Prepping and Planting Fall Garden Beds

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The fall gardening continues as we finish making and planting a series of nice, deep, fluffy garden beds.

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  • David Garvey

    Welcome homie..

  • David The Good

    Feels good to be gardening again. And making music. Get the Lime Buggy single in the link below this video. That is my eldest son rocking the solo! We’re splitting the 99-cent proceeds!

  • SunnyDaysSandyToes

    I really really enjoy watching you garden the way you filmed today. It was the closest thing to actual hands on learning from you. I’m a visual learner and this was very satisfying. Thankyou.
    The capillaries, dropping the black eyed peas, radishes, peas, kale for chickens, etc… All new stuff to me. Love to learn.
    My garden is a mess from summer. I have little things still producing like okra and then another crop of them about a foot tall. Random everglades, peppers and I started lettuce, bok choy and something else I forgot to label.
    I love rows, but appreciate the random!

  • The Fishing Hole

    It’s a bit surreal watching you garden with such a different backdrop. 10 Years ago, we moved from the Florida Keys to north Georgia, and I remember the same feeling when I looked around at the trees around me. So different. The tropics has a certain relaxed chaos that I missed for awhile, but I am so grateful we ended up where we are….life seems real here. And seasons are AWESOME. I hope you and your family enjoy the transition to your new place in the world. I know many of us are glad you’re back in the same country with us 🙂

  • Raven Wolf

    Wow–Jaz and I both loved this –especially the music and your awesome guitar riffin’ son! Like we were just sitting there with you tapping foot, dancing in the living room, singing about lime buggy….

  • MST Outdoors

    I absolutely love the chaos gardening. Just grow food! I’ll come for you later 🤣

  • David Pritchett

    Hey David you should consider writing a book on starting gardens. Totally serious I would love a book from you saying things along the lines of best bang for your buck methods to prep/amend garden beds, good crops for first year gardens etc. Though maybe now that you’re out of the Caribbean we can get some temperate garden love too!😉 in all seriousness though your stuff is great and very easy to read.

  • Zachry Fisher

    Came for the gardening. Stayed for the jam session. Lime buggy crushed

  • Aaron Pinkham

    …”there ya go…I just got bored, had to scatter some seeds around again. “🤣😂

  • Will B.

    Tractor Supply has a brand called “Standlee” straw that is 100% pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide free.

  • QRPLife

    Thanks for letting me come enjoy your garden. I’ve got a few maters growing in the living room which I water and pet in between the zoom meetings, but your dirt is definitely where it’s at.

  • Alejandra Jeldrez

    The ending had me rolling 😂
    You banging on the stick in the garden beds “you know… the thing”

    But my favorite was watching you and your daughter sowing and then you and your son playing guitar together.

  • fishrider62

    David, do a video on that sweet Jeep sitting out there in the field!

  • àsper

    When the electric guitar started playing in the intro, mannnnnnnn.

  • James Johnson

    Elizabeth from Top of the World (our mountain top) says, I praise God for you and am so happy you and the fam are where you belong. I get great laughs when I watch your videos and excellent music (and lyrics). I learned a lot about gardening in this video, so keep it up for all of us learners! Really enjoyed seeing your son and daughter! Wow, didn’t know they were so grown! You’re are Blessed!

  • Chip Fyn

    The song at the end of this video is outstanding. It’s ridiculous and funny like everything you do, but it caught my attention while I was doing something else. I thought, “Wow, David has a new sound and I love it.” I bought the single and would love to buy any more tunes you perform with your new lead guitar player.

  • Lisa Kukla

    Hey, good job, kiddo! I assumed Rachel was doing the shredding, but I’m even more impressed now.

  • DirtIsBetter ThanDiamonds

    One of my garden plots is about 8000 sq ft. I did the “scattered pea thing” and only a few sprouted. So I had my son in law come till it for me and dontcha know, I have the BEST 8000 sq ft of hairy indigo Ive ever seen! Its about 5 ft tall. My father in law planted it in the pasture for the cows nearly 30 years ago! There was none before we tilled it up. Amazing 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

  • Houston Shelton

    What a talent. That’s how great songs are made with just everyday experiences put with music. Keep at it guys 👍 who knows where it will take you. Happy gardening.

  • C.R. Hall

    Great track and eldest son is truly rocking that solo! Enjoyed the whole video and some great gardening tips to take up 🙂

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