My Top 3 Survival Items

Sensible Prepper Presents: "My Top 3 Survival Items". If you only had 3 things at your disposal for survival, what would they be. This is meant to get you to think about :"What do you consider to be the Top 3 Survival Items." Please leave a comment below listing your top 3 Survival Items.

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  • C-Klass

    1) Father 2) Son 3) Holy Spirit. Then what you said 😉

    • Jables

      +cdklassen2 I get you’re happy about your views, want to defend them, and feel the need to share it with others, but there’s really no point in spending the amount of time you did in arguing with that guy. You both feel as if you know what’s what, yet have opposite opinions, resulting in a stalemate and waste of time.

      The best thing to do is leave it at, “I believe god is real, and you don’t. To each their own.”

    • C-Klass

      +Jordan Boyer I would totally agree, Jordan, except my first intention was not to argue, but rather preach the Gospel – to declare the righteousness and saving power of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  “Happy about my views”?  No.  I’m happy about my Lord.  He is so patient with me.  I want others to know Him because He is so merciful.  But mark my words, His judgment on the world is coming very soon.  And it will be a terrible time that many people won’t be prepared for, or able to comprehend.

      But for now, I declare the good news – that there’s a way to find immunity from the judgment of God.

    • C-Klass

      +J Paul Marat No doubt that will happen, Jesus tells us we will be hated for His name’s sake… and that we will lose our heads (literally) in the last days.  May I ask where you heard that?  Was it a legitimate news report?

    • Midi Storm

      amen bro

      dude…just saying…stay in there…dont listen to these guys…you gave them a chance…if they wont believe then just let them be…haters gonna hate

      what u said is inspirational to hold strong to our beliefs

      dont worry…someone is still listening to what you say and i bet they are smiling knowing that your faith is strong

    • C-Klass

      +Samuel Storm Thanks Samuel.  Your words are encouraging.  Not that I was discouraged, for I know how the story ends (Jesus wins)… but nevertheless, I appreciate the reminder that “haters gonna hate” because it reminds me that many people have hated Jesus with absolutely no cause other than He makes them look at their own sin and see it for what it is.  And a servant is not greater than his master, so I expect to be hated.  But that won’t ever stop me from declaring the Good News, that Jesus saves sinners.  God bless.

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