ONE Calf WASN’T Enough!

We've decided to get a second calf for our Jersey Cow. Today we are bringing him home!

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  • Robyn Smith

    Love following you instead of the ‘news’. Thank you

  • Lesley Dickson

    The scene when he met Hope was like ‘are you my Mother?’ 😢

  • Marsha Smith

    Name suggestion for the new calf- Hank. Henry and Hank.

  • Gardening for health and wellbeing

    Hopefully, after the new calf passes stool, hope will think he’s hers as he will smell like her, he’s so awesome. You guys are awesome too, love from Australia.

  • Stanley Pennock

    I’m not surprised that you bought a 2nd calf to put on Hope, but I thought that you might buy a heifer to start to ‘grow your herd’. I used to put an extra calf on my cows and raise them for veal. My experience was that less than 50% of cows will accept a calf that isn’t hers if her calf is still nursing. That makes Hope special! As the calves grow, however, you will need to watch that Henry doesn’t crowd the smaller one out. My wife and I are retired and the grandsons have the farm now, so please keep us posted! We relive our younger days twice a week through your blog!

  • Susan Hinson

    That was the best thing, when he started nursing!!

  • debbie edwards

    You guys should give it an “H” name, because Henry and Hope both have one, lol. Maybe Hank or Harvey…….

  • Kim Burke

    I’d say that they are now a new family unit. Henry & the new calf rub all over each other & won’t take long to smell like each other 🙏

  • David E Pool

    You can rub Henry down really well with a towel and then rub that towel all over the new calf if Hope doesn’t want to let it nurse. We have also used hairspray to hide the scent of the new calf.

    • Debi Hediger

      David E Pool I agree, rub all over Henry with a towel then use it on the new calf. It helps, for sure. We’ve even taken the towel and put it near the food source so the mother gets a whiff of the new baby off and on.

    • Becky Watt

      We have used a tiny bit of kerosene to hide the smell for heifers will not let the calf nurse , if the do it on the second one , they get sold immediately .

  • Momma B's Crochet Kitchen

    He needs her smell. As he drinks he will start to smell like her baby.

  • Gary Page

    I foresee some cheesemaking before long….Living Traditions Organic Cheddar!!

  • OR Scrub

    wow! his face almost looks like a deer! he’s sooooo cute! 🥰. wish i lived closer, i’d buy some of that milk from you!! does my heart wonders to see Hope “adopt” him!! ❤️

  • Joanne Burns

    Preoccupation with the new baby cow (and how he fits into the “family” with Hope and Henry) will nicely free my mind of national events. Such a blessing and such joy! Great decision for all of us, Sarah and Kevin!! J

  • Lisa Osborne

    You guys have to know that this was the cutest video ever to wake up to!! I said OH HOW CUTE outloud when you showed the calf in the trailer. I live alone, so I guess I was hoping you would hear it through the television. LOL I live in Illinois and I absolutely love cows. You must show us more, they are adorable playing together. Also, Henry looks so healthy!! This new calf definitely needs some fattening up. Take care and have a blessed day.

    • Mack Kindera

      How are you doing Today Lisa hope your had a wonderful and blessed weekend, take good care of your self and stay safe okay🥰

  • Sandra Leishman

    Fingers crossed that Hope does adopt him. I like how he’s rubbing himself up against Henry. Trying to smell like him.

  • maureen bullock

    Henry and Thomas… for the friendship between Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. 😊

  • Lucinda Pick

    New calf name recommendation: Huck!

  • Wasteland Acres

    Once his poop starts to smell like her, then she’ll more than likely accept him fully. I’m so happy you rescued that calf. It looks so underweight!

  • Audrey Tavares

    It’s like Hope is saying,”hey kid, I am not your mama.” He has decided she IS his mama and is wearing her down!😂

  • Living Traditions Homestead

    My NEW T-shirt!! Hi, everyone! I’m wearing a new “Thankful” shirt today. I love it so much. Recently, I discovered a small business in Missouri that makes wonderful faith-based t-shirts for women. I want to help promote them. If you like my shirt, go check them out. Get 10% off your order with code LTH10.

    • Becky Taul

      Living Traditions Homestead I loved it but like the green one with I love bacon.

    • S. Woods

      As soon as he smells like her from drinking her milk & pooping it out she will take to him easier also if you take a towel and catch some of Henry’s pee & rub it on the new calf it will help fool her into thinking he is Henry nursing

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