Clean water is essential to a productive farm and today we are securing a source of clean water for our animals, home, gardens and much more! Our new well was drilled this week and we are excited about the possibilities it opens up for our homestead.

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  • Nancy Litton

    My Grandmother had a pump right outside her backdoor. 3 pumps on the handle (yap,it was a real pump),and the water was COLD and sweet!
    Thanks for sharing. God bless you and your family.

    • Joanie S

      We had an outside hand pump, too, but didn’t always have to use it. The whole house was fed by the well. That was by far the best water I ever tasted in my life… and always cold.

    • The gardener

      @kathy berrier Mine had a hand pump inside the house too. I think they had stopped using it before I came along. I’m sure they had a cistern built or dug somewhere.

    • BunnySlippers

      @kathy berrier Oooo, that was the ultimate in luxury back in the day! That was really special! She was lucky!

    • J

      @Joanie S we used to have a natural spring in the area that, while private property , was used by many in the area. People 50 miles away would come weekly to get drinking water. Was good stuff. Then the state tested it and shut it down because it had so many heavy metal contaminants. Bummer that such tasty water was bad for health.

    • Muriel Katz

      @J Kind of makes you wonder how so many heavy metals never left a weird taste in the water or that nobody ever got sick from drinking it. (THAT info would have gotten around REAL fast!) But the state…that entity that charges $$$ from anyone using anything the state controls…says it was bad. Hmmmmm.

      Also wondering if maybe some company was built or got approval to dump their crap into the area where that natural spring’s water came through.

      So many reasons to NOT trust the state. Especially when they have slowly been stopping us from finding “off-grid” ways to obtain things like water and food WITHOUT giving the state our money.

      But then, trusting the state has never been on my ‘One To Ten’ list.

  • Pat Sumners

    😀more nerdy farm math! Just goes to show us, it takes brains and brawn to run a homestead. Beautiful scenery.

  • Niel Langner

    Water is Life! Clean Water , clean air and healthy soil = real wealth!

    • Michele Walters

      My grandma lived in Emmett, Idaho forever and so much of the good farm land was being taken for mcmansions with 5’ of grass, golf courses and storage facilities. Really sad

  • Bethany Fields

    Your channel is one of THE BEST educational channels of its kind. (from a 25 year veteran teacher) Thank you so much for your consistent and useful information! I’m thrilled you got your new well, and that Hope and her calf are doing so great. One day, I hope we’ll meet in person, and until then, love, In Christ!♥️

    • Mariette Demarest

      @Rob Westley that is probably the Italian spelling, note the name.

    • Barbara Bowman

      @Geani Tsucuneli ; But surely, he spells much better than you do.

    • Eric Wannamaker

      As a Water Well Technician id like to know how he refilled the old WaterWell , otherwise the wise decision would have been to move the septic

    • Eric Wannamaker

      Also a holding tank and flow valves are an option

    • Vicki Burt

      I am big on spelling but not when we’re on a thread with different country folk watching to learn, that’s the main thing:learning & maybe like me just watching & taking in experience for the future challenges. your teacher &/or parents were probably on you about being astute to your spelling, eh?

  • I♡gardening

    Im always excited when you share a new video. They make my heart warm and brings a smile to my face. It’s nice to be able to watch how your lives are being blessed daily by our Heavenly Father. Please never stop sharing videos of some of your lives but still keep your privacy. So so happy for you and your precious family. Kevin I’m so glad your parents are coming there to live. God Bless you every day!

  • Silhouette Park Farm

    Thanks for sharing! We only have rain water tanks on our property since our dams and creek have dried up due to drought here in Australia. If we had the money we’d put a bore in but currently not able to (where we are located they aren’t sure they’d be even able to find water so it’s an expensive risk/gamble) Due to not much rain we buy in truck loads of underground spring water for our tanks when we need it. I’m sure the well will be a very welcome asset to your property!

  • George Earls

    Yum turtle soup. I don’t like to be negative, but your well driller should have pumped the well out for you. It needs to be flushed a few times to get rid of anything left from the drilling. I used to work for a well driller we never left a well until it was clean and clear. Just running it won’t do it. You need to flush it out we would raise and lower the pump, forcing water back through the strainer, pump it clear and repeat the process until it didn’t get cloudy anymore. That being said I wish you the best with your new well. This video brought back memories thank you. I apologize for the negativity, but I thought you should know.

    • Margaret and John Hall

      @Purple Globe Acres LLC The people that drilled Dutch’s well in Oklahoma this week cleaned it out and did not leave till he had clear water and could use it immediately and if they charged him extra it wasn’t mentioned.

    • Millboro Quilter South Dakota

      Yep you got ripped off! Any good well digging outfit would have hooked up a huge pump and ran her till she was clear plus they would tell you it’s capability also! Shame on them!

    • Purple Globe Acres LLC

      @Margaret and John Hall Yes, I saw that! That was great work they did for him. I love all of these great YouTube channels for all they teach, and that I can/do learn from them! God Bless everyone!

    • Drew Black

      Purple Globe Acres LLC thanks for the post. I had no idea!!

    • Nicholas Rice

      @George Earls, but some well companies charge time for flushing wells, so you can save $$$ by flushing yourself.

  • The gardener

    When I was a kid in the late 60’s-70’s everybody I knew of had a cistern. Water was hauled from town by the water truck. It was $15 to fill up our cistern. It was concrete bottom and sides and a wood top. Mom had a concrete top put on it after a run in with a snake while checking the water level. lol It seriously needed a filter because we’d get mosquito larvae in the water. Nope, all that stuff won’t kill you. lol Later on we caught water from the roof into the cistern. I wonder whose idea that was, off of asphalt shingles. lol That won’t kill you either. lol Then water lines were ran down the road and we hooked on to that, and the house still is.

    Kevin and Sara, I would definitely have an old fashion hand pump put in, just in case. I’d also have solar hooked up to the well just in case of power outages (or EMP). And if I could afford it I’d have a couple of the frost free waterers installed. Good you have the ponds for backup.

    • The gardener

      @Lisa Raper Sounds like you and your family are about as up in the air as I am. I have a house in town I live at but bought a mobile home I’m going to move into back out at the farm and sell the house. My sister inherited mom’s house but I want it and she wants to sell it to me. Hopefully I can get the money together one of these days for that.

    • Drew Black

      Or a generator just for the well, as my in laws did. Storm outage is not unusual in Missouri.

    • The gardener

      @Drew Black I’m afraid we have some things coming that a generator can’t handle. Fuel may be hard or impossible to get. But for the time being a generator would be great. Some jerk stole my generator. 🤨

    • Drew Black

      The gardener So sorry. Must be a special place in the next life for people who steal generators:)

    • The gardener

      @Drew Black LOL You’re telling me! 😄

  • debra c

    When I bought my house more than 40 yrs. ago the well had been drilled in the 50’s when the house was built. The well was 65 ft. deep. Some yrs. ago across the street there was acres of trees but as the city expanded to near my house all the trees were cut and stumps removed I lost my well water. Had another one put in about 180 ft. deep much better water than when I moved here, no more orange sinks, no more smell of boiled eggs. The city kept coming. Behind my house was fields and forest, now it’s multiple thousands of homes and condo’s. All that construction and dozing of trees and such, my well went dry again. I was more than willing to have a new well drilled. Big catch here! In order to get a permit for the new well I would have to convert my house to city water and city sewer. Mondo expensive! So that’s what I am city utilities 100%. I went from zero utilitiy bills to a bill up over a hundred $ a month. Sucks huh? I’m 65, live alone. Gardening in buckets. Struggling to survive on a schoolbus drivers wage. Truly, I’m just waiting for God to take me away.

    • Chris 3M

      Debra, In my case, if your house is 200 ft. from the road than you do not have to hook to the city. You should have been grandfather protected in my opinion.
      If part of your water is for gardening I would check with the city (village) if they supply you with a splitter for your gardening.

    • debra c

      @Chris 3M not 200 ft. I had a lot more until the 2 lane road out front turned into a 6 lane highway. The state paid for what they took, then the city came in with gutters, sidewalks, street lights all for the greater good, no money.

    • Chris 3M

      @debra c They caused hardship. Please get ahold of your legislature & plead your case- You should be grandfather in?? Don’t let some clerk tell you NO.

    • Bonafide Slacker

      You are valuable and important, Debra. The world, as bad as it can be sometimes, would be forever changed and a less beautiful place without you here. I hope you’re able to find some help, relief, and joy.

    • Elsa Dakota

      debra c So incredibly sorry you’ve been u surped

  • LindySellsHomes

    May I ask what it cost to drill your well?

  • Cody Russow

    When water is that low I’d be cleaning them out and making them deeper , just a thought..

  • Gerry Marmee

    Sometimes farmers will clean out those ponds and dig out the silt when there are droughts, making the pond more usable for longer.

    • joe doe

      @Margaret and John Hall That doesn’t always work. Just a FYI.

    • joe doe

      @Margaret and John Hall The best thing is to let hogs wallow in it for quite awhile. Its an old trick I’ve seen used alot when I was a kid.

    • Margaret and John Hall

      @joe doe I have also heard that you can bust up sheet rock and scatter it in your pond and it will seal any cracks. I don’t know if that is true or not never tried it.

    • joe doe

      @Margaret and John Hall Ive seen people try it. But it didn’t work.

    • Jamye Dowell

      My grandpa would get the stock tank cleaned out every 10-15 years depending on the drought situation. Never more than 3 horses used it and not during the times he would drain and clean it. My favorite fishing hole 😍

  • Thomas Desmond

    Do yourself a favor. For each thing you split off of the main water line. Place a shut off valve. This will pay off if you have issues with those lines. God bless

  • angela guerrero

    You need to put a cover over that because of curious cows . They will figure out the flap/ float makes it go on and off they’ll break it playing with it

  • Hans Quistorff

    Rain collection from the barn roof could be directed to the pond. Especially on the uphill side to keep the barn drier.

  • Judith Colclasure


  • Rebecca Pem

    We live South of you. Our house/well is from the 40’s/50’s and we have this issue as well.
    We have to be smart about how much water we use at a time.
    It always runs out quickly this time of year.
    Thankfully, we have a deeper well on the property for animals and a year round spring/creek.

  • Keeping It Dutch

    Congrats on new well brother, we just did one also 340 foot 35 gal per min, it was a stressful week here because I didn’t know if they was going to hit any water lol.

  • Tree Climber

    Liked everything but the menards Tshirt They’re such a scam.

    • Richelle Ann

      I was waiting for someone to say something about the Menards shirt.. They are not well liked right now due to their Nazi mask policy..

    • Tree Climber

      Richelle Ann — It’s their “Sale” fiasco scheme. It’s Rebate Points that can only be Used In-House and Without a Printer or Smart phone ☎️ (me) Cannot be “Redeemed”. That’s my beef reminds me of S&H Green Stamps to Lure you in. Dishonest.

  • festorfamine

    I’m interested in how much it cost to have that well put in. I had one dug 20 years ago and it cost around 13K in Georgia. Curious as to how much a well is costing these days.

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