Rudy Giuliani Discusses Systemic Fraud Throughout Election

It’s been two weeks since Election Day and for the President’s personal attorney, the fight for election integrity has only just begun. OAN White House Correspondent Jenn Pellegrino has the latest on which states are still in play for the Trump campaign.

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  • Donald Trump Trump

    He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!

  • Ron The NonToxic Straight White Male

    The question isn’t whether there was cheating, the question is will there be justice???

    STILL TRUMP2020!!!!

    • bthrashed

      @farris combs They weren’t. That case has been tossed. Try reading above the sixth grade level. They’ve been getting spanked in court. Two of the law firms with REAL attorneys have stop representing Trump.

    • bthrashed

      @mati261000 That’s an edited clip from a podcast regarding the safeguarding of elections. How stupid do you have to be to believe that. Come on back to reality.

    • bthrashed

      @David Park The court doesn’t certify.

    • David Park

      bthrashed Yes they do. When there are litigation cases concerning the contested states, they are brought before judges, and then the Supreme Court, if necessary. It will be up to the SCOTUS to decide. And if the SCOTUS do not believe that the election process was legitimate then it will go to Congress, where the Republicans enjoy a majority. Not too bright are you?

    • Loki the sly one

      @R W they are no use what so ever. They’ve already been proven a few times that they are a Democrat puppet/machine that’s deployed for political reasons. They’ve lost all credibility


    *I hope this video* goes viral on YouTube.

    • Nancy Crisman

      @Maggie Zorro Project Veritas? They get people on audio video and expose people on YouTube.

    • Eric Betterman

      Giuliani’s claim would require thousands of people to be in on it. Democrats can’t organize a pizza party, let alone a conspiracy involving thousands.

    • Gabriel Chan

      @FAUX Fake News – TRUMP 2020 MAGA KAG – – – just did. Report to YT as fake news

    • Maggie Zorro

      @Nancy Crisman do they use big-tech to promote their message? if so, what hypocrites, right?

    • Maggie Zorro

      @John Vernor You clearly don’t understand what a private company is. I thought you would be for LESS regulation instead of more. Youtube is acting how any private company would act. Clearly you are a democrat in hiding with those thoughts.

  • Shawn Doddridge

    There should be a full Audit of the American Electoral system

    • One Term Trump TV Network

      @Susan Gabriel lol. They just pulled their lawyers from arizona and pennsylvania.

      And theyve lost EVERY single case where they alleged fraud.

      Its over.

    • Tim Keen

      @Manna Tech I’m not a socialist. You can believe in that stuff if you choose.

    • Jerome Dubourg

      @Manna Tech Do you want who you voted for to be automatically public ? Isn’t that open door to voter intimidation ?

    • FirstName LastName

      @One Term Trump TV Network Allegedly. Don’t count your chickens till the eggs hatch. The election isn’t over until the votes are certified and the Electoral College is sorted. Thanks for being too early though.

    • Scooterbum

      @N S? What I said was you cant shoot a house burglar before he breaks down the door. A car thief till he steals the car. There is no thought crime. This isn’t Minority Report. Pay attention to what happens in the news in the next few weeks. This thing is far bigger than most realize. Acting hastily would have missed too many bad actors.

  • Patrick Collins

    This is the biggest FRAUD on the American people EVER !!!

    • 2020truthbombs

      Well, next to covid and the moon landing it is for sure!

    • Christopher Lawson

      Trump lost. Get over it

    • Gabriel Chan

      Indeed is a fraud, when Hillary concede the next day after she lost, we have Trump cry like a baby and refuse to concede. Is okay, the babysitters will remove this loser from the WH in January

    • Nathan Fields

      @Cabrona Virus Whether you believe it was an inside planned job or whatever. It was carried out by the Islamic of the Islamic ideology for their religious instigated motives of hatred for the Western culture. It was san Islamic ideology attack! Period!

    • Nathan Fields

      @Gabriel Chan Hillary conceded? (laughing). She still shouts “the election was stolen”! Thus why soros established the dominion voting fraud for this election. Soros knows the “people” still have the power over soros and the pathetic evil Democrat Party leadership are now felons!

  • pjfan173

    Why doesn’t Hunter Biden’s Dad want every ballot verified and then counted

    • Steve Desjardins

      Loll that was good

    • TamestPurr

      My friend’s cousin was a pole watcher, he saw that most of the fraudulent votes we’re by Trump supporters, yet they still lost. So you are what you sow.

    • Susan dw Wet

      @Tim Billings Perhaps just DEAD ⚰⚰PEOPLE 😄😁😆!! THEY WERE ACTUALL VIP’S… HOW FUNNY🤣 IS THAT?!

    • Susan dw Wet

      @metaZen Illigitimate… just like all his cronies 🤢!

    • Kyle Huston


  • Belyst

    TRUMP 2020!!! Let’s keep pushing for transparency and we’ll win.

  • cjimbeam21

    Criminals. Giuliani took down the NY Mafia, Now he is taking out the Democratic Mafia

  • ThinkTwice 11

    Biden loves talking about systemic racism, he doesn’t say anything about systemic fraud….

  • Majestic Ridez

    Just your friendly daily reminder Trump is still your president and joe Biden has won nothing

    • RagaSHOT

      @Stanley Thomson isn’t that easy trump does? Label anyone who he disagrees with with a derogatory nickname? Aren’t we ment to have leaders we strive to emulate? You’re being a typical hypocritical republican piece of crap.

    • Anne Gallagher

      @Vladamir Priboi If Joe wins! Newsflash, he did.

    • Norlin Kalamazoo

      Thanks. I lost focus for a moment.

    • Nuni Emiliano

      @Vladamir Priboi this is a what have you done for me lately type of world…and lately trump has been doing a hell lot of loosing from the presidency to his legal battles in court to his mind and self dignity hes loosing it all lol…and your right we using biden as a popet yall fell for the trap in voting him in…Andrew yang bernie sanders mayor Pete are all getting important positions in the white house hahaha

    • Cheesy

      Biden wins and we’re gonna be screwed for 4 years. Although I have some faith for Trump, I think he’ll turn things around, just because the news isn’t saying anything doesn’t mean he isn’t doing anything, for now we wait.

  • Chris Guthrie

    The people must stand up to this tyranny or the Republic is lost forever.

  • X-Prez

    I like how democrats say “it’s not enough to overturn the election.” How MUCH cheating in an election is acceptable as to not undermine our election integrity?

    • Segev Stormlord

      To be fair, what any honest person (so none of the Democrats you see on TV) means when they say that is, “If there was cheating, it’s bad, but if the election results are the same with or without it, it doesn’t matter insofar as the election is concerned.” They also often mean not to bother with prosecuting it, though, which IS a shame; letting people get away with it just emboldens them to try harder next time.

    • Max Power

      To be fair. You accepted the last fraudulent election. The one we know the russians helped with. Its not a big deal when youre the winner is it?. Its ok. When he cheats his way into the 2nd term. We the people will exercise our 2nd amendment rights and stop the regime in its tracks.

  • Sally Taylor

    I rest easy at night knowing our President is doing his BEST to protect us. Amen. Ty Mr. Trump

    • Sally Taylor

      @DanielAdrian103 that’s true, but he is directed by God.

    • The Fear Her

      i don’t know what your definition of “protect us” is, but…
      i hope Trump smashes these marxists criminals into the dirt. and if he needs back up we’re standing by.

    • s

      May We Keep Praying
      May God have Mercy on America
      Come Holy Spirit Come
      And for God to send His legions of angels to protect and guide

      And may God confound the enemies

      For protection for President Trump and Rudy and all working on this

      Mark 1:35, NIV: “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

      Matt 14:23
      …He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. When it was evening, He was there alone.

      Luke 5:13
      But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.”

      Luke 6:12
      Now at this time Jesus went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God.

      Luke 9:29
      As He was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and His clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning

      Exodus 34:29
      When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hand, he did not know that the skin of his face was shining because he had been speaking with God.

      How often should I pray,
      is a common question we all ask ourselves as Christians.

      #1 – Daily
      We eat daily, and regularly
      (Give us this day our daily bread)
      We speak to our family members daily, and regularly.
      (Jesus is our brother and best friend, and our Savior)

      How much time to spend daily?

      Jesus said, could you not watch
      1 Hour with Me.
      (1 hour seems to be a Minimum request,
      Since Jesus asked
      3x in a row as He was praying)

      When Jesus was on the Cross,
      from Noon to 3 pm there was Darkness,
      Mary, John, Mary Magdalene,
      stayed with Jesus at the foot of the Cross.
      (3 hours)

      Jesus spent many nights in prayer,
      And He many times got up early long before dawn to pray.
      Jesus gives us the example of how important it is to spend time with God in prayer.

      Can we stay with Jesus and pray especially during this time of Darkness in our Nation for at least
      3 hours?
      Or more if possible?
      And keep at it Daily?
      And make it a habit, to last through and after this crisis.

      There is the Presidential Election

      The Georgia run off for Senate
      is vital
      December 5th

      And decision for Speaker of the House vote
      in January
      Super important

      And January 20th swearing in of President

      And that no Riots occur if Trump wins

      Jesus is our Light,
      Our Beacon in the Storm.
      May we stay focused on Jesus always.

    • Sally Taylor

      @The Fear Her amen,

    • Kat De

      President Trump. Mr. President. Not Mr. Trump

  • I am not a crook

    If we don’t get full audit of all votes, our democracy is dead and will never be trusted again.

    • Nate No

      Good, glad you feel that way. Go live on an island w the rest of you trump idiots. Please.

    • TamestPurr

      My friend’s cousin was a pole worker, he saw that most of the fraudulent votes we’re by Trump supporters, yet they still lost. So you are what you sow.

  • joe michaels

    One of Ronald Reagan’s great quotes:”If fascism ever comes to America,it will come in the name of Liberalism”.

    • Chris Lovelace

      Ah yes the great destroy of the middle class himself and once proud owner of the administration with largest amount of appointees to be convicted of crimes. I’ll let you idiots figure out which pathetic Republican topped him for that proud distinction.

    • jim adams

      @Michael Lewis obviously mother Teresa didn’t understand politics. God bless Ronald Reagan. The berlin wall came down and communism was smashed. The people were freed . You probably don’t understand the Reagan years. Trump 2020.

    • Michael Lewis

      @Nate No when is Doctor Who season 13 coming out?

    • Michael Lewis

      @jim adams lmao. And now potus buddy buddy with kgb putin.

    • A Frustrated Gamer

      It can ONLY come in that form. People have been brainwashed against nationalism.

  • Alien Soup

    Giuliani misspoke… the media are not the “news arm” of the Democratic Party, they are the PROPAGANDA arm of the Democratic Party.

  • Dave Bentley

    Hunter Biden’s Father is not my President.

  • Joy Division

    Biden must concede. The overwhelming majority know he’s a fraud.

  • R Zu

    The MSM Networks aren’t the news arm of the Democratic party, they are the propaganda arm.

  • Sky Luna


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