SHTF & Everyday Dawn Dish Soap Uses

Sensible Prepper Presents: SHTF and Everyday ways to Use Dawn Dish Detergent. From Weed Control to Bug Killer, Dawn takes more than Grease Out of Your Way!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Dawn Dish Detergent in any way.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  • Big Bad Wolf

    You have a fucking corgi??

  • Marcus Matus

    What’s the prepper use for the corgi epithet than using the hair they shed for a coat

    • Steven Hill

      Sterilize it by boiling then dry it out save it till you have enough to stuff a pillow.

    • Natural Mom

      Dawns soap almost had me on my knees,seriously,those chemicals are terrible,your best bet is to use Castile soap,you can use it for almost everything,even pets.I get Castile soap online very cheap also do your research on unsulphured black strap molasses to deter bugs in your garden

    • ChickenPimp J

      Molasses is best used for making rum…lol

    • Natural Mom

      +ChickenPimp J
      there is over 50 ways you can use unsulphured black strap molasses..i like to use it as a deep conditioner and darken my hair…i refuse to put the poison on my scalp that is in beauty products on the market…and its a humectant so it washes off easily

    • ChickenPimp J

      I use molasses for canning homemade baked beans, amongst other things. I also make my own soap from tallow I render myself (which I also use for shampoo). Brown sugar is easy to make with white sugar and molasses (rather than buying the overpriced stuff from the store.) Its easier to mix with a stand mixer than a hand mixer as it takes several minutes to incorporate fully. But, rum, is the best use for it, in my case…lol

  • Anony Amos

    For fleas in the home- take a small plastic pan- like from a microwave entree, styrofoam takeout container, anything similar, water with a few drops of dawn, stir it up, place it against the wall under a nightlight and just wait. The fleas will jump to the light. The soap breaks the water tension and the fleas drown. This isn’t good if you have pets that will drink the pans of water, but it’s only a couple of drops of soap if they do. The key is to just break the surface tension.

    • rcat32

      works excellent–i de-infested my house this way several times. But I didn’t just wait for them to hop in, I’d walk over to the bowl of soap water with bare legs and arms, and pick fleas off my skin rapidly and drop them onto the water surface–rub your fingers together to tangle up their legs so some won’t jump off when they hit the water. They sink rapidly to the bottom and soon die, tho some try to climb out. Maybe use a steep sided bowl instead of sloped.

  • KristenGibson_CanadianGirl

    Cool idea with the ice packs!

  • Vicki Pickstock

    could u usethe bug spray on household plants

    • MrManerd

      Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, I successfully used dishsoap and water to kill a Lantana bush that no other herbicide worked on.

  • Herbie Schwartz

    Like your videos. Also liked the perimeter alarm video you made a while back. Keep up the good work.


    on the farm we took a three gallon pump sprayer. two cups of any flea soap one cup of dawn and fill with cold water. it drops Skeeter’s and killed fleas as well!!

  • MrManerd

    Is dawn an emulsifier?

  • Kaylynn Strain

    I used some Dawn to get up grease off the tile floor and steel walls in the kitchen of my mosque, really worked on the floor tiles!

  • PANDORA Murals

    Is this available in Australia? Happy new year!

  • Josh Bishop

    will this kill bed bugs

  • Nikki Reynolds

    I loved this video. Precise and to the point. Great tips! Not to mention, the bloopers at the end, hilarious!!! Thx

  • Cleo Johnson

    Thank you so much for the great tips.

  • James P

    dawn is also good for removing skunk smell from your dog it’s very good all u have to do is mix dawn soap with vinegar bakeing soda and water it foam alot but it works very well my dog was so stinky after one wash with this it killed so good that there was no more small of skunk

  • Cannon2017

    You can use any soap for that even shampoo and body wash. most insects breath through their bodies not their mouths so once the soap water hits them it bubbles up suffocating them to death. I’ve know about that trick for years

  • Bradley Wayne

    If you have animals dawn is an awesome flea bath alternatibe as well. in the past I had taken in a few stray animals and dawn would kill hundreds of fleas quickly, safely and easily.

  • Salbando THEONE

    I have a use for dawn you may not have heard of this hack is for all the fishing people out there take a quarter of a cup of dawn add to a 5 gallon bucket of water then you can go to almost anywhere in your yard pour the 5 gallon bucket of solution over a 5 by 5 foot area right on top of grass or soil and with in 5 minutes you will see night crawlers and different types of worms rise to the top of the ground it really works some areas of your yard will work better than other areas but you will get you some worms in a hurry for fishing make sure to wash worms with clean water before placing them into your bait container and good luck fishing……

  • Hotrod 05

    When mixing the bug spray, add the water first and then the dawn. Keeps it from foaming up on ya!

  • P. B.

    Long live republic haha….well we need people of all brain sizes I guess xD

  • casino NYU

    Dude get rid of those icecreams (Breyers) that is not icecream it does not melt.

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