Sharp Drift Left By FOX News Leaves Vacuum For The Right To Fill

source: highlight hollywood

The incredibly stupid but welcome move further leftward by Fox News is rapidly leaving a vacuum for the right to fill, just like Rupert Murdoch did many years ago when he identified a strong market demand for news with a perspective catering to the right.

Why the formerly powerful news channel is moving left at a rapid pace is from it being taken over by the sons of Rupert Murdoch, who are extremely liberal.

With the recent suspension of Judge Jeanine Pirro (link goes to her book) and bizarre hiring of disgraced Clinton political operative Donna Brazile, it’s readily apparent the network is going to punish those on the right as quickly as they can and replace them with leftist political hacks.

More than likely the only reason Hannity and Tucker are still on the channel is because removing them too quickly would crush viewership and ratings. Once they make politically incorrect comments that can be used as leverage against them, they’ll probably receive the ax too. Pirro is probably a trial balloon to see how the public responds.

It is inevitable that Fox News will continue to move leftward. For that reason it will provide a tremendous opportunity to provide an alternative or alternatives for the right; the opportunity is enormous. The key is not entering the battle and then rapidly trying to placate the left by aligning with their world view, as so many in the media end up doing.

My view is anyone taking up the effort and potentially – the mantle – should be even more hard right than Fox News was in the past. When I used to watch it years ago, it was easy to see the seeds of leftism in even some of the more conservative commentators.

In today’s news market, I see this as a much larger opportunity than when Rupert Murdoch made his move, as the lines between the left and right are far more pronounced than in the recent past, and those providing news and commentary to the right will enjoy even more loyalty and viewers than Fox News at its height, in my opinion.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a show on a network that derives most of its revenue from advertising, as it is now being used by companies to control the content of the news and pundits.

A better way of doing it would be to offer a streaming service that people pay for on a monthly basis. The key there would be to get some talent that has a built-in fan base, and build the online channel from there.

For the U.S. market, it would also be advantageous to use services outside the country so they don’t undermine the effort by refusing to do business with them, as PayPal and some Internet domain providers have done.

Either that or have backups in place to seemlessly and quickly navigate to those sources if mainstream companies are pressured to refuse service.

In my view there is room for a number of big players. Just don’t fall into the deception you have to be careful to not step on the toes of the left. The more the targeted audience is served with its desired content, the more paid subscribers will be attracted to and stay with the service.

While it is important to have a couple of fiery pundits commenting, the reality is the left has driven the public so far into illusion and delusion, losing any sense of reality, that simply speaking the truth about things like gender, traditional marriage and killing babies via abortion is enough to separate news on the right widely from the left.

The bottom line is to be aware of the enormous opportunity the fall of Fox News is providing for those wanting to influence the right while making a profit.

Again, remember that the advertising model has been faltering for years, and when taking into account the hostility of American companies with the right, it will be disastrous and a failure to use that as the business model for any news organization serving the right.

Finally, also be aware the right is getting harder than it’s ever been, and with the left taking no prisoners and increasingly becoming a threat to America and real Americans, the shift right will be stronger than it has been for decades, and possibly ever, in American history.

For those outside of America, the same is true, possibly even more so. The challenge there that needs to be researched, is whether or not the nation you live in allows for that type of content to be aired on the Internet or television.


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