Prepping Mindset that Takes You from Surviving to Thriving

One thing I’ve never liked much in the survival, prepper world, is the idea society will collapse and afterwards it’s only a matter of surviving and trying to work out some type of substandard existence.

Under some scenarios, it makes some wonder if it’s better to not survive than live under those dismal conditions. I don’t blame many who think that way, as the basic premise of survivalism is to cope with extremely harsh conditions that could bring death from a variety of sources, including human predators, starvation and dehydration, among many others.

The outline is usually one of a dystopian novel rather than an opportunity to rebuild civilization; one that won’t require a total societal collapse in order to be accomplished. It also won’t require a nuclear war or EMP, or as some believe – an attack from aliens.

What will differentiate the winners and losers in history over time will be the mindset they have, and the source of the foundation that mindset and worldview are built upon. I want to touch a little bit on that in this article.

To me, the most important thing about prepping is the mindset that can accompany it from practice and providing solutions to the most likely outcomes of challenging situations and disasters.

What I mean by mindset here is the resultant way our minds respond to changing environments and scenarios that face us daily, so the real killer app isn’t trying to figure out the multiplicity of probabilities and possibilities of what can go wrong and prepare for it, but rather the process of training our minds to quickly and efficiently respond to whatever comes our way with practical solutions.

This means we have to have a positive and realistic view of what the world can and will become, and then gradually base our decisions on that vision. From a Christian point of view and that of New Creation Civilization, that means a world of freedom, small government, people doing no harm to one another, and helping support those that truly can’t make it without our assistance. I’m thinking here of the elderly, sick, widows, orphans, the disabled, and others that can’t make it on their own.

That help would be all voluntary and not coerced from the government and politicians seeking to win votes.

In other words, from a mindset of victory and a bright future, we start to develop an ability to find solutions to problems. The mind learns how to process various issues and potential outcomes without being paralyzed by the various ways it could be handled.

A mindset of finding solutions isn’t just one that works on figuring things out, but can also rapidly discern whether it’s realistic and capable of solving the problem. New ideas come forth that can be applied to the challenge, but they will be tempered by identifying those that are frivolous and those that should be given a try.

This is what being creative really means. Creatively finding solutions is one of the most vital of those things associated with a powerful mindset. Mindset goes far beyond attitude toward life and life’s challenges, to a confidence born of a life that has been steeped in difficulties that have had to find ways to be overcome.

The mind has to be trained just like muscles do, and that means practice in everyday life. My thought and experience is the best way to do that is by having a vision that provides the foundation for finding answers. Interestingly, a lot of people aren’t even aware of many problems until they stumble across them. Those that work on finding solutions even with the simple areas of life, won’t be overwhelmed or overcome by larger problems that may emerge from a crisis situation.

Anyone that has played in sports or trained in other areas like music, art, or for a specific skill of any kind, know that they have to create habits on a day to day basis in order to develop expertise. This is also true in prepping and survival.

The best way to do this for Christians is to embrace the idea of consistent progress for the kingdom of God on earth over time. If you have a positive focus on the world we live in, it results in looking for solutions that will work toward that end.

Understanding God always had a new creation civilization in mind from the beginning of creation, allows us to seriously look at problems and challenges from a completely different mindset. Solutions are moving toward the spreading of the kingdom of God across the earth, with most of us doing things consistently, practically, and to a high level of expertise, developed through habits we’ve built up over the years.

Survival and prepping isn’t for the purpose of only getting by, but for the purpose of being able to thrive in a world that is fading away and disintegrating around us. It’s being prepared by God to be replaced, not taken over. This mindset will change everything for us if we embrace it in faith.


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