Prepare to be Purged by Facebook Censors – What to do

In its latest earnings report Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company won’t be as profitable going forward because of its plans to engage in draconian censorship

He said this:

“We’re serious about preventing abuse on our platforms. We’re investing so much in security that it will impact our profitability.”

His assertion was that the company was going to do that in order to limit the spread of “fake news” and hate speech. We all know those are buzz words for Christian, conservative and any person not willing to align with the liberal narrative.

He even went so far as to virtual signal by saying protecting the Facebook community was “more important” than increasing profits.

CFO David Wehner confirmed this in the same earnings call, saying operating costs will be twice what they have been in 2018, with part of that being for original content.

On the censorship side of the social networking platform, Facebook will add another 10,000 workers for the sole purpose of stopping what they consider to be fake news and hate speech

It’s even being reported that website Breitbart is being pressured to be taken off the Facebook ad network by ultra-leftist group Sleeping Giants, which wants to take alternative viewpoints out of public discourse.

This is the key battle in the eyes of these damaged individuals, which if they pressure Facebook to remove Breitbart, they’ll continue on by taking down groups and individuals that are far less powerful and well-known.

Be sure Facebook isn’t your only means of communication and spreading your message, as there’s a very good chance you’ll be permanently censored next year if you don’t speak what enemies of free speech want you to speak.

I highly recommend the SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down to learn ways to anticipate and defend yourselves against the thought police.


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