President TRUMP Holds “Make America Great” Rally in Lititz, PA 10/26/20

President TRUMP Holds "Make America Great" Rally in Lititz, PA 10/26/20

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  • Francisco Sandiego

    I still take Trump over Biden any day of the week and every week of the 8 years.

    • simon temple

      Trump’s paymasters also own the establishment and the media. The only thing he has done is give a two trillion tax cut for the rich.

    • mike dar

      @simon temple Hardly, CONCAST and the NBCs are donating all to Biden.. you always been a lyin klutz?

  • Francisco Sandiego

    D governor D mayor D police chief and kamala Pelosi destroyed my beautiful state of California. more than covid.

  • Alexander Matos

    Finally a new station that shows the crowd we love you OAN!

  • vlad mashv

    Amish are wonderful folks and supporters!!!

  • barkmaker

    No new wars. Destroyed ISIS. Four peace deals. Lower taxes. Fewer regulations. More liberty. Criminal justice reform. Prison reform. Energy independence. Brought back manufacturing jobs (with a magic wand). School choice. Secure borders. Right to try. Lower drug prices. Lower oil prices. …and so much more! Trump 2020!

  • Jon Doe 1984


  • tracy reich

    The day the president comes to my hometown and I couldn’t make it. I’m glad to see the support from my county.

  • treasurehunter5000

    Was surprised on how many Amish were there, that place was packed!

  • GDPops

    *This election is pivotal to save America from becoming totally controlled by leftist government; NOT the people. Every American patriot must Vote to Re-Elect President Trump & ALL democrats out of the House, Senate and Governors.*

  • ANIMAL 440

    I wish President Trump would start using the word “WE” instead of “I” did this. “WE” as a collective are getting things done. The President is the figurehead of the movement, but “WE” put him there and “WE” are all in this together. ! 📖🙏🌎

  • Bella Rivera

    People wake up President Trump is NOT a life long politician. He’s gotten more than any president EVER. VOTE RED AND I DON’T MEAN CHINA!

  • sick of liberals

    Trump holding maga rallies while Joe is hiding in his basement

  • Bmerr98

    Hey folks, don’t forget to updoot while you’re here, please! It’s a big help to the people that give us the incredible OANN!

  • Sammy Sneed

    KAG 2020

  • Jan T

    Super Trump 💕 MAGA

  • Nenette L.

    True. Suddenly we have covid outbreaks??? Give me a break!!! Don’t believe the perpetual liars. Call the hospitals and ask for statistics!💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥

  • simon temple

    Trump’s paymasters also own the establishment and the media. The only thing he has done is give a two trillion tax cut for the rich.

  • mike dar

    beating the well known cheating in Philly, where Obama got 20-30 people to show up for Biden campaign promotions, is going to make things close. Gotta usually do 5% more than honest Dem votes to win normally… with Obama there.. it might be 7% or more needed.

  • d Tl

    Great to see the Amish.

  • Richard DeMello

    Just voted 3 hours ago. One hour in line and nobody was talking up biden. ALL FOR TRUMP

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