My OFF GRID ROOT CELLAR Sucks! Here is why!!

We dug in a ROOT CELLAR at our OFF GRID LOG CABIN. This video explains what is wrong with it. Hope this helps you if you build a root cellar
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About OFF GRID with DOUG and Stacy
In 2010 we decided to sell everything and build a log cabin on 11 acres. We have lived in the log cabin for a decade now with no solar power or wind power plus zero public utilities. We live like the pioneers except in the 21st century. We post videos on social media to encourage people to return to the land and make a living with your family. We teach folks:
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    • Kara B.

      Funny I am that person that sleeps to some videos. I watch during the day and sleep to them at night. So I will be sure to turn on your channel and watch from there. Love all the information you both give.

    • jamie cumbridge

      OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY my son has been planning to do this since my husband passed. I told him I am too young, he said tough—- lol. He then said he needed a baby sitter since his girlfriend soon wife is going to be a doctor and he is hoping to heal enough to do electrical and hvac.

    • Linda Phelps

      Wow! Great video about your root cellar build. Learning something new everyday. Binge watching your videos as my family and I think it’s awesome. I grew up going to live with my aunt out in the great beyond every summer. A place that locals call the sticks. Keep doing what you do and many thanks.

    • Sheryl Gould

      I think this is fantastic sad that I’m in Nova Scotia Canada tho

    • Ryan Jessop

      Hey Doug love the videos love what you’re promoting as far as The Root Cellar goes maybe just leave a 2 foot square that you do not pour concrete in on the floor where you can put a piece of 2″ pink foam in it and take it out if it is getting too dry in the room

  • Darren Potter

    Doug, thanks for sharing REAL Homesteading life with us. Persistence is key!! “If at first you don’t succeed…” Blessings brother!!

    • Lorelei Norris

      Hello. Was enjoying listening 2 u 2day, as I cleaned up my fish pond. Prepper here, been living off land as much as possible 4 the knowledge I’ve had, & now learning more. I found it kind of ironic, u talked today of root cellars, I’ve been wanting one for years, over 20 year spand, & living in 3 different homes & states during that 20 yrs. Thanks 4 the fun interests & share today. Beautiful weather in sc, with watching u. Beautiful home & accomplishments in short 10 yrs, is amazing 2 me. You 2 dont mess around. Get er done. That u do. Lol

  • Hollyhock

    I have wanted a root cellar for years and have watched your progress. We have a large Amish community near us. I think I will look into them building one for me since they probably all have one and know our area. Thank you for always showing the good, bad and ugly of homesteading.

  • Ken Dude

    Million by the end of the year. 🐴

  • Janell Joy

    We don’t have root cellars in Louisiana, in fact we have to bury folks above the ground down in the southernmost part of the state or they’ll just pop up out of the ground. I sure would like to win that log cabin, I’m doing all I can!

  • Malarie Luckadue

    Just leaving a comment,doing my part

  • Bernie Caplinger

    I am so glad you guys continue to talk about the problems you experience as well as the successes. It really helps. My family appreciates your family. <3

  • Jim Thompson

    Hey guys. We met you at Lehman’s in Kidron about two years ago. We had our grandson with us and he still talks about you and that Elderberry man. When we got home we propagated the elderberry twigs and they are still growing. Thanks

    • OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY


    • Patty Meade-Austin

      Hi! Did you plant propagations in the spring or fall? I bought an Elderberry that I would love to take cuttings from. I know Doug and Stacy have a few videos on Elderberry, I’ve watched them all. I just cannot remember when to propagate. Thank you in advance for your input.

    • Cynthia Wheeler

      Patty Meade-Austin ask google the best time to propagate elderberry twigs.

  • jam jam's

    I would never cut ice out of the pond, it would be easier to get 20, 5 gallon buckets and fill them up and let them freeze then you have giant ice cubes

    • jam jam's

      @Patricia Mampel Doug was wanting to build an ice house and cut ice out of his pond to use in the ice house and i said it would be easier just to freeze buckets of water. instead of climbing out on a pond and sawing ice

    • Patricia Mampel

      @Elizabeth Holden guess y’all misunderstood me somehow. I am in high desert off grid & there is no ice from a frozen pond. I was hoping somebody been here like this & done that I could learn survive. So very cold here all night &morning. Anyway God bless you all I think you wanted to help. Appreciate that.

    • Patricia Mampel

      I must be 8stupi9d

    • Patricia Mampel

      I must be stupid cause don’t understand what y’all talking about. Sorry. Who was about blocks of ice?

    • jam jam's

      @Patricia Mampel maybe you need to look up what an old ice house is, they used blocks of ice to cool things and store meat through out the summer back when they didn’t have electric, Doug was wanting to build one since he lives without electric, but he was planning on cutting blocks of ice out of his pond

  • impatience1

    Simple Living Alaska had a nightmare with water leakage in their root cellar.

  • K Flan

    I think the ability to adapt is critical to homesteading. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of the root cellar.

  • Teresa Minnick

    No root cellars in Florida. I remember when I grew up in New York State the root callers. Always interesting information making me “homesteading smart” even if I never get to use it all!

  • kate Draus

    I remember my GMa’s basement had a natural floor… I was too young to contemplate any issues they may have had. They were several zones North of you.

  • Pamela Webb

    For those of us that will be doing our homesteads in the future, we appreciate your bloopers and blunders. You are an educator and I appreciate it. God Bless you and Stacy. And yes, you both do an excellent job at teaching and explaining things. I feel it’s clear and don’t really have a need for questions. Thorough and clear, for sure. I remember the cellar flooding and then again.

  • Marvin Parnell

    I’ve always found the Amish to be an incredible source of information especially when it comes to food preserves. They know a ton of amazing little tricks! Great video. Thanks.

  • LLjean 2857

    Check out the root cellar Shawn James made on his homestead in the Canadian wilderness. Absolutely gorgeous and all from timbers cut from his trees! Check it out! God Bless!

    • Leslie Jacobs

      LLjean 2857 what is the name of his site?

    • Betty Guisandes

      @Leslie Jacobs this is the channell: My Self Reliance

    • LLjean 2857

      Leslie Jacobs….He has 2 sites, one is Shawn James and the other is My Self Reliance. I don’t remember which site it was on! I watch both of them, but I think it was on the second one. Very amazing! I think he has a Mix made up of all his videos of the build! Enjoy and God Bless!

    • Leslie Jacobs

      LLjean 2857 ..I just looked up .Shawn James..and came upon a great acoustical guitarist..that does a great cover of “There ain’t no Sunshine when she’s gone”..haha thanks..I will keep looking though.

    • LLjean 2857

      @Leslie Jacobs I also got a guitarist, but if you type “Shawn James building a root cellar” you get his “My Self Reliance” videos and then scroll through to find the root cellar videos! Don’t know why his Shawn James channel doesn’t come up! Good luck and God Bless!

  • Renee Brown

    I love my heirloom seeds and cloning my trees and buahes. I’m trying to teach myself to graft my own trees so i can change or expand some species of treason

  • Lorne Harrison

    This is part of why I love “Off grid with Doug and Stacy!” Sh..tuff happens and you don’t hide it!! You’ll get the root cellar sorted out to suit your area; such a fine line between enough humidity and wet! We used to have an insulated room in the basement, with a small vent to outside, for storing produce and canning. And, I remember my grandparents having the earth covered root cellars… It does require work and some risk to get it right.

    I wish I lived in the U.S. so I had chance to win that log cabin! I’ll do my best to spread the word; I want to see somebody win it!

    Thanks for all of the inspirational “nugget” filled videos. I look forward to many more.

    All the best from a mobile home park in Surrey B.C. Canada!!

  • WV Prepared Mind

    I’m so Blessed To have found your channel about One year ago. Will be closing on the off grid property in a few weeks. I have planned for a root cellar. Do u still need the sump pump now that you have fixed your moisture problem? Still watching old videos. Started way before the give away. Much WV Love and Many Prayers! 💙💛🙏

  • Russell Figley

    There is an old root cellar next to our property, I am considering purchasing that sliver of land to gain access to it. It is made of stone, much like a lot of old structures in the area. There is a door frame, but no door. One problem is that it is quite close to the road (gravel) and easily seen. People frequently stop and ask us what it is, my wife tells them it is a bomb shelter, lol.

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