Sidney Powell At ‘Stop the Steal’: Massive Voter Fraud Exists, Money Traced Back To China

Sidney Powell said that massive voter fraud exists in the country, and it’s in the DNA of all software in voting systems used across America. She said some algorithms changed votes at a rate of 90% for Biden and 10% for Trump. She said a lot of the money behind the fraud is traced back to China.

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    💎Looking for real news that doesn’t spin the facts? Try our sister media The Epoch Times digital for $1:
    💎Sign the petition to investigate, condemn, and reject the Chinese Communist Party

  • David Williams

    Simple facts. American needs more common sense.

    • Kathleen Norton

      @Thomas Foster Jr.
      Unless an autopsy is done, coroners go by what the doctors fill out. They usually can’t tell by looking at someone what they died of.
      The rules the doctors go by are skewed by the establishment, to squeeze out as many covid19 deaths as possible.
      You really should do some independent studying about the situation. The numbers have been vastly artificially increased.
      There’s plenty of doctors and nurses who have blown the whistle on this.
      Of course they get scrubbed out by the overseers of the media. If you were on your toes you would have caught their testimonies.
      Hospitals, otherwise going bankrupted, get big money for covid19 patients. That alone is plenty of incentive to fudge the numbers.

    • Clementina Cantu

      Miss: S, Powell–Hope-hope the judges are not corrupt/And”Their//Bought/OPEN..EYES/PEOPLE/CNN/NIGHT//FAKE. WILL.SHOW/JOSEPH/SCHAMALA/H/ON,/T.V. SHAME/ .HUNTER/JOE/JR/investigated.THANK’YOU/MISS”POWELL. Keep/FIGHTING

    • Kathleen Norton

      @Gage Bailey The very people dying are the same ones who in large quantities receive flu shots, the old and the compromised.
      I think that they may put the old, failed, coronavirus vaccine formula in many of the recent flu shots, starting in 2019.
      The failed coronavirus vaccines of the past, when they had previously been tested, and rejected, caused many of those who had the trial tests to become very sick, and many to die.  Not right away, but later, when they came into significant contact with any common cold of the coronavirus variety, or a usual flu of the coronavirus variety.
      Then the failed coronavirus vaccine formula kicked into deadly action, causing many of the tested people’s bodies to go into full fledged cytokine storms, attacking their own organs and thereby killing many of them.  (They tested it on people in third world countries.)
      Sound familiar?
      It’s the very same strange symptom and cause of deaths that is quintessential of “covid 19”.
      Coincidence?  I don’t think so.
      When is someone going to test and find out exactly what’s been planted into flu shots?
      Many recieved flu shots in late 2020, and now, when the usual flu, cold season is upon society, suddenly the cases of “covid 19”, and deaths from “covid 19”, are again skyrocketing.
      The rates of “covid 19” reflect the rates per age group of people who receive flu shots. 
      Older people died like flies from it.  They receive a very high rate of flu shots.  Also, their flu shots are twice as strong as everyone elses shots.
      Many people likely received flu shots this time around who otherwise wouldn’t have, out of fear of getting both covid 19 and the common flu at the same time.
      Leftist Governor of New York, Cuomo, said that he wouldn’t allow the new covid 19 vaccine into New York, until it was thoroughly tested by a third party.  He doesn’t trust it. 
      He thinks President Trump may have had it sabotaged in some way, with something harmful put into it.
      By now we should be very well aware that the left ALWAYS accuses the right of doing exactly the evil deeds which they themselves practice.  It’s their “tell”. 
      If you want to know what evil duplicity the left is up to, all you need to do to find out is to pay attention to what they are accusing the right of doing. 
      It works every time, just like clockwork.
      Someone, please test the current, and recent past flu shot formulas.  Find out if failed coronavirus vaccine formula has been being planted in them.  Otherwise they will do it over and over.  Unless thoroughly tested, it can hide in there and be very undetectable.
      Don’t think that the power hungry left isn’t beyond practicing germ warfare on our own people.  Don’t ever underestimate the evil of pure evil.

    • Michael Hartman

      These comments seem to be filled with virus conspiracy theorists, and Biden followers. I can assure you on a personal level the virus is very very real. Did New York City shut down because of the sniffles? Every country in the world is lying? People that blow it off, find out the hard way.
      I have noticed across YouTube that people from around the world recognize the fraud, except for Biden followers, and the CCP.

    • Kathleen Norton

      @Michael Hartman Put that in the past tense, please, “the corrupt WOULDN’T let us elect it, not won’t.
      From now on, they’ve been busted.

  • Ole Sauffaus

    For Gods sake, fix this thoroughly, and clean up everywhere!
    Greetings from Denmark, Europe, to my American friends,

    • SteffieTee

      Europe is a mess, you all need to start in your own backyard!! Many globalists and NWO sympathizers in N.Europe, W. Europe, E. Europe, and S. Europe, basically the swamp is deep there!!

    • A Sregdor

      @Batia Sarońe Oh my god !!!!! That has to be one of the most insane things I have heard in a long time . ” Sidney Powell should be President !!!!! Go take your meds nut job .

    • Clementina Cantu


    • Batia Sarońe

      @A Sregdor You’re scared of her. I understand. Good will triumph.

    • Clementina Cantu

      @Brenda Kirby ///Ah/Agree//.LADY//100% 💯% Mr. Trump/Re-Elect/Thank’You/S.Powell. From//Good/People/

  • Glen Kilgore

    Don’t let the men who died defending FREEDOM die in vain. SEMPER FI!

  • Reda Cherkaoui

    I knew this fraud was nationwide. Not just swing states.

    • F16

      @Ben Shalk So, by your logic, the election in 2016 was not fair either. I would thus contend Trump actually lost in 2016. I’m sure you would agree, since, as you say, “elections are bullshit anyway”. It’s nice that we can sit in our armchairs and decide who is the winner without evidence, or even the need to vote. 😏How cool is that?!! Sigh 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • F16

      @Daz Macca Your lack of grasp of the facts is truly quite stunning. Republicans fought to not allow mail-in ballots to be counted ahead of Election Day. Most Democrats voted by mail, because we actually believe the virus is real and the earth is not flat. Therefore, Trump took an early lead in counties with heavy Democratic populations. There’s nothing mystical or dubious in that. As for the votes that started to be counted later (mostly mail-in), there was a heavy Democratic lean, based on what I just said before. However, not every vote was for Biden…that statement is absolutely false, because I stayed up very late a number of nights watching the vote totals come in, and Trump’s counts continued to increase as well, just not as much as Biden. Again, that was due votes being counted that were mostly mail-in, from mostly Democratic areas, where each vote has to be signature checked, opened, reviewed for errors, then sent into the voting tabulators. The reality is much more understandable and simple than the wild unsupported accusations of coordinated widespread fraud. Use your head, and realize that no matter how much you may like the guy, many people don’t like him.

    • Eva Abe

      @F16 Bingo! You nailed it! That’s what Sydney Powell is doing!

    • Eva Abe

      @ben gan Lol! You’re a simpleton if you believe Biden won or maybe you’re getting paid to make goofy comments!

    • Håkan Carlsson

      @Ben Shalk I was a 100% sure you were making a joke when you started with:
      “… my buddy was telling me how his mom told him….”

      But no you were serious 🤯

      Also…. You didn’t vote and elections are bullshit…. 👍😂

  • Glen White

    Att Linwood, Att Guilliani, Att Powell, Att Jenna Ellis— are our times’ Caleb, Joshua, Esther and Deborah! We pray to the ALMIGHTY to protect them!

  • Nada Nadezda D

    It does not surprise me that Serbia is involved, evil, corrupt and manipulative leader is into everything evil and heavily involved with evil globalists. Long live mr. Trump!!!!!!

  • Reginald Uy

    We’re watching! Praying for the Patriots in America. From Philippines with love

  • Pierre Prinsloo

    Just one of Sidney Powell’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally’s draws a bigger crowd than all of Biden’s rally’s put together!

  • Love and Happiness


    • Mark Jensen


      Since JFK for sure.

      The big unstoppable are the schools, Hollywood, and MSM propaganda.

    • Randall Midgley

      That is the question.
      Look at people who have been elected for decades Mad Maxine, Pelosi Shifty that alone suggests fraud, notice not one person admits to voting for them.

  • Tien Nghe

    We’re love her , The warrior fighting for freedom and judgeted .

    • Kent-Ove Prestberg

      @RonnieSayers. You’re all over the place in these comment sections.
      Keep spreading your BS!🖕🖕

    • Neil Rusling

      just insane ranting about nonsense with no evidence…so wheres that Kraken then?…was that all lies as well……she will be judged for all her lies…HE sees all.

    • Super Kawaii Neko Chan No Baka Desu Ne Senpai (´・ω・`) かわいい

      Trump lost. Get over it, snowflakes. Despite all of Trump’s attempts at *actual voter fraud:* telling his cult of mouth breathers to vote twice, slowing down the USPS/defunding them, planting fake mail in ballots or removing them in democratic areas, appointing more Republican judges in the supreme court, unconstitutionally bribing the catholic church with millions of tax payer’s dollars to buy more votes, even through the electoral college…He still lost.

      Funny that the tribe of lizard brain chimps that loves quoting “facts don’t care about your feelings” are the ones now hitting the copium, trying to grasp at any petty little fabricated “evidence” to pretend that their fuhrer actually didn’t lose by a landslide.

      And when Trump recounted the votes 3 times Biden only gained even more votes.

      Face it, even god hates Trump.

  • B C

    Sleepy Joe should me in a Nursing Home where he belongs

  • Linda Munguia

    This is the most important day of our lives and we should be counted thank you God bless you for doing a good job

  • Joseph Beard Jr

    Every dirty trick in the book. Exactly as I said they would do months ago. They even came out and said it during the failed impeachment.

  • Adri Amor y paz

    She is amazing. Hod bless and protect her

  • Craig Curphey

    I believe Sydney will fight to their dying breath.

  • Sandra Ward

    God bless this righteous effort to expose those who are trying to overthrow this government in the mighty name of JESUS.

  • Luis Cardona

    Accountability. We the people of this country are tired. We want accountability and we want it now!

  • Tessa Maridee

    I would vote for Lin or sindey in 2024 after trump cleans house. i pray they run togther!

  • Charles Darwin

    “The goal of every patriot is to protect his country from its government.”

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