New Creation Civilization – God’s Eternal Plan

The world was created by God with purpose. It’s important to note that before creation there was only God. That means whatever He made could only be based upon who He was, as there was nothing but Him.

It’s hard to fathom that before creation only God existed. Everything that was, was God. The very fact of creation meant something else besides the eternal God, who had no beginning and will have no end, now exists outside of Him. It’s based upon who He is, but it’s separate from Him.

That’s important to understand because even after creation, it was meant to be a harmonious whole with God, although totally separate from Him in His person. He is the creator, and stands above and separate from all that was created; yet He identifies with it as that which came from who He was and became visible.

Man was the pinnacle of creation, being made in the very image of God; not His divinity, but His characteristics.

Why I’m so confident in asserting the creation was a direct reflection of Him is because there was nothing but God before creation. God didn’t have some other thought or idea in His mind about something He wanted to see, and then created it without Himself in mind. What He did, because He knew Himself, was to base the creation on who He was, in all His uniqueness. Since there was nothing but God, creation was based upon His very essence. It could be based upon nothing else, since nothing else existed. There was only God before He spoke and fashioned the world and universe into existence.

All of this is vital to know because God had a purpose in creation, and that primary purpose was that the human race was to take dominion over the work of His hands. It was to do that by being conformed to His image, which in part included being a royal priesthood or a kingdom of priests.

What was meant to happen was Adam and Eve were to eat of the tree of life, and then when they started being fruitful and multiplying to spread across the earth bearing the image of God throughout. Nothing has changed from that purpose, and it’s still what a new creation civilization is meant to look like, and will increasingly look like, in the years ahead.

The point of the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ wasn’t an end in itself, as far as only entering into a personal door of salvation and staying there for the rest of our lives. It was to bring us back once again to what the scriptures identify as the eternal purpose of God, which was that man was to be conformed to the very image of God. That isn’t a reference to divinity, but to taking on the invisible characteristics of God, while visibly taking dominion over the earth.

I keep repeating the dominion part of bearing the image of God because most of us understand the fruits of the Spirit, love, and the required obedience to God’s commands. We must embrace all of these attributes of God, not neglecting taking dominion. As a matter of fact, taking or having dominion is a major part of God’s expectations and requirement for His people.

Glory of God filling the earth

A number of times the Bible talks about the glory of God filling the earth. What needs to be understood about that is this isn’t a reference to God in and of Himself, because His glory has always been inherent in Him. Since God is everywhere, His glory already is spread across the earth.

What this means is God wants to conform His people to His image everywhere in the earth. The glory of God filling the earth is a reference to God being visibly expressed in a people so all creation can observe, visibly, who He is. This is what the angels have eagerly been interested in looking into.

A major part of God’s purpose is to outwardly reveal in His people who and what He is internally. Again, this isn’t a reference to His divinity, but to who He is as far as His character goes. What was invisible will become visible. This is the glory of God filling the earth. This is God defending His glory, as He said He would (Ezekiel 36:16-38).

When the Bible talks about putting a new heart of flesh in us, being born from above, or writing His laws in our hearts, it’s different ways of describing the same thing. It’s a reference to a new civilization that is coming down out of heaven, and represented by and culminating in what is called New Jerusalem in the book of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

All of these things will happen gradually, over time. We’ll see what the Holy scriptures describe in a number of places (including Is. 65:17-25), how the lives of people will improve and the earth incrementally have the curse that was put on it by God in response to sin, removed.

It doesn’t happen all at once. Scarcity will consistently be replaced by abundance. It’s obvious the process has already begun, and as God’s people respond in obedience to Him, and the nations of the earth respond to the demand they obey all that Jesus commanded them, this will have an even more dramatic effect on the earth and those nations that walk in obedience to the commands and laws of God.

The new creation civilization is one that works its way from heaven to within, and then from within to without. God never intended for there to be this internal working without it being expressed for all to see. You can’t see an invisible city on a hill. People can’t see the light if it’s covered under a lampshade.

We must learn that the very reason for creation was for God to be seen and revealed in a people, and by extension, the remainder of creation being managed under the watchful and skillful hand of His image bearers. This requires developing our expertise and learning as much as we can about what we give ourselves to.

Satan of course lives to thwart the purpose of God, as he attempts to make the world into his own image. That means over time, as the Bible teaches us about the wheat and tares growing together, two civilizations with opposite worldviews, purposes and goals will emerge. This doesn’t mean 50 percent will be Satan’s representatives and the other 50 percent God’s representatives. It simply means in terms of the worldviews of the two types of civilizations, they will gradually grow in conjunction with their presuppositions or beliefs. They’ll grow in fulfillment of them – for good or evil.

I have no doubt the new creation civilization will ultimately dominate the earth, and the glory of God will be seen clearly and practically in His people, and the nations will align with that.

This does require prepping and survival skills, but skills that aren’t developed for the purpose of only surviving, but ultimately, for thriving and glorifying God with them.

Throughout the entirety of the Bible God reveals to us what His requirements are, and how we are to develop and handle a variety of circumstances across all areas of life. Our job is to search out the Holy Scriptures and look at ways to apply it in all the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in. Over time, this will gradually and consistently build the kingdom of God on earth, and by being faithful in training our children to do the same, will eventually outgrow – in quantity and quality – those committed to Satan’s kingdom and oppose God Almighty Himself.

Now is the time to improve our character and the skills we have in order to make a godly and Biblical impact on the world. It’s time to plant and water, with the confidence and faith in God that He will, in due time, give the increase.

We may not sit in the shade of the trees we plant, but future generations, even if they don’t know who we are, will benefit from the fruits of it. At the end of time when we stand before the judgement seat of Christ to receive our rewards, then we’ll be compensated and publicly acknowledged for our faithful work, when Jesus declares to us, “well done good and faithful servant.”

I live for the emergence of and visible expression of the kingdom of God on earth. Let all our prayers include that which the Lord taught us to pray, which include the words, “thy “kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” That’s a call for the new creation civilization to be built on earth.

It will consistently grow and enlarge until it fills the whole earth, ultimately finding its perfect and complete fulfillment after the resurrection. With the help of the Holy Spirit, it will be accomplished.

New Jerusalem now

For those that may think New Jerusalem is a reference to some time after the resurrection of God’s people, that’s not the case, according to the Bible.

It reveals this in Heb. 12:22-23: “You have come to Mount Zion and to the City of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to myriads of angels, to the general assembly and Church of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven …”. It can’t get any clearer than that.

New Jerusalem had already come down out of heaven with the birth of the church after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It of course will grow until maturity in this age, and to its final fulfillment after our resurrection. But the fact remains, a new creation civilization was present in its germination form 2,000 years ago, and will continue to grow until the end of this age. We should live out our lives based upon that reality, expecting the kingdom of God to gradually impact and fill the entire earth.

It should start with us individually, expand to our families, and from there the surrounding community. This is to be repeated across the world as believers everywhere have an impact on the locality they live in. That is the glory of God filling the earth.

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