She TOOK over the Post & Beam Garage Build and FINISHED IT! Husband & Wife Build Post & Beam Garage

She TOOK over the Post & Beam Garage Build and FINISHED IT! Husband & Wife Build Post & Beam Garage

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I was born and raised 20 minutes from Boston, MA. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Anxiety. My personal experience with the prescribed medication was NOT POSITIVE. So I decided to find better way. I didn't know it at the time but, that was the BEGINNING for me! I have been “FINDING A BETTER WAY” in all areas in my life ever since. Better ways of how to create a modern homestead affordably, and a better way to provide my family with healthy foods, and so….. much MORE!

At Lumnah Acres we hope our experiences can help guide you to find YOUR BETTER WAY! Please join us in sharing our journey with you, let us be a guide to Modern Homesteading, Self-Sufficiency, and FREEDOM for you!

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  • AuroraSage Wilmot

    Would you guys be interested in a drawing of one of your goats? My husband and I are huge fans and would love to gift you something special. I could totally understand not wanting an art piece. But I have time and love to gift my art.

  • E H

    It’s so nice to watch normal people instead of politics.

    • Gina Whisnant

      @Tom LtColDaddy71 – worked remotely and need background noise so do the same. Try TA Outdoors and TA Fishing. Mike and his dad Gramae are great. Start from the beginning

    • Tom LtColDaddy71

      @Gina Whisnant I’m watching farming, farmsteading, and homesteading stuff. I’m into all 3 literally. I have not been at scale like I am now until fairly recently, and I want to stay grounded on all 3 levels. It always throws off the customers with whom I share the homestead / farmstead relationship with, when I tell them that my main goal as a provider of their food is to lose them as a customer. But the catch is that I want to lose them as they become more able and self sufficient on their own. It’s happened quite a bit too, and it’s rewarding. We usually keep them as a protein buyer, and they are our number one advocates.

      When I watch a family like the Lumnah’s, I have to admit, I wish they were a retail enterprise that was profitable in it’s own right, but then I’m reminded of my own journey, where my original intent was to be basically the local grocery store in a nearby town of 800-900 people, and NO ONE would buy from me. I had to scramble back into the farmers markets and get my product to people who “got it.” City / suburban sophisticated eaters who could afford it. Over time, that grew into not having to work the markets, they came to me, they became my delivery staff (for free). AMAZING!

      One good thing that came out of a very bad situation (COVID-19) is that we do have a handful of local customers now. What I love about the Lumnah’s, and other’s like them ,is that they are promoting an ideology, making a living by doing it, even though they are probably well out of reach from a customer base that can sustain them and allow them to thrive. That is the miracle of You Tube, and I want to support them, and others.

      In total, we’ll control 4000 acres next year, growing a lot of row crops, cereal grains and forage, but that 80 acres we set aside for directly marketed vegetable is our most precious. Hopefully we’ll drop back to 3000 in 2022, we’re picking up a farm next year due to that family dealing with some health issues.

      The one criticism I have about these You Tube farmers who have never sold even a carrot, is they make it look like us farmers eat pretty high on the hog. LOLOLOLOL. When you’re looking at being in the black, or in the red, you consume the least desirable aspects of what you produce, BUT YOU LOVE IT, and learn how to doctor everything up and make it pretty delicious.

    • Jennifer R

      I love that you think they are normal. I hope you are right… There may be how for us yet! Lol.

    • Tom LtColDaddy71

      @Jennifer R everybody is Abby Normal in their own way 😀

    • J McCracken

      Poly Tics= Artificial money suckers.

  • Deborah Simmons

    Adding a little wine to your sauté mixture will kick the flavor up considerably, just a quarter cup will significantly improve the marrying of flavors by a lot!!! It burns off with cooking but the incredible benefit it gives to the final product is amazing!

  • Stephen Harvie

    Morning from Australia hay gina to cut mushrooms evenly try an egg slicer works a treat regards stephen

  • Marce Rivest

    The greatest gift that one can have is having a great wife. I have been lucky, in a month we will be married 39 years, and it’s been great. Some people forget that being married is a partnership

    • Sam Val

      Here here! You both are to be commended! Keep the faith…

    • MARLENE Kutcher

      Marce Rivest true that I had a marriage like both our parents not 50-50 but, one horse-one rabbit. Been single after 40 yrs in.and doing great. Maybe one day I’ll find a true partner. Not giving up!

    • Linda Amidon

      It’s a lucky woman indeed, that has a husband who considers himself a lucky man!

  • wade parkyn

    QUESTION…. Why would you peel the mushrooms ???

    • marie lynne

      @Norine Holland Would you eat something that tastes, to your palette, like dirt just because it’s good for you? We all have different aversions to different foods. Mine is any kind of organ meat, mushrooms and birds eye baby onions in cream sauce. They all make me gag lol. My sister gags on avocados. I freakin love them.

    • Stacy Schaffer

      @marie lynne sometimes I wonder why it seems like the vast majority of people would like a bunch of carbon copy replications running around rather than being forced to accept the wonderful diversity that is the human race!! I’m so sorry you got called insane for being honest.

    • Rob Westley

      @marie lynne SA. Sandra Westley we peel our mushrooms in the UK to, chop the bottom of the stem then peel the tops.

    • Lesley Hutchings

      @Rob Westley I’m in UK, I don’t peel mushrooms and I only cut off the very end of mushroom stalk and then only if it looks mangled

    • Ali 1116

      I wash mine, then dry with a paper towel.

  • Marie Packer

    question?? you are making stalls for animals are you going to make a loft space above the stalls? like not make the (sheep) stalls the total height of the building, to help hold in more heat in the dead of winter

    • Hidden Creek Homestead

      Marie Packer I would think he would🤷🏻‍♂️. Would make a great spot for an additional Hay loft or equipment. They say vertical space is the most commonly wasted.

  • Quake c

    You should contact Simply Safe and see if they will sponsor you. Put up night vision cameras around the whole of your property as well as color cameras in each stall as well as NYC and Olivia’s Ice Cream stand. Place a few more cameras in the shop, milking room, outdoor kitchen and greenhouse. Outfit the house and you can install a cat door that only opens when Figzy gets close to it.

  • Redgonetogray

    As long as I’ve been alive that’s a first for me. Pealing a mushroom. Lol. That meal looked wicked good.

  • Patrick

    I’ve never seen anyone peel a mushroom before and you didn’t say why. Is it an aesthetic thing? But then why not just get white mushrooms? Do you peel white mushrooms? Not trying to judge or be mean, just really curious, I’ve watched cooking shows my whole life and I’ve never seen this and it makes me really curious. What am I missing?

    • Jennifer R

      @Patrick well, seems hardly anyone has ever seen it, and we aren’t dead! Personal preference, I guess…

    • Patrick

      @Jennifer R and it harm no one so mote it be

    • Cheryl Fraunhofer

      I wondered about that, too. Never saw anyone peel a mushroom before. But the resulting pork chop/mushroom/garlic dish looks delicious!

    • Patrick

      @Cheryl Fraunhofer truth!

    • Ali 1116

      Ok, I too was curious about the peeling as well.
      Everyone gave good answers.
      Thanks for the info folks.
      I too have never peeled them either.
      Perhaps a Gina said something about it, but it wasn’t played. Hey Al, let Gina have some time on the comments, or maybe she doesn’t want it played 🤔🤔🤔
      I agree, the dish looked amazing and delicious!!!
      Great job Gina!!!!
      Sure is funny seeing the chickens in fast motion. 😆

  • Larry Parish

    Shove some of those rocks you’ve got laying around under those walls to keep the gravel from pushing out from under there.

  • Helene Jackley

    Why would you peel brown mushrooms they are the ones with more flavor than the white ones and you pay more for the brown ones…..

  • Sandi Schraut

    I have never seen anyone peel mushrooms, interesting.

  • Judy Edwards

    Once again the dynamic duo accomplish so much working together. Garage/Barn is looking very good. Have a good rest of the day Lumnah family.

  • Northstar Prepsteader

    Gina, if you want smoked paprika, smoked salt, or any other seasoning smoked, put them in your smoker! They make great gifts, too.

  • sara griffiin

    Some people peel mushrooms, even the white ones to get them extra clean. I have seen some people do it and it was always the same reason to remove the dirt on them completely. Maybe that’s why gina did it too. No problem there, to each his own.🙂

  • Judith Haskell

    The color of an egg doesn’t indicate any difference in the nutritional value between eggs!

  • Smiley Tow

    Ok that’s a first for me! I have never ever heard that you could or should peel a mushroom. Is that a thing?

  • William O'Connor

    Is there anything Gina doesn’t excel at ? She’s awsome

  • Tiffany Thompson

    Gina: “it doesn’t matter if it’s level cause it’s the back” Al: “it Does matter if it’s level, just let me do this and I can make you a jig” 🤣

    • KebabMusicLtd

      When Al measured the side panels, there was a variance of between a couple of sixteenths and a quarter of an inch between the various different width panels. Whatever the variance was at the back, I don’t suppose it would have been noticeable until most of the battens had been put on, but ultimately those variances are going to add up until the battens probably fell short of the seems between each panel by quite a noticeable difference, and that would have left a clear gap in the back of the barn.

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