Preparing Your Pantry for Winter

Heading into winter is a smart time to make sure your food reserves are stocked and ready.
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With supply and demand issues being so commonplace right now, it’s a smart move to have your reserves stocked up and ready to go so you feel more confident and secure as the colder weather approaches.

In this episode of the Pantry Chat, Josh and Carolyn talk through the three main areas you need to focus on, as well as how to maximize your storage space when prepping your pantry for winter.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Topic overview
2:02 – Chit chat
11:21 – Q & A
12:35 – Main Topic

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  • Debra Hardesty

    I do enjoy spending time with you both. Thanks for. Sharing your knowledge

  • Russell the Muscle

    Shortages in sw mo have been random but supply chains are breaking down more. I work in food manufacturing and do consulting in aerospace. The buzz right now, stock up and plan ahead for harder days. No panic in planning. Grow a big garden folks.

    • K Humphrey

      We are in SW MO as well. I kept back a ton of seeds for next year’s garden just in case we can’t get them.

    • Russell the Muscle

      @K Humphrey yes! Same here. Last spring seed was gone gone gone. I harvested enough for a massive 3 years garden and have been giving it away. Figure more people can grow, the better for the greater good.

    • K Humphrey

      We raise beef but I have the tick borne allergy Alpha-gal, which makes me allergic to all red meat, dairy, whey and all those bi-products. It makes it difficult to find things to eat so we are trying to head off the real problematic issues before they happen, and vegetables will keep me alive!

  • tino LetitCler

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  • rawfoodelectric

    Haahaahaa!! The “Dreadful Clothing Switch”! Haahaa! She’d rather be CANNING than switching out clothes!! It sounds like a good book title and sub-title!

  • AuntieV Oldster

    How does the Grand Solar Minimum fit in to your planning?

  • Denise Bozung

    As always you provide good, common-sense suggestions on what key things we should do to prepare. I see many prepper videos and they often focus on extremes – bug-out bags, grid down, pull up the drawbridge and shut out the outside enemy. Your take on prepping, which is to prepare by planning for a known seasonal change, is refreshing and useful. I hope I will never face the dangerous extremes that some warn about, but I know I will face cold weather and need to prepare meals on a daily basis. That kind of preparation I can work on. Thanks!

  • Laurie Lyon

    I have organizing definitely in my plan to do. I’ve been going through my freezer and seeing what I have in there that I am able to can to make it shelf stable and to make room for other things. I just learned to can in June and as I use some of the things that I’ve canned, I’ve learned what I love and don’t love. I’m getting ready to can up some more carrots, onions and celery together for easy soup base. When it comes to buying from farmers we definitely did that when we could over the summer-like for corn. Now we drive 40-45 minutes away every two weeks and support our Amish community. Such wonderful people. I very seldom shop at big box store at all now. Oh cranberries-I just bought 8 bags and I’m going to make cranberry sauce for the shelf-and also for Thanksgiving!

  • K Humphrey

    We have five kids, so we have done the clothing switch ourselves, and it is a money saver. They are all grown adults now, so there IS an end to it. LOL 😆

  • Julie - Keeper of My Home

    We’ve gotten to know the produce lady at our local grocery. We get produce from her each week that she would otherwise be throwing out. What we can’t use, we give to our pigs, which saves on feed. We feel so blessed!

  • rawfoodelectric

    I went to the deer processor down the street and got FREE scraps for my dogs. I canned 25 qts of deer meat out of it, 6 qts of rendered fat for soap, etc, and 7 qts of deer cracklings for dog snacks. My goal is 100 qts and Ill be going back during gun season! (I got 4 dogs)

  • Pilgrim's Progress

    I see you have a pressure cooker canner in the background do you have videos on using a pressure cooker canner? I’m very much interested I’m apartment dweller but I like to use one.

  • Helena Baier

    You are doing such a great job,l am learning a lot from you! Keep up the great job,l am looking forward to every new pantry chat!

  • Christine Tuttle

    Where does one source green coffee beans?

  • Sebrina Luc

    Great video! Just planted my garlic yesterday! I work in a store and it is crazy on what they cannot get in or kept in. When it comes to the paper aisle or cleaning aisle; they just are spreading stuff out and getting stuff that they normally do not carry to put there. I work in 4 different stores and I am always keeping an eye open for bargains or sells.

  • Arizona Mountain Woman

    Yes, please do a video on what I need to roast, where to buy green coffee beans, how to roast.

  • Elin Winblad

    Do you have a video or source for converting part of a basement into cold storage? Thanks either way 😊

  • Emily Hayes

    Help! I put my turnips and carrots in bins layered in moistened wood chips and covered the top with newspaper. They are in a dark cool place and are SPROUTING!! What am I doing wrong? Too moist? Should I trim off the sprouts? The veggies are still crisp and fresh.

  • Val H

    I look so forward to Sunday morning Pantry Chat. What a great way to start the day. Thank you!

  • Rebekka S

    Wonderful video – and perfect timing!

    As for store bought shelving for those who can‘t build their own: we use IKEA IVAR – the spacing of the shelves is super variable and it‘s really very solid.

  • Amber Keller

    Thank you so much for the common sense approach to getting stocked up!

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