Prepping for the Freedom War – Stakes Rising as Left Escalates and Turns to Violence

Freedom lovers shouldn’t be afraid of the rising violence of left.

Christians, preppers and survivalists need to reconsider the limited scope of their prepping. As most know, the core base of preppers focus a lot on big one-off events that they believe will shut down the grid and trigger a return to more primitive times in regard to availability of resources.

While there are possible scenarios that could produce those outcomes, there are far more pressing risks and threats we have to face. In this article I want to focus on how to prepare for the escalating attacks from leftists trying accelerate the shutting down of free speech and free expression, which is a subset of free speech.

For example, a lot of people have already been banned from various social media sites from expressing things that don’t align with the warped values of the left and SJWs. Even those on the left are eaten by their own when they express concerns that conflict with the official narrative.

One recent example was the resignation of leftist British Labour MP Sarah Champion, whom accurately pointed out the fact Pakistani men were “raping and exploiting white girls.” This has been pointed out for years in British media.

So the conclusion is Champion, one of their own, isn’t to be allowed to bring to light the fact multiculturalism is a threat to British women.

The point is we need to look at strategies that will counteract the strategy of de-platforming us if we speak out of line with the narrative of the globalists. If we don’t look for or develop alternatives, we’ll find ourselves sitting on the sidelines with no voice or influence in these important matters, waiting for the inevitable consequence of being shut down in the public square of ideas.

I understand that a significant number of preppers and survivalists believe this is the inevitable conclusion of where the world is heading, but I’m not one of them. I believe we can turn things around and achieve victory over the long haul.

That will take some time to achieve, so for now, we need to look at prepping in a way that keeps us safe while resisting the onslaught of the communist/socialist left that is intent on shutting down all resistance – violently if need be.

Maintaining a voice in matters

The battle going on now, and has been for some time, is in regard to free speech; especially speech that undermines the ambitions and goals of the globalist elites.

At this time the only real alternative offered for all opinions on various ideas and thoughts is Here’s my account if you want to follow me:

There have been recent unprecedented decisions to completely no-platform those that are considered to have extremists’ views, with companies like Go Daddy and others removing websites from their platforms. The idea there of course is to totally remove alternative voices from the marketplace of ideas.

Don’t be deceived. They attack those that most of us also find repugnant, but only use that as an excuse and steppingstone to get rid of all meaningful opposition. It is done by attempting to associate those in disagreement with their ideology and worldview with historical extremists like the Nazis. That is done because few have the desire to fight for free speech when being under attack and considered evil, ignorant and outside of mainstream thought from all sides of the aisle.

To a certain degree, because of the relentless repetition of lies, many on the right or in the middle, are confused because of the inability to discern the truth from the lies.

That sets opposition voices up for attack, as they are now taken off guard by being linked to groups that the majority of the population don’t relate to or approve of. They start backing of their positions in order to be not labeled with a derogatory term, which again, sets them up for going on the defensive and quietly removing themselves from effective opposition to the attempt at totalitarian rule.

Don’t back down

The key way to prep against this is to make your mind up no matter how our evil enemies attempt to paint us with a broad brushstroke of hate, resist the attempt to link us to strange ideologies, and continue to hold to your own ideas and integrity.

Don’t back down in the face of public outrage stoked up by various media outlets. It’s okay to take a breather until the emotional response dies down and they go on to the next thing. But don’t allow yourselves to be silenced for a prolonged period of time. This is what the leftists are trying to do in order to regain the narrative that has slipped away from them.

Refusal to speak up will result in the loss of liberty.

Left won’t allow peaceful demonstrations

What about peaceful demonstrations?

The violent left, including Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, among other hate groups, have declared by their actions they won’t allow public and peaceful demonstrations from the right; it doesn’t matter who it is.

With that in mind, one should never go alone to these types of events if you’re in some way letting people know what you believe and represent from hats or tee shirts you may be wearing. The chances of leaving without being physically attacked are miniscule. They’re looking for people to attack and vent their evil rage upon. Don’t be a victim.

The only way to attend a rally is to do so in a group and be sure to have a plan in place to defend yourselves if you must, or to retreat to safety. When in a friendly crowd, quickly get to know other groups that could form a larger group if the opposition is large and violent.

I’m tempted to say that no one should attend these types of events, but I’m not going to go that far because it does a lot to reveal the insanity and hate of these communist organizations that are based solely on hate and envy. All they want to do is destroy Christianity and Western civilization.

When deciding whether or not to attend a demonstration, it’s vital to understand what you face, prepare for the worst, and know you could get injured in the process.

That’s doesn’t mean we should be fearful, only that we need to maintain our resolve when the inevitable physical attacks come. Also, understand the potential and very real consequences that we face. The war is real.

Support those that are battling for freedom

There are a number of ways to support those that are fighting against freedom. Probably the major one is to support alternative media outlets, organizations and individuals that battle on the front lines against our enemies.

I’m not going to name the numerous outlets for those that are on the side of freedom here, there are far too many, and they reflect various degrees of ideas and thoughts on the subject.

The point is if you align with the right, you owe it to support those voices you agree with, and provide encouragement, feedback and money to keep them growing and in place.

Any type of ability to share what they have to say with others is the easiest and most effective way for the individual lover of freedom, Christianity and Western civilization to spread the message and get it in front of more people.

If you have any meaningful message yourself, you can enter the fray by writing, speaking or creating videos, infographics, or memes to counter the endless barrage of propaganda the socialist media produce. Eventually we’ll have to move beyond this, but it’s still important as a means of exposing evil finding one another as we prepare to take more practical steps in the near future.


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