Overnight in the Off Grid Cabin: Alone with my Dog

Join me for an overnight with my dog in the cheap off grid pallet wood cabin which we built for free using recycled pallets. I spend the night alone in the cabin with my dog, spending time connecting with nature and the surrounding wilderness. Being in the tiny house with nothing but simple tools, a warm fire and some good food is sometimes all that is needed in life. I fire up the woodstove and cook soup, bake bread in the pipe oven and cook on cast iron. Being able to go off grid and switch off from the busy city life and busy materialistic consumerist world that we live in makes me feel free. I've always enjoyed camping in the woods, practicising bushcraft and survival skills and learning primitive ways of living. Back in 2018 my dad and I had the idea of building a cabin from pallet wood. We wanted to see how cheap we could build a homestead, using free pallets and we even recycled the old rusty nails. The pallet wood cabin is still going strong, and although I have now moved further away from it, I hope to be back there this year to spend more nights alone in the forest with just my thoughts. Thank you for watching.

Watch a short video on how we built the Pallet Wood Cabin: https://youtu.be/1HA4zY8xCyY

The Woodstove I use is the Gstove Heat View. They are offering my subscribers 15% off their stoves and accessories on their website: https://www.gstove.com/ The code is "taoutdoors"

The FULL PALLET WOOD CABIN PLAYLIST (with talking): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxnadpeGdTxDMYqxhMnVMPHzgIuUOKB54

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  • Logan

    My dream life.

  • N S

    This is the best channel on YouTube.

  • Shed Loads

    You know what mike, these are the ones I love the most. It’s something we can all make. Not that the other builds were impossible but this one feels more homely. Take care.

    • James Ellsworth

      It seems ‘homely’ and the pallet wood can be bought on-line in the US. Add the G-stove and your favorite dog and we are ‘good to go!’

  • N S

    I want to build a cabin like this.

  • Broke Boys Bushcraft

    This must be one of the most relaxing things that you can do… just a night alone in a cozy little pallet cabin with man’s best friend. Totally aswesome video yet again brother! Keep up the hard work! 👍👍

  • TA Outdoors

    Highlights of my trips to the Cabin we built from free Pallet Wood. Hoping to head back here soon! Working on the bunker still, as well as part 3 of the Celtic Roundhouse!

    • vell z3vul

      please tell me the name of the track on 7:00!

    • Graeme Dolan

      This was so enjoyable to watch Mike. Love the featured music to. Awesome 😊

    • Lewis Doherty

      A company just opened a pallet factory about two miles from me. I think I know who is responsible for the supply deficit in the market.
      On a TV show about bad contractors, a wall was opened up and the home owner complained some of the wood came from pallets. I wanted the contractor to say, but the wood is imported.
      On another TV show, agricultural inspectors were checking pallets from Mexico to make sure they weren’t importing pests. Apparently, the pallets have to be cooked at a certain temperature over a period of time. At one point, pallets carrying the Formosan Termites ended up at the Port of New Orleans and now we have them.

    • Valley in the Bluffs

      Nicest stove I’ve seen in any cabin!

    • Dormousey

      @John Q. Public I thought that too! I believe dogs can eat natural food, not stuff out of tins so something could have been given in keeping with the spirit of it all.

  • 61third

    I thought about building one of these but up in the trees.

  • Mêb

    this look super peaceful, and I’d love to go out and make myself a cabin of the same sort some day! Also great video, keep up the good work!

  • marty fowler

    I’m sure it was rewarding to make and complete the cabin, and also a great place to escape and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Adam B

    Another great video. And I couldn’t agree with you more sometimes we need to get away from the hustle of the city life and get back to simpler way of life .

  • Diane Andersen

    I love your pallet cabin shows

  • Michael Grant

    Awesome vid. Your vids have inspired me to go and adventure in the woods and experience the outdoors more

  • Original Nibs

    This video just emphasises less is more in so many ways , really enjoyed just watching things happen and taking in the natural noise around you , thank you

  • Christopher Haynie

    I love him he’s so dang cute. Pulling the root out of the ground. So precious.

  • rich peas

    You know, just watching this made me feel relaxed, what with this & your bunker, it needs to be a netflix show so I can binge watch.

  • Ann Bull

    I always enjoy this little cabin. I started watching when you and your dad were building it.

  • Phil Standen

    3:23 Mike likes a bit of bread roll with his butter, I see! ;0)

    • Widey xyz

      All that crap written about cholesterol is mostly based on flawed studies. Your brain needs (bad!!) cholesterol to function properly and there’s nothing worse than taking “statins” to destroy your memory! Eat what you like but everything in moderation and taking pills is not the answer….Those sausage butties looked good……

    • John Quinn

      @Widey xyz I’m on statins now, in heart Failure for the last 12 years, and you’re right, short/long term memory is out of step with wht I used to be. It sucks big time.

    • Widey xyz

      @John Quinn I feel for you bro….My GP wanted to put me on statins when I hit 50 he said it was because I was entering the stage in my life where I was at risk!!! I flatly refused to have them and that was nearly 6 years ago and my latest cholesterol blood test is fine! I can’t stand margarine and use butter in all my cooking…..GPs are to ready to give pills out like sweets without looking at the big picture or the alternatives….And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous targets for Blood pressure they set for people!!!!!

    • Juliet Vorster

      But he forgot the HP sauce for his bacon butties 😉

    • Lee Stannard

      John Quinn That’ll explain my recent memory loss. Been on statins the last two years and my short term memory has become awful

  • Objective Observer

    That little stove, and all of it’s attachments, is pure genius. Utilizing more of the energy, than merely the heat. Fabulous.
    And Jax always makes me snicker and smile. I really needed that today. Thanks for taking us along.

  • JGsnaps

    Honestly I could live in that cabin

  • billy p

    “A fool is known by his speech; and a wise man by silence.”

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