She’s Due Any Day! Our Jersey Milk Cow Is Ready to Calf.

Today we are announcing the winners of our 400k subscriber giveaway and sharing some exciting news from around the farm.

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  • HardenMama

    How cool is it that you explain Labor Day because you have followers around the world!

  • Darrell

    Congratulations winner’s and God Bless you all

  • Rita Hopkins

    I was just going to address the pond. Please be careful another homestead has a pond and a calf drowned.

  • Teresa Doyle

    Congratulations to your winners and CONGRATULATIONS to you on your HUGE milestone!
    Because of Hope it’s a bit of a “spoiler alert” for me because I have been binge watching your channel all summer from your first video but I couldn’t wait to find out how she is doing. 😉 I am down to 10 months ago now so I will soon be caught up to date and I am enjoying all of your content!
    Stay well!

    • Lola Hodgens

      That’s exactly what I did when I first found them! The videos are so much fun and definitely more binge worthy as anything on television! 📺 ❤

    • Cheryl Idler

      Thats ME TOO ,! Getting caught up to check on hope .. learning all kinds of things. Grew up in town, but had uncle and aunt on farm then.. inlaws were farmers too so watched some farming love these two with their good teaching videos. So fun those ducks are crazy little birds I get a belly laugh every time!..BEST…CHERYL🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Eleanor Chapple

    You are great teachers. Following you has helped me to bake bread and can tomatoes, learn about foraging, soil improvement, and why not to have goats !!😊 You truly deserves your success!!🌺🌺🌺

  • debbie edwards

    Hang in there Hope, hold out just 8 more days, LOL

  • Bob White

    Weed fabric is a must and I learned that here.

  • Felicia Hubbard

    Check the Almanac for when the moon changes. Your cow will probably calve about that time. Blessings.

  • Joanna Blankenship

    Can’t wait to see Hope’s calf(calves). So excited for you and for her. Will watch to see the great event!!

  • Bobbie G

    Congratulations to the winners. How exciting. I can’t wait to see Hope’s calf. Thank you for all your hard work making videos for us. I love watching them.

  • Vicki Martin

    This year was my first time in a long time having a garden and I used the weed fabric and it saved a lot of time. Thank you for doing your videos I look forward to them every time they are on. Vicki from pa


    I am waiting on Jersey’s calf’s birthday good luck.

  • Debby Bailey

    I did your woven weed fabric and love it! I also did the sweet potatoes with mulch in the 1 foot holes. I did only 12 slips. I had about 110 pounds of sweet potatoes. I had so many I gave to my towns blessing boxes.

  • Nancy Vance

    Our dairy cow calved last Thursday…a sweet, tiny, heifer! Just a note: sometimes dairy cows calve late, so don’t worry if she goes past her due date.

  • Christine Ortmann

    Praying all goes well for Hope and her calf. Looking forward to seeing them both on your upcoming videos 😁

  • Fleetwood Patch

    Love watching your channel! I especially love that you show recipes and preserving techniques for what is harvested.

  • LuAnn Griffin

    Sarah, I LOVED your laugh when Kevin was speaking about the water and being as “crazy” as you want!! 😀

  • Kit Zimmerman

    A neighbor on our neighborhood site “Nextdoor” was looking for canning jars. I referred her to your jar video. She liked it so much that she subscribed on the spot.

  • Mary Lou Mulloy

    I can’t wait to see when Hope delivers her calf. She’s been such a fun pet to watch you work with on the video’s. So exciting!
    Congrats on your continued success and growing your channel. You sure do deserve it……its awesome!
    Can’t wait to view the next one!

  • Virginia Wimer

    Have someone come and “witch” the well. Not an old wives’ tale.

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