Sidney Powell Files ‘Massive Election Fraud’ Lawsuits In Georgia, Michigan; SCOTUS Blocks NY Order

NTD News Today—11/26/2020
01:16 Sidney Powell Files ‘Massive Election Fraud’ Case
02:43 Sidney Powell Files New Michigan Lawsuit
03:55 Milwaukee Election Turnout Unusually High
05:38 Big Tech Shifted 6M Votes Minimum: Report
07:09 Pennsylvania’s Public Hearing on Election
11:28 Trump Calls into Pennsylvania Election Hearing
13:23 Family of Michael Flynn Thanks Trump
14:13 Security Concerns During Georgia Recount
17:23 Michigan Poll Watcher: Republicans Mistreated
21:58 GOP Files New Election Petition in Arizona
25:10 US Supreme Court Halts NY Restrictions on Religions
26:02 NYC Restaurant Virus Testing
27:32 22 at Governor’s Party, Indoors, No Masks
29:02 Denver Mayor Apologize for Holiday Travel
29:51 LA Officials: Data Does Not Back Virus Bans
34:04 China’s Xi Jinping Congratulates Biden
34:58 Professor Praises Virus’s Economic Effects
36:46 UK Firms to Face Fines If Defy Huawei Ban
37:35 Canada Telecom Giant Pulls Huawei from 5G
38:12 1st Chinese Commercial Bank Goes Bankrupt
42:37 US Gives Extension to Sale Order of TikTok
43:18 Cuomo Warns of Tax Hike If No Federal Aid
44:20 Disney Plans to Lay Off Thousands
45:12 Attorney Says Fraud of Tax Dollars in California
48:56 Thanksgiving Religious Underpinnings
52:22 Mail Carrier Surprises Birthday Boy

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    💎Looking for real news that doesn’t spin the facts? Try our sister media The Epoch Times digital for $1:
    💎Sign the petition to investigate, condemn, and reject the Chinese Communist Party

    • MrDeathpilot

      @Michael Regan So why did you abandon FOX? They’re much more popular than this closet production. DId they stop telling you what you want to hear?
      BTW: There is nothing “patriotic” about attacking our election process with fake claims of fraud just because you can’t accept reality.

    • A R T

      The best thing  to do is a thouroughally iinvestigation to fact-check these current Covid 19 statistics. Now we know how wide spread this votersfraud has been which are denied or simply ignored by the most of the MSM outlets to hide the truth from the public. So tell me why we should trust these Covid 19 statistics which are supported by these same bias MSM outlets ? There was only one party which used these Covid ” pandemic ” statistics to implemented their mailballot fraudsceme, exactly that was the Democratic party. So it becomes time to investigate all these people who have died this year from the Covid 19 virus. !! There is also a Nationwide fact check needed in all hospitals of the USA not by phone but trough a physical visit at every hospital to check if these current statistics match with this investigation .It would not
      surprise me at all when these investigation numbers will not match with the current Covid statistic, not even close . It well good be that these  Covid 19 ” attack ” is part of a much bigger and more comprehensive plan to bring the World population under controll . This time it is only a rehearsel for what is coming towards us. This Covid experiment is used to find weak spots in the performance of the operation. So they can optimize their operation when they will start the real attack. The factor FEAR plays a major keyrole in this whole Pandemic event, namely the FEAR factor is the second strongest emotion that we as human beings posess , the strongest is offcourse our sexual drive.  Fear is a emotion which always play in the background a role when we make our daily decisions. Its actually a very powerfull weapon which is used troughout the entire history of mankind by RULERS to get a entire population under their controll or to manipulate them to set the noses in one direction In this way many wars were fought and many of young people left their lives on one of the many foreign battlefields of Mother EARTH have to offer, all done out name to defend our so called Fatherland. The best example i can think off is what happend after the 911 attack executed on American soil, whereby all our diffrences were put aside and brought the people to a strong unity in thinking. The Parliament was no longer a obsticale for the PATRIOT ACT to accept this major and contradictory bill to become law. Now the second consequence was the start of the Iraq war but was done on the wrong base by deliberate given false information to the American people. But troope were send in to fight a war which had actually nothing to do with the whole 911 attack. We must be aware that many Governments in the World saw a oppurtumity during this epidemic they created and implemented new laws. Because violations of certain measurements could not be prosecuted by law. These new laws give Governments extra tools and power to force tbe people into limitation of their freedom and rights. So when the real pandemic will attack  they can immidiatly use these new laws to controll the people.even more.
      All done to protect a more vulnerable part of our population. Some of these measurements are completly useless, wotrhless or not based on scientific proof or are complete unlogical.measurements.  Now the tricky part is when such law will be activated and who will decide this. Thats why you must be sure that the incoming statistics must be 100% correct . To prevent any false information to the report system must be a fully  trustworthy agency., We  the people can not verify these numbers and i wonder if the current numbers all have been checked and how ?! Notice these laws and measurements create a hostile environment to surpress a entire population from his normal life. Thats why it is so important to know if these presented statistics are fully trustworthy and reliable. Now some whole branches are bankrupt and jepordise the economy of tbe country in total . We all witnessing what is going on in America right now. And the role the MSM OUTLETS are playing in this pandemic. and election fraud , they deny any wrong doing or simply ignore the wide spread fraudscemes.. But it seems that no one of the justice department is worried about this devolpment. This has nothing to do with any healthy democrazy which is in fact pure betrayal of the people. The obligation that every journalist used to impose on himself before publishing a report which was based on thoroughly, accurately, objectively and truthfull researchwork is no longer to be found today. Maybe a few exceptions are still there. Nowadays there are no real journalists working at these MSM outlets anymore, almost all of them have been replaced by ordinary second rank actors they must have only one skill that is lying without any shame. They all sold their conscience and souls for big bucks. Some of their presentations are accompanied by the Network self created invented videos to make areport more realiable but in fact its criminal evidence. Numerous examples are already known of what should be treated as a crime. Apparently there is no one working at the DOJ  who is concerned about this devolpment. Apparently that deliberate lying or providing false information to the public became a normal way of communication that the people seemses to have accepted. But In fact our society became a vulnerable and willingly prey to any malicious influence that they want us to believe. There is none reposebility nor any  accountability without this have any consequenses for these perpetrators. Something has to be done now that also the big tech compamies took the right in who will be censored and who not , is a devolpment which must be stopped trough though legislation and big penalties when they fail. Further what happend with the HUNTER laptop ? Not one word from the FBI. What is even worse where is the DURHAM investigation ? The people voted so where they are waiting for ? Maybe they hope that Biden would be next President ?
      Not one word from BARR’S DOJ where is BARR ? He begins to act like Sessions did

    • MrDeathpilot

      @Meg Torrie Powell’s serving you a big heap of nothingburger. GOBBLE GOBBLE it up. LOL!
      This is the biggest news story since “Obamagate” and that migrant caravan. LOL!
      I’ll bet you got all riled up about those lies too.

    • MrDeathpilot

      @A R T “Now we know how wide spread this voters fraud has been”

      I stopped reading there.
      Stupid, deluded sheep.

    • Michael Regan

      @MrDeathpilot I hope you find peace.

  • Angela Johnson

    The world is waking up to the fact that many of those in power,were never chosen by their people!

  • Trinito

    There is a saying in Spanish that says: “the kids and the drunken always says the truth “ joe frauden was acting like that when he said that they had created the most corrupt voting system

  • B. R. Atkins

    Big tech changed the votes. The voting machines were hooked up to the internet.

    • D Abbott

      And Google, wth?

    • Bobby Walter

      Not in mass. It is why they had to stop counting. Trump once again overwhelmed. They had to insert physical ballots because the numbers are ridiculous. The algorithm is fixed value.

    • Kamkoz

      I guess that’s why Gates opened 5G internet in germany on August 29th of this year. These machines can be manipulated from anywhere in the world. Most likely that’s why there was voting result equipment for the US election set up there.
      I think the new internet couldn’t handle the large influx of votes, so that resulted in several key state voting machines to malfunction, having to be shut down for an hour and a half on election night.

  • Brandt J

    Use biker clubs to watch polls. See them try to kick them out. Any officer forcing this illegality should be prosecuted…

  • CyCo CyCo

    I wish we could start arresting globalist criminals.

  • Kenneth Snyder

    This Hass to be the most bamboozled election I’ve ever seen

    • Hey Man

      So many people voted for messed up tha aulderishim. Shut 6 states counting and back fill with mail in ballots. But they were forced to over cheat more mail in ballots than voters,, also caught them deleting voter registration, it’s over Biden…..😝

    • Fuk Face

      @r Moore Blah blah blah blah… understand?

    • Rob Eh

      @r Moore No discernible issues? Ok, sparky.

    • Caerau Park

      @r Moore
      Come on here and insult all you like. As Trump would say ITS WATER OFF A DUCKS BACK.
      Deny Deny and wait for the results of this investigation. Lots of dishonest people are pooping their pants right now 🇬🇧

    • Lara Greene


  • B McK

    It was said on the news that people replicated ballots that supposedly were unreadable. So tell me how that’s legal?

  • Haleem Muhammad

    Someone needs to tell xi Jinping we don’t care what he thinks lol

  • Glen Kaneko

    These lawsuits and hearings demonstrate that our vote is an illusion, we must destroy this illusion by 1.20.21, else the illusion will only cementify!

    • michalena333

      @Doc Holliday Trump has distanced himself from her. Even Trump isn’t buying into her bu!!$hit conspiracy theory

    • PleasantlyBleak

      @r Moore Lol. None of those things are going to happen. The taking back of our country has already begun. As to your remark about what I WOULD do, I will not kneel to tyranny. I will also not blow my brains out or retreat. I will go out on my shield if necessary.

    • jsmyth024

      Is that really the date? Mirror/mirror
      And I’m your 201st like…. interesting.
      My LPN, too.
      Trump wins.
      F in the chat for these globalist scum.

    • Andrew Donohue

      @r Moore you may be grossly mistaken. people arent going to stand for your fraud

    • S. B.

      @michalena333 You don’t understand how the legal system works. SHE NEED INDEPENDENT BECAUSE THERE ARE SOME RINOS INVOLVED TOO

  • In Fraud will set you free

    GO SIDNEY GO-take down the filthy fraudsters

    • Larry Ballard

      @Kristine Gilbank Awesome. Hey Moore. Why don’t you go find something constructive to do

    • r Moore

      @Larry Ballard Foxnews, newsman, and one news should be like sissies in a CC camp over Biden being elected. It’s a lot easier to be against the Administration than for it. The MSM will be defending for the next four years. It’s going to be beautiful. I just love watching you Trump Supporters develop these conspiracy theories. It gives me great pleasure, thanks for these feelings. On 1.20.21 you all will be assimilated when Biden is sworn in, Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Rob Eh

      @Harry Vrondou Is this post supposed to make any kind of sense?

    • Rob Eh

      @r Moore Rhymin’ again i see, wow, you’re pretty cool…….NOT

    • Godly Man

      With Biden as president its the down fall and failure for Americans of their choices. Raise of America by TRUMPH and fall of America by Biden. Americans it was you choices and call of your faith. Haha well the world waiting see it happenings. Thank Jesus answering to Americans.

  • Jeff Logue

    The entire counting process should be filmed on live video. Those people do not have the right to keep the process secret. Every American has the right to see the counting.

  • Thomas Fletcher

    The democrats have everyone looking at Russia , while China and Iran are the culprits .

    • Bethany H

      @Joe j oh, God can use Trump for the good but not Biden. It’s because of people like you that God blessed the Democrats. And I am thankful.

    • Joe j

      @Bethany H God is the longest running ponzi ever invented. So your point is meaningless to me. And should not be part of our government anyways.

    • T 120

      @oneviwatara Remember? “We will have revenge against America”

    • Hanz Ketchup

      And Germany , Germany is playing a huge part in this , the Global Re-Set , the Deutche Bank , COVID-19 , all started in Germany , China is involved heavily in the Vote Fraud allegedly , we’ll have to wait and see .

    • Bethany H

      @Hanz Ketchup God that is so sick. The government is desensitizing you to war. All in the name of a man.

  • Uche Abiona


  • Armand Hammer


  • Lug Wrench

    PA Gov. Wolf should be arrested and charged with Treason.

  • KJ K

    People have been jailed for less the culprits must be brought to justice!

    • Paul Reynolds

      The FBI and DOJ won’t act (again) because they are corrupt.

    • Joe Peacock

      Yea trump need to be brought to justice

    • Joe Peacock

      @Paul Reynolds yes trump has corrupt our government

    • Z Rod

      @Joe Peacock Yes, Biden and his fellow Democrats have corrupted our government and should be locked up.

    • Angie Lovelace

      Tell me about it. They took me to jail a couple years ago in Michigan for daring to step out of my car in my own driveway after a cop had pulled in to ask me about my seatbelt not being on!!! No lie! I’m now a felon at 50 years old for THAT! THE COP called my audacity to ask wth was going on a resisting and obstruction charge. (The nerve of me) yet I still support the police. Just not them dirty ones running the show in Michigan. corrupt belong all belief. And trust me most of us can’t afford to fight back.

  • Kenneth York

    This voting machine should be discarded and never brought into the United States over again

  • MrHarley157

    I am praying for a miracle. These cheating Dems are disgraceful and need to pay.

  • pdb

    The Lord says;
    “Neither candidate will progress to the US Presidency.”

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