Olight Rechargeable EDC Lights

Sensible Prepper Presents: Olight S10R, S15R and S20R Baton Series Rechargeable Flashlight Review. A perfect EDC option that is ready when you are and save money too.

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Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • Steven Bush

    Getting invalid coupon code no matter how I put in “Sootch00”

  • Mrgunsngear Channel

    That S10R looks AWESOME….

    • Emmanuel Mata

      I have the original s10 with 350 lumens, I love it, it’s my edc, it would be awesome if they made a tactical version of it

  • Matthew Leclair

    Hey just wondering what the two o-rings are used for aswell as the little medal ring. I also received a little rectangle microchip type thing that says RoHS on it. Just wondering what that’s for aswell. Can’t seem to see anyone else having it in their review video. Thanks!

    • Mason DeVoe

      It’s a little usb powered LED light that you turn on in the back with your thumb, and to adjust the brightness depends on how long you hold it there. It’s a cool little thing to have . If it’s what your talking about

  • Davey Jones

    lol those were headlights weren’t they?

  • GunsNHarleys

    Have the S20R, it has been great. Purchased two S10R’s for Christmas, began using one about a month ago. After a month of very light use, the switch went bad in it. I hope that doesn’t prove to be the norm with this light, sending it back for repair.

  • Andrew Marovich

    Fantastic review. Lots of great info. Cred for the multi video work! Well done video.

  • MuzzleBlast

    just got this light I’ve bought over 20 past couple of years in the search for the best edc light and I’m sold on this s10r baton 2. it’s excellent

  • malcolm cloutier

    out of the s10 and s20 witch one will last longer on high beam. I’m an exterminator so I’m always crawling under porches basements ect and need something that will go all day and really light up a room.

  • Enzorox

    Lmfao at 14:25. Why not use your Olight and shine at it?!

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