Pepper Spray : Personal Self Defense & Riots

Pepper Spray is proven to be a Non-Lethal option for self defense. With all the turmoil going on, I've now added it to my EDC. Active Self Protection "Hot Sauce Beats Road Rage" #Pepperspray #nonlethal #Selfdefense

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  • R Jenkins

    I prefer to use my pepper spray filled 147g hp…

  • David Louis

    Nothing says you are upset with the police like stopping traffic and pulling innocent bystanders from their cars to beat, rob or kill them !

    • Master Shannon

      Yep, that makes a lot of sense. Give it a couple of months and watch support for the police go through the roof. Cops are tops👍🏻

  • Gordon Mckelvin

    I came here to see Sootch00 get pepper sprayed…. left disappointed.

  • A G

    If I ever got caught in one of these situations in my car, I will need a left handed spray device. My right hand will be occupies holding polymer and steel.

  • R. June

    This is for cars too, but for home, a good 9 mm ten ready magazines, a thousand rounds, a vest, war belt, to say the least. For home defence you need to have a 9 mm too, minimum!! Plan, Pray and stay safe!!!

  • RiftSecurity01

    Those are illegal for civilians in the UK, another reason why Americans should defend their second amendment! God bless you all.

  • Robin Jacobs

    I’m a disabled Senior Citizen.
    Anyone trying to : “Pull me out of my car” is going to catch multiple rounds of hot lead!

  • Rick Bourne

    if you have more to lose, any fight you avoid is a win.

  • Eddy

    Im retired leo. I have been hit with 2 mil Shu’s capsaicin . Let me tell you, it works. It was sabre red, 10 %.
    I couldnt see for a half hour. Hot as hell !!!!!!. Get at least 10 %. It works.

    • model nutty

      yup, pouring milk into the eyes only helps a little bit.
      you do have to be aware of how+where you’re using it.
      but then again, crop dusting Dearborn Michigan with bacon grease is something that should have started happening years ago, but what do I know?

    • Bobby Brady

      model nutty

      Yeah any fluid will make it feel a bit better. The milk solution is ridiculous. Most are oil based so only time is what really helps.

    • Bobby Brady

      Eddy Nestle

      It would be interesting to see a comparison with capsaicin and the combination tear gas/capsaicin. I’m retired Air Force and we did the tear gas exposure thing and that was a very unpleasant experience. Nothing but time helped to alleviate the symptoms.

      In addition to my guns at home I also have pepper spray, personal size and two cans of bear spray. Some stay in the car these days. I don’t go out for long, due to being disabled and the virus thing, so I don’t worry about heat exposure to them, though I keep them in a military ammo container just in case they burst. You bet I would use them on a mob coming at me. Those bear spray cans really dump a lot in a very short period of time, in a big orange cloud. A small personal size would be useless on a group of people. Being a white man, and in frail physical condition, I have to do what I have to do to protect myself. Sorry to have to say it Eddy but the police, who love to violate the right of Americans to bear arms by enforcing unconstitutional gun laws, can not be trusted and depended on. They do the bidding of the anti-American left wing (f)ascists that are trying to destroy America and our rights and that can not be overlooked and forgiven.

    • Eddy

      @Bobby Brady there are good and bad. I seen it to. Not offended. But you can bet your butt if i got into a confrontation and this PERSON wanted to kill me l, id use any means to subdue him. You can put enough pressure on a carotid artery to slow him down then release and get him under control. We have done it in our Dojo. But you must know how to return blood supply. But your right. We/they need change.

  • Dagobert1234

    In Germany pepperspray, handguns, rifles, baton and fixblade knives are restricted and very hard to come by.
    Defend the second amendment at all cost

    • Jambo Never Again

      But we have a lot lower crime rate than racist, institutionally corrupt America does.

    • Eric S

      It’s very easy and 100 % legal to buy pepper spray in Germany. The thing is that without a license you are only allowed to buy and carry it in order to defend yourself against animals. If you intend to use it against humans it’s considered a weapon and you would require a permit. So what you do is you buy it as a tool to defend yourself against animals, and should you ever encounter a situation where you need to use it against a person that’s ok, too, as long as you don’t say that the reason you were carrying it was to defend yourself against people. It’s a bit ridiculous, but that’s how the law is.

    • Andreas Moldenhauer

      pfefferspray ist problemlos zu kaufen, zu besitzen und zu führen. was erzählst du?

    • seppe0311 seppe

      in germany is nothing allowed , you just have to work and pay money to merkel 👍👍👍 hahaha and the idiots thinks its fine

    • Mrs Pete

      Damn Germany sucks

  • Baez R.


  • American Taxpayer

    A mob of people surrounding you can be defined as a deadly weapon.

  • Wild Man

    Man Sootch is going to hit a mil this year. I love that man and he deserves it.

  • Nolan Shockley

    Golden rule of OC Sprays: if you use it, you’re getting sprayed too.

  • srspower

    Here in the UK I own firearms, I could even have a Saiga12 with a 30 round drum loaded with slugs. But pepper spray is illegal it is classed the same as having a machine gun. Ten years in prison if caught. Ridiculous really.

    • cyberjoe77

      srspower Yes beyond ridiculous! In a less extreme way here in the US “law makers” try to restrict guns by the type of attachments a rifle may have..i.g. Forward hand grips, telescoping stocks…etc…essentially cause it makes the rifle scary looking…lol.

    • Bobby Brady

      srspower So why do you accept that? Organize and protest on a massive scale!

    • srspower

      Bobby Brady there are less than 1 million guns legally held in a population of 70 million. It’s pointless to campaign most people are against self defence.


      Wasp and hornet spray

  • Big Izzy84

    If I lived in a state where I couldn’t have a firearm, I would move

    • Bobby Brady

      Big Izzy84

      Or you could do the right thing and organize and participate in mass protests in such states. Running away to other states is not the solution!!


    If they’re wearing a mask or shield an you cannot spray the eyes, spray the groin and just above.

  • Martin Berry

    Sootch, I’m former law enforcement through the Florida Dept. of Corrections and I’ve been both, tasered and pepper sprayed and I will take being tasered any day to being sprayed.

    In the academy we were sprayed and had to still attempt our duties. Afterwards they tell you how to immediately eliminate the effects of the spray and it isn’t water.

    Dawn dish washing liquid and condensed canned milk. Pepper spray is an oil based component and water and rubbing just aggravates it. Dawn dissipates the oils in the spray almost instantly and the condensed milk kills the pain and sting instantly as well.

    Trust me I’ve had it all done to me and if you want to survive it man, have those ingredients on hand and do it as soon as possible afterwards… You will thank me for this info brother.

  • Osmigo1

    You missed a few important points:
    — you didn’t mention the most powerful, debilitating spray on the market: Fox Labs 5.3. It’s 2%, 5.3 million SHU. Over twice that of Sabre. Sabre works, but it can still take 10-15 seconds for your attacker to be overcome by it. That’s plenty of time for him to grab you and stab or shoot you. Fox Labs 5.3 basically stops them in their tracks, or disables them within 2-3 seconds. It is HORRIBLE stuff, described as being like “a spoonful of fire ants dumped into each eye.” Plus, any skin it gets on (face, nostrils, lips, etc.) burns like it was hit by a blowtorch.
    —OC percentage is often misunderstood. The higher the OC percentage, the longer it takes for the spray to take effect. OC percentage isn’t everything. A 2% in a fine enough carrier is MUCH MUCH hotter than a 10%.
    — you didn’t get into spray types. A LOT of people make the mistake of getting the “stream” type, “because that’s what the police use!” But police use the stream type because they have practiced with it, and they often use spray when there are other people around or they are inside a car, where a fog type can cause problems. The stream shoots out a fine stream the size of a pencil, and it can be VERY difficult to hit an enrage, moving attacker with it. For civilian use, the cone fog type or the gel. It’s like using a shotgun vs. a rifle. The cone fog is best, but if you’re in a windy area, gel is better, as it won’t be blown back onto you.
    — Watch these YouTubes:
    —Last… NEVER put your pepper spray on your key chain. You won’t be able to grab it in time, it’ll be in the bottom of your pocket or purse, and if your attacker grabs it or knocks it out of your hand, you’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere without your keys.

    • RFI-Crypto Lab

      I’ve been sprayed with Fox Labs 5.3 for certification (LE). I couldn’t open my eyes for about 20 minutes without severe pain, but it didn’t stop me or put me down. Never even went to the water hose.

      CS spray on the other hand affected me more than OC spray.

      Fox Labs is one of the best sprays, but as he says some people aren’t as affected by it.

      Also, if you’re being tracked by dogs, spray a few lines of OC spray across your tracks.

  • Kid Sid

    Minimum of 5 years in jail for simple pepper spray in the UK. Never give up your rights America!!

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