Mylar Thermal Blankets: Could Mean Life or Death in Cold, Damp Weather Conditions

mylar thermal blankets could save your life

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Emergency mylar thermal blankets could be the difference between life and death in cold, damp emergency situations.

With winter rapidly approaching, we all need to take into consideration the accompanying harsh weather conditions we could face if something unexpected happens that results in us being stranded or stuck in the outdoors.

Products like the mylar thermal blankets talked about in this article, are a lightweight option that works very well to keep the body warm in cold and harsh weather conditions.

Whether traveling in winter months, or when the we


ather turns cold at night in the spring or fall, having mylar thermal blankets in the car or in something used to store things when camping, hiking, hunting, or participating in any outdoor activity, is basic and essential if the unexpected happens and you’re exposed to cold and/or wet conditions.

Not only do these blankets retain as much as 90 percent of your body heat, but they also totally block rain, snow, or moisture of any kind. This is vital because of the potential to hit with hypothermia if you get wet in cold weather conditions. I’ve lost a colleague many years ago who died under those circumstances.

In this article I’ve included the red thermal blanket because it is also a good way to be spotted if people are looking for you, or if you want to be spotted by someone in the area.

source: Amazon

Another desirable color is silver, which is used to reuse body heat, while the gold side deflects heat. If you’ve ever seen marathon runners cloaked in these types of blankets, that’s a major reason behind the practice.

For that reason, under different weather conditions, it would be wise to have a couple of red and silver blankets to cover most types of weather you may face. In other words, you may be in a place where the days are hot but the nights very cold.

source: Amazon

For most people they would primarily need something like the red color shown here, but in some geographic areas having red and silver would be optimal and cover almost every conceivable threat to your person that could come if you are forced to be out in the weather for any significant amount of time.

Last, the dimensions of the mylar thermal blankets are 52″x82″, and they only weigh two ounces each.

They are definitely something everyone should have with them when traveling or in the outdoors.


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