Pagan Salvation: Security Provided by the Empire


In the time when Christianity was birthed into the world, the state or empire was considered the source of salvation, meaning the offering of cradle-to-grave security was the ultimate definition of salvation.

To not embrace the state in that regard was considered treasonous. Early Christians were considered treasonous and pagans because they refused to worship and recognize Ceasar and what they represented, as God.

In contrast, what Christianity offered was freedom and the accompanying embracing of taking responsibility for living out our own lives in correlation with what the Holy Scriptures taught us.

Christianity brought freedom and responsibility to the world, paganism only offered “salvation” in the form of safety, which produced only serfdom for those that embraced it.

Also remember when Moses was sent by God to free Israel from slavery, many of them resisted because they wanted safety rather than freedom. We are facing the same thing in this generation – in the West in general, and America specifically.

The good news is Jesus Christ and true Christianity will triumph; it’s the only thing standing in the way of evil having its total sway in this world. Not only that, but ultimately Christianity will triumph over the enemies of Jesus Christ and His people on planet earth.


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