the voter fraud legally. If he were a dictator using the military there would be no lawsuits. Please explain in detail how this is similar to Nazi germany. It’s the left who is acting like the brown shirts, not the right. Want your job cancelled? Talk to a leftist. Want to be publicly doxed and called a racist for knowing history? Talk to a leftist. Want to be beat up in the street for not raising your fist like a facist cult member? Talk to a leftist.

    • Toronto Rangers

      @Ben Höflinger yes, college is useless, which flyover state do you live in?

    • Jim Cumback

      Remember the second amendment, be ready to take up arms and defend our republic.

    • Ben Höflinger

      @Toronto Rangers I actually have a degree and have lived in the Midwest, south and a central (fly over) state. My dad is a tradesman and I grew up in the woods and working with my hands. My degree gave me almost no debt and has been used for a purpose, although I debate with myself how useful it really is.
      The common viewpoint of, “go to school and get a degree” as a default mentality is different. Based on your question I’m assuming you understand what I mean.
      Are you also from a fly over state?
      A lot of these states actually vote conservative but the large cities swing the state. People who live in a 5×5 area, love government amenities, education, etc. typically don’t know what life is like outside the concrete jungle. They vote accordingly. Unfortunately/fortunately a lot of it is ignorance, not willful stupidity. But when those see proof of a good understanding of free market low regulation economy and freedoms in general they have almost [edit] no capacity to see it differently.
      How can I enjoy food if I have no access to a restaurant? That kind of sums it up.

    • David Joe

      @Toronto Rangers Americas Colleges are teaming with Atheist, Marxist Professors! Obviously you have already been brainwashed by them!

  • paulie dee

    NY Bank Teller: “I’m sorry sir, but I can’t do this transaction.”
    Male Customer: “This is ridiculous. When I’m in Georgia I have no problems.”
    NY Bank Teller: “I’m sure even in Georgia it’s the same thing. It’s a standard practice among banks that you need to show ID and Sign your Withdrawal Slip.”
    Male Customer: “You’re right! What am I thinking. It’s when I go to Vote in Georgia that I don’t need ID or a Signature. I don’t know why you guys don’t do the same thing? You’re making this so difficult.”
    NY Bank Teller: “We’re concerned about Fraud. We want to insure the safety of your money. Don’t you think that’s important.'”
    Male Customer: “Alright … don’t get smart. I Signed the Withdrawal Slip and here’s my ID.”
    NY Bank Teller: “I’m sorry Cindy, but your name and ID don’t match.”
    Male Customer: “Just give me a minute, I’ll get the right ID.”
    Paulie dee Analysis: “When I was a teenager I came home from School one day and told my grandmother, that in my High School 14 laptops were missing. And the records and bookkeeping were so bad that they didn’t know who Signed what Computer Out, or if the Computer was even Brought Back. They couldn’t Trace the Laptops. She asked, “do you know what that means?” But I didn’t. I was only sixteen at the time. She said, “The Teachers Stole the Laptops. Or do you honestly believe that these Teachers that have College Degrees and Some have Masters, are unable to Create a Bookkeeping System that could keep Track of the Laptops. It was Intentionally done that way to cover-up the Thefts.” And now you know why they have such a mess in Georgia. And you can only wonder what the Republicans were Promised to help them. More than likely, when they go to get Re-elected the Dems will not spend any money to defeat them. They won’t do a Lindsey Graham. THE RECOUNT IS A SHAM. MASSIVE FRAUD IN GA. and Elsewhere. Democrats murder millions of Babies. These people are Morally Corrupt. They are not above Lying, Stealing, Fraud, Intimidation and Violence. Be Careful!

    • Kenneth Heern

      @Hull Style Productions Change the World You definitely can’t be a Christian and support the democrats platform.

    • Chase 9

      @Arl Tratlo You’re out of your mind check the death rates for the last 3 years we have the same right now. They are lying to us!

    • Arl Tratlo

      @Chase 9 sure, people staying home, wash more often their hands, dont drive with cars, dont walk around etc, and that isnt affecting the death rate, too…??
      but i guess, because you are not 1 of the sick people, its a hoax.. maybe stop shooting people would also keep death rates lower… so just abolish guns and you could save 20.000 people… no, because you cant care for 300.000 dead, so why care for just 20.000….?

    • RB Anonymous

      @Arl Tratlo You are nuts. Watch some more CNN why don’t you.

    • RB Anonymous

      @paulie dee Sure, You democrats are the problem not the solution.

  • John Johnson

    Don’t worry about the minnows, we want the big fish fraudsters caught, tried and jailed for their crimes against the country!

  • JOE


    • Jesse Woody


    • humboldthammer

      Televangelists proclaimed Trump “CHOSEN BY GOD” in 2016, and the ewes in the pews now pretend they are Jews awaiting their WARRIOR MESSIAH who will FINALLY come to destroy the enemies of Israel, once the Temple is restored — maybe sooner. DO NOT BR A PRETENDER (a fake) yourself. Take a Good Look at those FAKE EWES on the Evangelical Council.
      Do NOT just simply repeat someone else’s narrative. ASK THY GOD THYSELF — exercise FAITH — or admit that you do NOT KNOW GOD.

    • Olga Maria

      Spoken like a red white and blue republican bolshevik! What do you reublican bolshies want to do with true enemies? Re-education camps? Gulags? A bullet?

    • Rajvosa Ba


    • Funn Lady

      No it’s not it’s your Trumpmaster and his cronies.

  • Jacked Up Gaming

    what a surprise… the party that is doing the most crime wants less police.

  • Tim Watson

    Hey if a voter is dead his/her vote is INVALID.

  • Roy 1776

    Why should our troops be over there securing other nations people and elections when we cant even take care of our own ?

    • Roy 1776

      @Stan Grey
      Yep that’s been one of the greatest turns toward fascism in American history yet the same pro Obamacare democrats still claim to be Anti fascists?

    • Stan Grey

      @C. A. G. we have let this behavior go on for to long. These groups should be labeled domestic terrorist and dealt with accordingly

    • Eric Betterman

      Because wild, baseless accusations doesn’t concern the military.

    • Stan Grey

      @Eric Betterman hey soy boy get your head out of the sand. Claims are being proven not baseless. Such a closed mind. What has went on should be of concern no matter of party. Maybe you look forward to socialism or communism but many others don’t. You are probably another that thinks he is entitled to a handout

    • Eric Betterman

      @Stan Grey “soy boy” XD Because I’m the one that’s butt-hurt, right? Trumpanzees are too funny with their projections.

      Name a claim that’s been proven. Just one. One that can be verified. One that isn’t rife with inaccuracies, and dependent on first believing a tin-foil hat conspiracy.

      P.S. I’m Canadian, we enjoy lots of socialist institutions up here that work very well for us. As a nation, we hate hand-outs and provide very well for ourselves. Standard of living up here is much better than the USA.

      Go have some tofu and throw a rage fit somewhere.

  • Aragorn II

    Socialism doesn’t work. The rich elites will always keep the best and give the crumbs to the average peasants

  • Sho Tor

    Don’t worry about the minnows, we want the big fish fraudsters caught, tried and jailed for their crimes against the country!

    • The Great Chain

      @Eric Betterman mail in ballots with no verification of signatures and illegal aliens voting is treason

    • Eric Betterman

      @The Great Chain Uhm… Thanks for offering that. It isn’t true, that’s not defined as treason. But thanks for it anyways.

    • humboldthammer

      Borrow + Bomb is STILL the False Profit ewes (US) follow.
      The Promised WAR: God vs God vs God vs God vs NOT GOD, begins THIS CHRISTMAS DAY — the ANTI-CHRIST war. Matthew 5: 44-48, Matthew 7: 21-23

    • Calico Jack

      @The Great Chain who thought of the mail in ballots with no signature verification?….this election was just one big plate of spaghetti.

    • The Great Chain

      @Calico Jack CIA bioweapons coronavirus was the planned demic to have mail in ballots with no verification of signatures ! Daaaaa weez gotz to stay away Daaaa coronavirus 😷🖕👿 meanwhile, cursed Hamite Cannanites white man hating maggots BLM & reversed racist antifa are not social distancing in their riots.
      Revelation 11:5

  • Phantom Xxx

    The way this is going one day Afghanistan and Iraq will conduct/observe the elections in the US !!! 😀😀

  • MapmakerJenny

    Those who participated in fraud in this election will spend time in jail. Confess now or suffer the consequences… it’s really that simple.

    • Ron Long

      Trump says voter fraud an his gullible followers will believe him!
      Trump says 2 + 2 = 10 an his gullible followers will believe him!

    • Dave USMC

      @T C What’s the difference. 1/2 the country is already communist. The lockdowns. Government closing churches & private businesses. No one having the freedom to chose if they want to evaluate their own risk of coming & going freely. These lockdowns won’t be ending.

    • Hai Voai


    • T C

      @Dave USMC
      1) Define “communism” for us. I think you are using a different definition than anyone who has studied political science
      2) Yes, you have a right to die of a disease if you want to. But what you fail to comprehend is that you can make other people sick and put THEM into the hospital.
      A few decades ago kids all over America spent their summer vacations indoors due to polio. No internet. Hardly any tv. No friends over. It must have been a shitty time for all, but it was a sacrifice that people made.
      Now the grandkids of those kids are behaving like spoiled cunts. “But I don’t wanna wear a mask!!!!” “I want to party with my friends!!!!” You fucking moron.

    • T C

      @Angel Visitor hahahahaahahahhaahahah You’re hilarious.

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