Pa. Unlawful Vote Case Heads To Supreme Court

In the days following the 2020 election, Sean Parnell and Mike Kelly have now successfully taken a case all the way from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to the Supreme Court. One Americas Jack Posobiec spoke with a Pennsylvania litigator to get more on the recent developments in this case.

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  • David Adrian

    We The People Stand with President Trump 100% ✊🇺🇸

    • The Louster

      @ssstev one of the all time greats! He got things done that all the other cronies couldn’t get done.
      Make room on Mount Rushmore!

    • ssstev

      @The Louster Mount Rushmore for that petty braggert ! He can take himself and his grusome family and go live with his North Korean boyfriend.😖

    • Shlomo Shekelman

      @Spartens25 Remember when Biden held rallies in parking lots and couldn’t get 12 people to show up? LOL!

    • The Louster

      @ssstev that is the lefties dream , becoming north Korea, that is

    • Mary V

      @Spartens25 better than taking money like big guy like Biden. Remember China and Ukraine. O by the way UKRAINA HAS A WARRANT FOR JOE ARREST. MAYBE THAT IS WHY HE IS UNDER HOUSE ARREST. THE BIG GUY WILL NEVER STEP HIS FOOT. IN THE PEOPLES HOUSE HAVE A NICE DAY. THANK YOU JESUS.

  • Oppressors Beware

    GA is next!

  • Brad K

    Trump won and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  • Tammy Stevens

    God Bless President Trump! True Patriots are behind you 💯!

  • Lord Royal

    Joe Biden: You ain’t black!
    Clarence Thomas: And you ain’t president!

  • Jay Cee

    The WHOLE election has to go to the Supreme Court, not just Pennsylvania. The whole voting process has been subverted.

    • Unruly Toast

      No it doesn’t! Not anymore! Biden is going to concede. Mark my words. Funny looking ankle boot he has isn’t it? Never thought a 78 year old man could put all his weight on a freshly fractured ankle. *cough* house arrest *cough*

    • Heart USA

      110 % agree with you. This whole thing is so wrong. In addition to cheating by adding fraudulent votes, they trashed out Trump’s legal votes. I don’t think he just got 74M, he must have got way more.

    • Marc Jacobs

      I agree. All States should be challenged.

    • Tricia 77

      @Lonnie Bealbut their allies that paid them off are, Iran, China and many more .

    • Justin Boring

      @Brenda Whiteman
      American socialist party huh? America is a nation so the democrats are national socialists lol damn someone finally said it lmao

  • J Rex

    The court needs to declare that all mail in ballots that arrived after 8 PM on November 3 are not counted across-the-board.

    • Andrew T

      @AAA Yes it’s very sad. Everyone that had their vote stolen from them should be angry as hell!

    • AAA

      @Andrew T I just had my shoulder replaced could only sleep 3.5 hrs, so I came here. Why are you up at this time ?

    • Andrew T

      @AAA I hope you’re not hurting to much. You were asking why I’m still awake? I’ve had this problem after my discharge from the military, I’ve become accustomed to it.

    • Richard Slater

      ‘There’s been one assertion that would be systemic fraud and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results. And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and, so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that.” — Attorney General Bill Barr

    • AAA

      @Andrew T They put a shot of something between my neck and shoulder that numbs the nerve all the way to the hands. Said it might last 12 hrs – 24 hrs. They got the right spot…Got the shot @ 9am Thur 4th before operation. 9am today I can start to move my hand, but the arm is still numb I bet I couldn’t feel a pin or hit with a hammer. Thank you for serving..
      (wish I did).

  • Thomas Hasnt Seen Such Bullshit B4

    Remember Roberts is a sellout. He has been to Epsteins Island.

  • Mike Rupe


  • Debby Klinglesmith

    They keep saying “overturn the election”. The election has NOT BEEN DECIDED YET!

    • Fat Superman

      @Primaris how, how was it rigged??

    • Fat Superman

      @Primaris or i should say how has it been rigged enough to overturn the election results and i would like to know the “outstanding” evidence that would support such a claim

    • Primaris

      @Fat Superman look at the comment above yours. I explain it there.

    • Fat Superman

      @Primaris ok so if this is all true why are trumps closest allies denying this and like every news network besides oan? (Not a mean post just want to know)

    • Primaris

      @Fat Superman the things I listed there are statements of fact, not opinions that can be ‘denied’. As to why the news doesn’t seem to care, all I can say is that the only network that has surprised me with its fake bs coverage has been Fox, but the fact that the other networks (the same liars who claim BLM and Antifa are just ‘ideas’ and that the ‘protests’ were ‘mostly peaceful’ whilst buildings burned behind the reporters) lie about it does not surprise me.

      Why do some republicans want to participate in the gaslighting? Because Trump isn’t really a ‘Republican’. He’s an outsider who both parties and most of the media hate because he’s challenging their corrupt status quo.

      The media doesn’t call elections. We’ll see what happens, the process is ongoing. I don’t know whether Trump will succeed at remaining in office, but even if he fails, I know he won this election. I’ll say this though, if Biden really wants to ‘unify’ people, he should say something like ‘I believe I won, but it’s important to me that all voters have faith in this result so that we can move forward as one, therefore I’m calling for an audit of the election’. Weird, he’s not doing that. Neither is anyone else outside of the Trump camp. If they were so confident that they won cleanly, why not put all this to bed by doing that?

  • Larry Hofrock

    God Bless President Trump. Those of us who love America are with you.

  • Joquita Sullivan

    How can you change a election that has NOT been won by either party ? Trumps not overturning, Hes winning !

    • Trent Schwartz

      @Jeffrey Caron what’s the link?

    • Gina Tulip

      @Bob Frapples it is still under investigation. whoever tried to change the election should be in jail. I saw a video about china paying millions to dominion voting. this is deep fraud and should be investigated, for any election of senators or mayors or president. Now it is about democracy.

    • justin time

      @Bob Frapples hey soy boy. Have you seen the video in Georgia? 😆 you are caught. Just stop. Quit whining.

    • Some Rando

      AN election… AN 😖

    • r p

      @Jake Shattuck I couldn’t read past “a champion of civil rights” go look into the Central Park 5. Trump is in everything for himself. His charity was a fraud, his university was a fraud and his presidency is a fraud and now that he was beaten he is crying like a baby that everyone cheated. This man is such a joke, it blows my mind that some people can’t see that.

  • Lʊk æt ðɪs!

    Biden, a man no longer capable of changing his own diaper, got more votes than _any_ candidate in US history.
    Ain’t that amazing?

    • Mary V

      That was a miracle

    • Fat Superman

      @Nicole Hastings yes fake news meaning every other news network besides oan😆😆

    • justin time

      Even more than their golden calf, Obama. Just amazing.

    • r p

      @Nicole Hastings – Everything you don’t agree with is fake news. You probably loved Fox until even they couldn’t keep making excuses for Trump so then you went looking for other sources that would say what you like. I don’t need news organizations. I read judges opinions about the “evidence” of fraud, and they all say there is no wide spread fraud, even Trump judges say he is wrong.

    • r p

      @J. Kay Metcalf-Benton – I am sure Trump has done some good things and there are certainly things I don’t agree with the Democrats. My problem with Trump is that he simply isn’t a good human being. He is such a narcissist that he will sell out the country simply to make himself look good. He is also a grifter and has been his entire life. His charities, his universities, his businesses are all examples of his lack of character. He spent 2 years telling people Obama was born in Kenya when he absolutely knew that wasn’t the truth. When he got elected, the most important thing to him was trying to convince everyone there was a bigger crowd at his inauguration. These are the qualities of a child, not a president. I didn’t agree with Regan or Bush Jr.’s policies, but I believe both were good people who believed what they were doing was good for the country. Trump is only in this for his personal gain, which is how he has conducted everything in his life.

  • Jeff Hanson

    Yeah… When any election is obviously stolen and the criminals are caught then you don’t let them get away with it! Shouldn’t even have to say that.

  • Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation

    Biden was a pawn for the left side they will throw him under the bus.

  • Joe Gremin

    Everyone who interfered with a lawful election should be thrown in prison and I wouldn’t be apposed to the death penalty. Justice must prevail

    • beautiful bliss

      I’m in, an example of justice must be made, and must be shown what the United States Of America will do to traitors who try to steal our Election. That will help deter traitors who got funny ideas the next election. HELL, our four father’s by this time would be saying, “heads will role!”

    • TONYRYO13

      Its a coming so get your popcorn ready…

    • C Anderson

      I agree. But don’t say that. I said something on Twitter similar and had my account suspended for 12 hours. Lol

    • Jake Shattuck

      The only correct way to deal with socialists is the Bon Voyage Mussolini strategy.

    • Carnivore Whisperer

      Public hanging would be appropriate for treason. If not, then a firing squad might work, as long as it’s done in public. We have to have a deterrent and anyone who doesn’t understand why this type of punishment is appropriate, does not understand the problem. It’s a risk to our freedoms and our way of life. It’s far better to solve these criminal acts in court and issue the correct punishments. Otherwise, we are headed for another civil war because the libtards don’t know when to quit.

  • Shannon Lawrence

    The only real issue at this point is to call out the disqualification of Biden/Harris for cheating andctreason period!

  • Barry Dickens

    Texas, we ain’t recognizing votes counted with dominion machines.

    • Fat Superman

      Ya did in 2016

    • Carnivore Whisperer

      @Fat Superman Where? I read that Texas refused to use Dominion. I’m in Texas so I’m very curious to know the details.

    • Fat Superman

      Ok ok u right u right texas didnt use em but… the question stands, and i would like to know from you, why are you questioning the integrity of the dominion machines even tho there has been no evidence that they have been messed with or are fraudulent?

    • Tracy

      @Fat Superman watch the court hearings there is plenty of evidence. Why hasn’t anyone from dominion showed up to testify if there’s nothing to hide why not show up to court? Cowards

    • Carnivore Whisperer

      @Fat Superman All you have to do is stop getting your news from the MSM. They are lying to you or at the very least omitting the information. You shouldn’t trust them. I really don’t understand why anyone still listens to them. I can spot when they are lying right away, which is usually in the first 5 seconds of them speaking. You are on a good site now. You can also try Newsmax. While the MSM keeps claiming no evidence of fraud, the conservative news sites are showing video that captured the criminals in the act, not to mention all the sworn affidavits from eye witnesses. That is evidence.

  • Tammy M poole

    This guy is wrong. He seems to think that just fixing the problems with the next election will be ok. That’s bologna! Trump won not Joe Biden!

  • Cynthiaann Kasper

    Pennsylvania should be ashamed of their corruption and biased Judges.

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