Unexpected freezes happen from time to time, but TWO freezes back to back really hurt us!
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In this video, Josh takes you on a tour of our late summer garden after two hard freezes. See what crops survived and what we lost completely. Plus, learn some tips for your own garden if a froze or hard freeze is threatening to take your crops!

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  • Ashley Gwisdala

    How do you plant your potatoes? I’ve seen different ways but never know the best way to get a good crop

  • Erika Cronje

    So sorry about the losses, but as you say, we have to work with nature which does not always work for us

  • Alexis Mielonen

    Oh my gosh guess, that’s crazy. What a great attitude, may it not freeze again for a while. Can you show us your pantry? How’s it looking?

  • DBADaddy

    I live in Florida. Several years back, the weekend before Christmas had a hard freeze and we took inside all the containers. Christmas day was in the 90s, so we took them all back out. I had to leave town for a few days, and that weekend was another hard freeze. That gave me another opportunity to start a new garden.

  • DBADaddy

    Compost for the next 8 years

  • HoofandPeck Homestead

    I see now why you guys always say tomatoes are hard. As soon as you started getting them they were done. That’s rough. But you guys are excellent as always.

  • Luna M.

    We are entering a grand solar minimum its a good idea to learn about it, as temps are going to drop, its a cycle that comes every few hundred years and lasts a few decades, its going to affect food production in many ways. Its not really being addressed exept for a few outlets and scientits here and there talking about it. The current cold temps we are experiencing right now is due to this, it will shorten the summer and spring.

  • Andrea Nash

    I would be devastated. Kudos on keeping a positive outlook. I hope you had enough already put up

  • dhansonranch

    Yup, that did some damage. Sucks! In the last week we have had a couple killing frosts and the rest of nights were just down to the freezing point. I had picked what I thought were most of the tomatoes but after the frost I seen I had missed some. I went and picked those that appeared to have not froze. However, as they were ripening in the house there are some rotting…so I would suggest watching close…things are not always what they appear. I see you have not picked the squash yet…even if they are not ripe they are still usable as usually only the top half of the squash freezes..not sure what kind you planted though so it may be different for the kind you planted (I plant spaghetti squash and acorn) When the spaghetti squash are green they are like eating zucchini and are quite good. I also slice them (skin, pulp and all) and freeze on cookie sheet and then bag for the freezer. Acorn squash i peel and freeze. I use all in soups, omlets, as a side dish, etc. Pretty much as always…I just cook from frozen state. The ones that are close to ripening I am trying to see if they will ripen in the house – if not, in the freezer they will go! I am going to try canning and fermenting my beet greens and chard after they sit for a while …they may be a little tough, but that’s okay I figure. Potatoes are good as they are for a week or so in the ground I find. A definite testament to preserving more than you will use in a year…I always try to have a minimum of two years of canning in stock…you just never know what will happen when you are gardening. Good luck! Take care.

  • Ashley Pineda

    Im in northern Idaho, most of us lost our gardens too from the freeze. We never saw it coming!!! Thank goodness for root vegetables 😂

  • Sherri Jackson

    Here in Colorado we had the same thing. Below freezing 2 nights and 4 inches of snow. I have a few pumpkin plants that pulled through and strangely enough I have one huge roma tomato plant that looks happy. Better save seeds from that one 😂

  • Brian Critchlow

    Save those cucumber seeds! They will likely produce stronger plants for your climate. I’m sure you already know this.

  • The Biegel Family channel

    We feel for your losses. It’s always so sad to see healthy plants die back. We’ve had some early frosts that have taken out some of our garden as well. Though, like you folks, we do a great deal of root and frost hardy vegetables as our short season requires it.
    Keep up the good work!
    Blessings from the Biegel family in Alberta, Canada.

  • Yvonne VanSickle

    Southern Idaho here. Had a hard wind and freeze come through a couple weeks ago. Took out half of my daughter’s garden. Weird times.

  • Harlan Kraft

    Glad y’all are so organized! By next year the food crisis will be really noticeable! Lord help us please!

  • Nancy Schwartz

    We had the same thing happen here in northern MN but we did get freeze warnings so we could take precautions. I’m so sorry for the food loss though. Our average first frost is September 21.

  • Little Willow Homestead

    So sorry for your loss! We’ve lost a ton to pests and the late frosts that we had.. so disheartening 😞 I know you guys will be ok.. God will provide 😊

  • Lorna Penn-Chester

    So sorry this happened to you. Our thoughts are with you and the family and hope that the root crops make up for it!

  • Bonnie Mark

    We’re about an hour and a half south from you and we had the same high winds, power outage and freeze!! We were out at 9:30 at night tarping our peppers, cucumbers, and beans. Still lost the beans and half the cucumbers but thankfully our tomatoes survived in the hoop house!! God definitely reminds us that we aren’t in control through nature for sure!!

  • Emily Sandstrom

    This happened to me one year, twice weeks apart. I bought plants from a wholesale nursery in Georgia (Evans) and had a garden when no one else did. Their minimum was 50 plants, so I had a big one.

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