Raoul Pal Sold His Gold Because ‘Bitcoin Is Eating The World’; $300k Price In 18 Months (Pt. 2/2)

Watch part 1 of the interview.

Bitcoin is like a call option to the emergence of cryptocurrencies in the world, said Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision.

“I’ve never seen anything like what is going on right now. You have a limited supply asset that now is a globally recognized brand that everybody knows, but not everybody understands. What’s happening now is institutions are coming into the space,” Pal said.

More information about cryptocurrencies from Raoul Pal can be accessed at Real Vision Crypto: https://www.realvision.com/crypto.

0:00 – Origins of Real Vision
5:10 – Real Vision Crypto
7:39 – Is blockchain the way of the future?
11:08 – Is bitcoin in a bubble today?
14:31 – Bitcoin’s cycles
16:55 – Central bank digital currencies
19:08 – Asset allocation for cryptocurrencies

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  • Kitco NEWS

    Watch part 1 of the interview: https://youtu.be/9EgpWCZtyBU

    • Voice Guy

      Gold has history of 5000 years while BTC not so much…
      Gold has market cap of 9Trillion while BTC not so much…
      Central banks hoards Gold while BTC not so much…
      80% of BTC is held by 20% of people and they can easily manipulate the price
      BTC is like that wonder Tulip Bubble which you could easily inflate (since the whales control the supply)
      BTC is like lottery every time a wave of people loses money…the lottery prize (bit like BTC) increases in the next wave to sucker new people in.
      BTC biggest proponents are the biggest bag holders.
      Of course current banks, politics etc. all have some problems but you cannot drink poison to cure cold. BTC is 10x more manipulated
      At least with fiat money we have someone answerable with BTC you are ridiculed if you lose or are scammed of your hard earned money
      And why the heck people have stopped talking about the BIGGEST SCAMS in crypto like BITFINEX???
      BTC is nothing but bait for suckers and it could easily end very badly for so many people and there is no one accountable for it!!!

    • Chris Hayes

      @Voice Guy Appreciate your effort but its not accurate. Recalibrate or get rekt.

    • Mike Tyson


  • Lee's Uploads

    Raoul Pal the only person who doesn’t need a green screen for his background!

    • LinkedOnAir

      @Metal Bum You watched the live streams where its night time but the sun is still shining at his place.. Yes hes amazing. People should go all in on the non physical holdings like he is so that they can preserve their wealth. I cant wait. The physicals will be on sale like there is no tomorrow.

    • Metal Bum

      @LinkedOnAir it’s called a flood light. Someone asked him told it was real and he picked up chair. Man Virtual reality and graphics are so real

    • Metal Bum

      @LinkedOnAir I’m keeping my 5k Oz of silver but also have already 4x my Ethereum in 3 years and 5x my bitcoin. Suit yourself.

      I use email and regular mail. Not one or other

    • Philip Sheridan

      @LinkedOnAir imaginary pool table to match imaginary asset,

    • jerry wannayacht

      epic multimillionare

  • Johnny Askari

    Lemme know when JPMORGAN sells their gold/silver.

    • sparcx86 Channel

      thats not gonna to happen

    • wolf

      @Doug Dexter he already sold it all for btc.

    • Johnny Askari

      @sparcx86 Channel exactly

    • Leigh

      @wolf Bitcoin is not akin to automobiles as a whole, or ‘cars’, it’s more equivalent to a Model T Ford. No?

    • wolf

      @Leigh its about a thought process. if u lived when the model t came out it was gangbusters. you can’t live so far in the future you leap over the present. theres a network effect that has happened that no other crypto has. its far bigger than “its too slow, its old there are ones that are better out there” end of day i look at my friends and family who have no idea the “model t” even exists yet so how will they buy into a tesla when they can’t even get to what a car even is? the jump is too massive. you are assuming everyone has the same outlook as you and you are in the .000001% of planet earth who would even know enough about bitcoin to be able to make this statement. tell one of your friends who knows nothing about it to go buy some crypto and dont help them and see what they end up buying and why. “xrp was super cheap so i bought a bunch. then i saw bitcoin was the number 1 thing everyone bought so i bought a couple hundred dollars in that too”

  • Jamari Mitchell

    The deceptive illusionary tales continue 😂🗣

  • Mark Wilson

    Looks like all comments agree with me. You are losing a lot of weight. Need bitcoin to buy coke?

    • Mark Wilson

      @Diego Saco Vertiz I’m right though. My mate is a trader. He knows all about him

    • Paul Edward Stevenson

      @Mark Wilson Doesn’t surprise me. I worked in the city of London for years, met plenty of guys like him .

    • Mark Wilson

      @Paul Edward Stevenson I feel bad for the kids on the bad end of this trade. I’ve already told this prick if anyone I know gets screwed on his pump, I will come and speak to him personally. He hasn’t replied… Haha. Selling his advice for a dollar a month. Jesus is back!

    • Oliver Stone Cold Crazy

      @Mark Wilson I am 1% in gray-scale Bitcoin and 0.3% in the ethereum trust.

    • Mark Wilson

      @Oliver Stone Cold Crazy wanker

  • Vukasin Pekovic

    Bitcoin is going to soar, it will just crash together with the stock market beforehand

  • Bush Man

    Hint…anytime you find yourself in agreement with the masses, it’s time to pause and reflect.

    • BlueToronto

      @Ramon Larson Might have a little more left but this rally is close to done. It’ll rally more in the coming years but it needs to consolidate for some weeks at some point. BTC also often tops or bottoms around mid to late December.

    • Island Hopper

      @Naeem Malik it’s a famous quote by Mark twain. Don’t worry I had to look it up too. But 20k was the resistance back in 2017 right. I wouldnt be surprised if this got btfo.

    • Ramon Larson

      @BlueToronto it’s only the beginning of December… and just broke all time high only 3 days ago

    • Ramon Larson

      I agree it will consolidate for a couple weeks but I think it still has time to shoot up higher possibly next weekend

    • BlueToronto

      @Ramon Larson Like I said, there’s probably more left but the top of this current rally isn’t far off. It’s almost time for alt season.

  • vutEwa

    he went all in on bitcoin by getting rid of his most secure asset. this is amazing. I would never do this.

    • XRP Future

      Being all in on one asset means you lose the most important thing: diversification

    • Tom S

      @vutEwa yes it went from 20k to 3k in a year or so. Show me the last time gold or silver lost 80% of it’s value in a year

    • mike robinson

      @Tom S Gold will have value , the fact is it won’t be financial value . I hold Gold mining stocks so I would Love the price of the metal to go to new all time highs . In the coming two years Gold will be double or triple current price , they say this is going to be the decade for precious metals . Interesting times . Peace .

    • Tom S

      @mike robinson “gold will have value but not financial value” What does that mean? Gold will be in CBs banks as long as there are CBs. It’s a tier 1 asset, newly designated as such. That means financial imho. I just dont know what point you are trying to make.

    • vutEwa

      @mike robinson if gold is an industrial metal it must be on another planet or something. seriously, I think you should study up. Gold is used very sparingly in industrial uses. Silver is used in such high numbers though. Silver has the additional component of being not only monetary but also industrial.

  • Tucowept

    How about 30k in 18 mos. I would be happy with that.

  • Miles Miles


  • Lavalambtron

    Bitcoin is too volatile for people to be reaching any conclusion.

  • Levi Horton

    When the price goes high enough these guys will be dumping it for gold and everyone else will be bag holders.

    • Mauricio Bolboa

      @Tomáš Kot yea we will see about that.. 😃

    • Aya B

      No one takes about the changes of leadership at the SEC on 12/4. No one talks about that China is cracking down. The US, EU and UK will ban it too. Not enough surveillance. Anything you can buy has to be manufactured with commodities, which are mainly tied to governments. Maybe Bitcoin is like the Cayman Islands for wealth storage in the ether…

    • The Farmers Daughter

      @Descendant of Giants Why don’t you bet your house too?

    • 81PC19

      @Bisiriyu Tajudeen I hold BTC, I’ll be watching carefully for the exit that Raoul and co are setting up.

    • James

      @Descendant of Giants Never flex gains. Reveals weak character mate.

  • fazdoll

    Interesting. It’s been 33 minutes, and the crypto scammers with the bold-print phone numbers haven’t shown up yet.

  • rich5310

    Let me know when central banks and Pms stackers sell their gold. They buy the dips from the dips. Not In your hand u dont own jack.

  • Hrubicundus

    David Lin putting himself in the shop window for a big money transfer to Real Vision 👀

  • SmashBrosBrawl

    So this guy is a massive dollar bull and bitcoin bull????

    Btw he’s starting to sound like Jim Rickards with his $50K gold calls.

  • James Bond


    • S T

      I know, who predicts an 15X rise in 18 months, in anything? and they talk likke they KNOW its gonna happen. I heard the same BS back in 2017, bitclown is going to a millon bucks by March! , before it started running to ZERO as fast as it could, they got lucy and were ablt to re-inflate down by 3K, but it was still and85% loss for late-tards, like the guy Raoul is trying to convince to start buying.

  • Johnny Crowley

    He would sell his grandmother that falla

    • 81PC19

      To Raoul, his grandmother is a speculative asset that goes through bubbles just like any other speculative asset.

    • Oliver Stone Cold Crazy

      @81PC19 everyone’s grandma is going to die. You heard it here first. Gold has been around for thousands of years.

  • beanstacker exc

    I’d never do that I’m not listening anymore. Good luck to him I say he’s done a wrong thing though 😂

  • Stevenonps4

    I feel like these guys being interviewed are talking the price higher. Then all average Joe’s follow

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