Self Defense Cache Bag

Sensible Prepper Presents: The "Self Defense Cache Bag". Having a back up when it comes to Self defense is a no brainer. Here's an idea that I've been implementing for about a year and decided to share it.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00



  • Atomkönig

    Could somebody send me a link for the bag please?

  • Daniel Wilson

    mag pouch and belt holster would be thrown in along with a small cleaning kit and oil with a couple of boxes of ammo in case I need to bounce

  • robbie robertson

    Dude, where’s your flamethrower?

  • YK

    I have hidden at least two hundred of these all over Three Rivers, Texas where I live

    • Scott M

      Now that reminds me, a GPS might be handy.
      Btw, I hope you didn’t hide yours in one of those 200 caches, along with the location coordinates to find each one lol.

  • Gator Delray Survival

    how about a fire starter or maybe a thermal emergency blanket

  • Marmota Arce

    Kill the insect

  • DiveDoc

    i would drop the eye pro, get more of an inclusive medical kit that includes a touriquet or two, a set of gloves, a needle T, a headlamp, a chest seal, duct tape, and an izzy dressing. This seems like a kit that you would use to grab and use for an immediate action and after that you need to treat the aftermath.

  • Scott M

    Finally, a bag I wish my gf would carry for those awkward moments in public when she says, “hold this for a minute”.😒 Upon awkwardly accepting it, I proceed to wrap the shoulder strap around it, and then pinch it between arm and torso, thus making it crystal clear,

    *”This is NOT my purse! I am I MAN, holding it for woman!”.*

    Anyway, since you’d extend the defensive cache to address hydration issues, right away I’d include:

    -a few high calorie power bars. Their insignificant weight and volume will never betray their potential usefulness, so toss a few in there.

    -a small pill bottle or tiny zip-lock bag for a few Benadryl and aspirin. I’d ask myself, ” What tiny stupid thing would I likely be kicking myself for not carrying?”. This is the type of thing that qualifies.

    – USGI issued ESS wraps (or similar) would be less bulky than the goggles while still meeting the need. “High speed-low drag” all the way 😉

    -lose the folder, gain an Izula (or similar). It can ride on the molle webbing in a color matched sheath for instant access should you need to deploy it “yesterday”, and even a RAT 3/Esee 3 if space affords. Rationale being, since the bag includes a gun, it presumes a dire situation where speed dictates everything and potential Murphy’s Law problems should be considered and voided out prior. (a failed locking mechanism on a folder for example)

    -COMMS: If you anticipate needing a gun and a life straw, you absolutely need this as well. See the “ICOM V80 Sport”, and call it a day. It’s small and worth including, plus from this, ALL other support/missing items can be compensated for. It is your life line! 😉

  • Dan Turner

    would a couple of tampons for bullet wounds and their intended purpose be practical?

  • Grant Hillard

    Loose the glasses and put in a box of twinkies

  • mark snider

    Great video, I would add a paddle holster as well

  • John Ross

    I just saw this video. This is good info and I have something similar I use. The only think I would suggest you consider is adding some Datrex survival bars and a half dozen SOS Emergency Drinking Water Pouches. You should have room with the other gear in that same bag. They both have a long shelf life and are recommended for ocean survival. You can eat or drink on the go should you have to do a lot of moving in the beginning and this would keep you mobile longer before you have to worry about the necessities.

  • About Time

    Looks like just the right combo. Well done, thanks.

  • Rouge Shadow

    Some kind of calories just in case they are needed and something to help keep moisture out of the bag

  • Captian Sanders

    Always a fire starter and muti-tool, Always!!!!!!! Thanks Pal.

  • Sights and Sounds

    Ear pro.

  • Really You Don't Say

    Nice purse… Might want to think about holster on your hip

  • Mycolddeadhand

    I’m crazy I guess…i just keep one on me all the time. One of my partners was assassinated while he was on the toilet before getting ready for patrol one day. So yeah, even in the bathroom.

  • joe coyne

    dude,you are the only guy I know with the voyager,besides me,mine is the gunsight edition, what a great knife.
    My get home bag is the echo sigma range bag,with redundant knives,lights,123’s,etc.
    on any given day I am 50 miles from home.I even keep snacks and drinks with me,just in case.
    And their blow out bag gives me a lot of options. Good vid

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