Prepping my WW2 Bunker: What is happening?

Lockdown in my ww2 bunker? A quick update on the bunker series and with a global pandemic now declared, do I need to be re-thinking how to renovate the ww2 bunker in my back garden? Originally I was just going to renovate it, add an air vent, fix the door and perhaps put some WW2 gear inside. But now, with the pandemic now affecting most countries around the world, I am thinking of using it more along the lines of storage for food and essentials. Let me know in the comments!



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  • Ted Baird

    Stay safe my man crazy times

    • Alexander Menzies

      Crazy is the last word I’d use around here. It’s encouraging to see local people quietly making the most of the situation and applying common sense to limit exposure.

  • myrtle

    Be safe you, your dad and the family.

  • TA Outdoors

    I’ve never known such uncertain times. Covid-19 spreading incredibly quickly, the world as we know it is definitely going to change. But the panic buying etc is just getting silly. We all need to step up and take some responsibility. Look after our family and loved ones, neighbours and especially those more at risk including the elderly and those more likely to be affected by this. Be smart, if you have symptoms self isolate. Most importantly, stay positive. We are all in this together! Thinking of all those on the front lines doing the dirty work. Nurses, Drs, Supermarket workers, delivery drivers, all those small business owners taking a battering from this. Support your small businesses where you can. We’ll get through this!

    • Tyler Wilson

      Hey small suggestion maybe a small electric heater would be useful to help dry out the bunker and dry the sealing agent

    • Rhonda Clark

      TA Outdoors 🌹🤗🌈🌺💋See primitive living / primitive survival. Ww3 is coming soon sir. You love you and , your beautiful bride

    • Rhonda Clark

      Boss Time Tell that to the thousands that died

    • UKMHT

      If this pandemic didnt happen the repo market was crushed which would of destroyed the whole economic system. The governments needed to borrow trillions in order to hold up the system. Every 50 years the financial systems alter. Govenments borrowing into infinity accorfing chairman powell. Russia and china buying gold up like its going out of fashion. According to many acconomists gold standard on its way back. Trump pulled his weapons out of suadi which means no protection for opec nations. Usa will soon be off petro dollar which means less strength for the dollar on top of trillions of debt. Massive unemployment ahead for years. Big society is on its way. Working in the fields etc. Gold will be the transfer of wealth . Emerging markets will have there day eventually. Lots going on right now and we keep looking at this pandemic. China central bank tells its people hiw to buy bitcoin. The worlds about to change big style 🤣😂👊. Have a great day 👍✌

    • The CheatingFoodie

      You dragged out that bunker video in 896 videos. :/ Unsubscribed

  • BerserkerGang2019

    Here in Germany the hamsters have slowly retreated. It’s getting slowly back to stable shopping situations.

  • Because we can

    Even the word ‘extreme’ when referring to being prepared seems a tad over the top these days.

    Doesn’t help when you go to the shops and they don’t have the daily basics such as milk and bread. That drives the reaction to buy more than required for the next couple of days.

    • Coffee Jack

      People that hoard/buy more than they need are screwing other people over.
      Stores are operating like normal at least here in Scandinavia (obviously anecdotal) but there are some fuckers out there with a self serving mindset that ruin it for the rest of us and empty everything.

    • Louis Loutrel

      @Coffee Jack You are partially correct. The other side is the people who are used to buying their staples every 2 to 3 days but suddenly realize they should have up to 2 or 3 weeks. Yes, both have put a shock on the supply chain but if we all can keep our heads, it will get better sooner.

      Take care everyone. Be safe and help others when you can (and it’s safe!)

    • Vicki Thoma

      They make a product called shelf stable milk. It does not need to be refrigerated until after you open it. It keeps a long time. I always have some on hand. I keep several loaves of bread in the freezer.

    • BlackDragonWhiteHawk

      if people would be rational and did not panic there would be no problem at supermarkets…

    • Alan Livingston

      Empty shelves causes empty shelves. Just telling people to stop doesn’t make them stop.

  • Goran Magdic

    I`m working in the hospital, so quarantine is a way of life for me nowdays. Best of luck and keep safe.

  • Clever McGenericName

    Governments: you all need to isolate.
    YouTubers who’ve spent years building giant tree forts innawoods: my time has come

  • Phil Nicho

    Best place for the elderly is out at sea on a yellow boat catching lots of fish 😃

  • Sложный

    My friend Hi, I’m from Russia Thank you for the video.)

  • Robert Cole

    It’s an easy process my friend.. You just have to purchase a few extra things each time you go to the store. Main thing is to stock up on commodities. Salt, Sugar, Flour, Coffee, Tea, your spices.. as you said you have a freezer that is well stocked.. take that one step further and learn how to salt meat and fish. It’s not that difficult. And before you know it, you will have between 6 months to a year of food. And no one knows you were doing it. A nice smoke house in the back yard is a great also.. You like history, so start looking into how people lived there before electricity (1700’s). With the bunker, would be a great place to sugar cure some hams and bacon.. or just pork in general. You have the climate to do that there. I’m sure your already contemplating that idea. Great vid again.. Thanks for uploading.

    • Ryan cook

      You’re part of the problem then.

      That just get more than you need is the problem.

    • Unicorn TV 123

      Robert Cole Right. Freezer full is great unless electrics go out. (I don’t think they will for this )

    • Robert Cole

      @Unicorn TV 123 Not worried.. Eat fridge first, eat freezer 2nd, cabinets 3rd. Cook all meat in advance, keeps longer cooked than raw. Then there’s salted meat items.. LOL.. that’s the real kicker on longevity.. 🙂

    • Kimberly Bogle

      @Robert Cole and pressure can meat before it goes bad. I just bought more canning jars just for that reason.

    • Robert Cole

      @Ryan cook Apparently you have lived in a bubble away from natural disasters. One should always have items stored up. LOL! Regardless. It is prudent.

  • Robert Weldon

    The first rule of survival ( and this is a kind of survival experience) is; if you find yourself in a panic, sit down and do nothing until the panic subsides. Rule number 2 is; refer to rule one.
    Being prepared for a situation like we, world wide, are experiencing goes beyond having lots of extra stuff. It also requires being prepared mentally to be able to tough out the bad times that tend to come to us all.
    You have a back up called your shelter projects. You can quickly grab some food and stuff and go there for a few weeks and really put your “bush craft” skills to work for real instead of just for fun.
    Unfortunately there are many who don’t think like you and panic, bringing further woo’s upon themselves and others. We are all part of a much bigger thing, and through folks like you expressing clam and collected thinking you can help the unprepared folks be less afraid. Stay safe and may God bless you richly for your stepping up 😉

  • Gray Taylor

    I’m self employed and if my work dry’s up I’ve decided to get away and go fishing for a few months till the world recovers

  • MawcDrums

    Keep your Dad safe over there, national treasure that one <3

  • shaun fo

    I live with bipolar depression and I would love to say thank you for the kind words of positivity I does reall mean alot

  • Mary Hunter

    I well remember our “Victory Gardens” in the USA. They started during the depression and an went through WWII. Back then, “Local Grown” was very real necessity. Even the Front Gardens were given over to Beans, Peas, Carrots, Onion, potatoes and a collection of fruit trees, nut and herbs. There are so many who do not have space to grow these supplements for the diet. Those depression era lessons are still valid. Our future food stuffs only counts through to the next harvest. We American’s will want our pumpkin in November, so, pop a few seeds in the ground.

    We are all the descendants of survivors. We know the most valuable of resources is still our neighbors and friends. They are the same friends in bad times as they were in good . Now is the time of truth, we are all, like it or not , in this together. I choose a time of the victory garden. We can embrace a new friend, work together, or look out in fear at a stranger.

    • Buck Fifty

      I heard here just this week those little victory gardens accounted for as much produce as the grocery store supply chains of the time.

    • Layne Lockridge

      My mother and sister have discussed working on expanding our gardens, and possibly getting chickens. Fresh eggs! Now is the time, since we have a lot of time on our hands.

    • Jayknee Garner

      Funny you mention victory gardens! I was just outside today planting, weeding and moving things around getting prepped for the main planting. Seedlings are growing and will be starting their acclimation process tomorrow. Gotta get a few more plants going and more beds created. Things are absolutely nuts! My family doesn’t prep nor do we panic buy stuff. However I have the ability to grow things, I have chickens, nice fat healthy chickens who are laying eggs like crazy. Someone needs eggs and I have enough to share I share! I will likely be sharing the gift of tomato’s, eggplant, zucchini, and anything else i have a abundance of! I’m generally happy to share, just don’t steal from me though! Karma will catch up with you!

  • john doe

    The biggest cause of the panic at least here in the US is the media’s constant coverage of it The best thing to is turn the media off , use your head and treat people well.

  • Steak Bake

    “Preppers haven’t panic bought anything” nice to actually hear, yet most people call us crazy and paranoid. most preppers would dream of finding a bunker in the garden, I would get 1-2 drop down bunks in there with some food stores and turn it into a isolation zone for any family member that needs it, easy to change back once crona dust settles. 👌🤙

  • Survival Lilly

    Good luck to you and yours, stay safe!

  • tardis mole

    I don’t think anyone’s laughing at preppers anymore.

    • Christopher Parlow

      Yeah l got alot of name-calling. Now your right but they have backed off some even ask for help. Most what to know how I knew all this was coming.

    • tardis mole

      @Christopher Parlow Would have been nice if we had known. But, the truth is, we should prepare for any eventuality. I used to have enough of everything, for one year, but then we got broken into. Lost everything, including the house because of the damage caused. Still trying to rebuild my stores to this day.

    • Alexander

      Your own personal hell?

    • tardis mole

      @Alexander Depends on what you’re comparing it to.

  • James Grandone

    “There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!”
    The collective of humanity is not smart enough yet to rationally fight against plagues properly.
    and another perfect quote from the movie that needs to be iterated: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

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