Our YEARS worth of FOOD! | Root Cellar Tour (full & complete!) | Food Storage

Come along on my root cellar tour – here's what our years worth of food looks like! Now that it's finished, we were finally able to take you through the entire root cellar (full and complete!). Come see our food storage in its many forms: canning, dehydrating, fermenting, and more. NOT INCLUDED: all the meat that we keep up in chest freezers in our barn.

To see how I cook with all these ingredients…

Cooking Community

Oil-packed tomatoes:

Homemade flavored salts:


Flower tea:


Shaye Elliott


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  • The Elliott Homestead

    Whew! This is a fun one to share. SO MUCH WORK is tucked into those jars and shelves. Almost makes me weepy.

    • CBD Great For *Anxiety *Pain *Depression *Sleep!!!

      You have so much more preserves in your root cellar than the preserving and embalming
      of King Tut’s body, or mummification process on his way to the Ancient Egyptian afterlife.
      Love, Light, Peace & Gratitude.

    • Talitha Koum I

      @Shane Needles … it’s a danger, but they seem smart enough to have security measures… and she’s inspiring people by what she’s doing to take measures to be prepared themselves vs looting. She doesn’t seem like she would turn her closest family away. You may want to evaluate preparedness vs greed. Naivety vs paranoia.

    • Heather Cortes

      @Shane Needles I live in the inner city where the food pantries are almost empty. Unless the apocalypse happens, which is highly doubtful, nobody is going to rob you for food. I actually keep more food in the house than she does, and everyone here knows it since they all saw me canning. I have to wonder if you live in your mom’s basement polishing and assault rifle wearing a foil hat with a comment like that.

    • ícҽís թհօҽղíx

      I’m a newbie here. I love this channel.

  • Melissa Newell

    Your voice is calming like Martha Stewart and you look like Drew Barrymore 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Andrea Bellato

    My boyfriend and I are about to start our homestead journey on raw land this spring. To many it sounds overwhelming, but we are craving to learn what hasn’t been taught to us. There is so much to prepare and plan for, and I love that you show how fun it is but also keep it real! So thankful for your videos and your beautiful family. All the love to you! 🌿

    • Andrea Bellato

      @starfirepixie081114 thank you!!! We just closed on the property, it’s getting real now!

    • Turquoise Cheetah

      It’ll be too late by then. They are starving us this winter. Covid is a h*ax. Prepare. Think I’m a crazy idiot, I am trying to warn you. They’ve even admitted the dark winter now.

    • bingealicious

      @Turquoise Cheetah Can you share the dark winter info? Interested in learning more

    • artisit999

      I think you folks are brilliant. The mind and spirit are so full from living closer and closer to this lifestyle. I live in a major city but just taking care of my 50-some plants gives me so much. Our bodies need it, our minds and our spirits need it.

    • Andrea Bellato

      @artisit999 YES! You are so right. What a beautiful thing to get close to nature even if you’re living in a city. At our core, we all need nature! All the love to you! 🌿✨


    It warms my heart when you say “we made” because I did make it with you and even though we’ve never met, you have a way of making me feel like a close friend. I appreciate that 😊 Thanks for another wonderful video ❤❤❤

  • Simple Living Alaska

    This was wonderful! Thank you 😊

  • Nikki Tennison

    What you’ve done is almost a lost art in today’s world. Salute! It was a truly awesome tour.

    • Because I Am

      And everything looked sooooo yummy, no packages , no labels, just pure goodness, I loved this video.

    • TheICEgirl6100

      a lot of people still do this, maybe in smaller quantity but it’s common

    • Nikki Tennison

      @Because I Am It was like a trip back in time, in a beautifully done way. Old time root cellars should make a come back, as well as what’s put in time….priceless video.

  • Annie Alexander

    Put a couple of bay leaves in your dry goods. That will keep out the weevils.

    • Anna Mida

      I did not know that. Thanks for some new found knowledge.

    • Valery Clark

      I discovered my first weevil infestation when I opened 10 lb. of grits. I couldn’t throw them away so I put them in a big pot with bay leaves, outside loosely covered. All the weevils ran away! Hooray!

    • Annie Alexander

      @Valery Clark
      Awesome wisdom.By putting the bag of grits outside was smart.You know it would not hurt to tie bay leaves together then hang them up around the storage container’s in your pantries.Put bay leaves all around.

    • Vivian Loney

      @Valery Clark weevils poop on the infested dry goods 🤢

    • Patricia Mampel

      @vicki ioannidou yep repel mice gophers and vampires

  • True Hope

    This is SO over my head….I’m going to starve…..

    • Jesus is coming soon

      Same… trust in Jesus. I like Matthew 6 about how we shouldn’t worry because God knows our needs…to seek the Kingdom. Psalm 37:25”I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” However, famine is coming. We are in the end times and this coming vaccine is the mark of the beast. It’ll be a quantum dot dissolving vaccine patch for the hand. We won’t be able to buy and sell without it. A great relationship with the Holy Spirit, being reborn, hearing His voice and leading and really knowing the Bible will be more valuable than anything.

    • Turquoise Cheetah

      Same here too. Fear not sister, we will meet beyond.

    • Mom•Ovary•Acting

      You’re not alone, if something catastrophic happens only the meek will survive. The ones who know how to work the land & all those other skills that have slowly been forgotten. Kind of sad but I think it’s happened several times with past civilizations. A reset of humanity is inevitable

    • Anonymous Informer

      Me too 😟

    • True Hope

      @Jesus is coming soon
      I agree!!!
      However, God won’t rescue us….His own 11 deciples we’re not rescued and died horrible deaths….except John who they tried to burn in hot oil. (I left judas out)
      I wonder if they sent John to the island because his face/body was so marked from the hot oil that they didn’t want his walking testimony around.
      God still does do miracles, I’ve seen them, but He also tells us not love our lives even unto death.

  • the walkin dude

    I’m checking my years worth of supplies….58 gallons of homemade mead and 1 chocolate bar.
    Yup, I’m good to go. ✌

  • Finn

    All I can think of is:
    When society collapses, this woman is gonna be just fine.

  • Luna Locks

    The fruit stays longer if individually wrapped in news paper. Skin on skin makes rotting quicker.

  • Lucky Lex

    Am I hearing this right, the cabbage will store for a year?!?! I swear any veg or fruit I buy goes bad so, so fast lol

    • Elle Han

      A lot of fruits and veg are bred specifically for their appearance and seem to be so full of water. Tomatoes I grow at home are so much tastier than bought ones. I wonder if this has anything to do with their lifespan too?

    • M 88

      @Rusty Kinks
      The same innatural crap happens to livestock and seeds, or well it used to happen to seeds, not sure if they’re still experimenting with gamma rays. The Soviet Garden is a great documentary on how the Russians ordered USSR to mutate seeds with radiation technology.

    • SJ Carr

      @Elsa Rasmussen 😲 I had no idea…thank you!

    • Anonymous Informer

      @Turquoise Cheetah gmos? Um no

    • Vilhjalmr Edmundson

      @Td l48 Yep, not to mention the LPG and diesel exhaust 🤮

  • colourfully21

    Do I have a garden? No. Do I grow my own food? No. Do I have the space to stash food? No.
    Youtube: Do you want to watch this stranger showing you her root cellar?
    Me: Sure, why not.

  • Sam Rothman

    100 years ago this is basically in everybody home

  • Samuel Casillas

    i didn’t search this video, the video searched for me

  • Phil Jermakian

    She is actually 85 years old. She just eats that healthy.

  • Cydonius1

    It might look full now but wait till Thorin Oakenshield and 12 other dwarfs decide to come by ….

    • Alaska Made Momma

      i totally understand you are talking about lor however, my brain went straight to roots and refuges buck (thorin oakenshield is his name lol)

  • Queenly Fanatic

    The pride on your face as you’re talking through this is so wholesome 🥰

  • VeroAGO

    I want this woman to be my wife. I’m a straight, middle aged, city-living, already married woman myself… But still…

  • John Pino

    We pack all of our root crops, apples, cabbages etc. layered in soaking wet wood shavings in plastic crates (with vents). They are perfect all winter and into early summer. Squashes, onions, garlic are stored dry at room temperature ( in a cool room). I plant the root crops back into the garden in the spring to grow seeds for saving.

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