Mind-blowing YouTube Money Secrets That Could Change Your Life

Building a powerful, successful YouTube Channel

If you already have a YouTube channel, or are considering starting one, I want to point you to several articles I’ve written over the last several years, pointing out many of the secrets of highly successful YouTube content creators, that have generated millions of views and revenue in the six and seven figures.

What’s compelling about the various YouTube channels and personalities I’ve selected to write about, is that a lot of money can be generated with a lot of subscribers, and in some cases, a very modest amount of subscribers.

The key is to research and deeply know the niche and the audience that you serve. Once you gain a following, that can be leveraged into millions of dollars by creating and/or offering products and services related to their interests.

Many people can make a lot of money through ads themselves, but you leave a lot of money on the table if you don’t offer a variety of products and servics at different price points.

How this is done is by first, gaining the trust of your subscribers, and from there providing revenue streams outside the YouTube platform. You still you YouTube as a connecting point, but you can also use other social networking platforms to not only offer your YouTube subscribers other venues to communicate in, but also to attract new followers that don’t use YouTube a lot.

Also, because a person never knows what YouTube will ultimately do with your YouTube channel in the age of cancelling people for unforeseen reasons, it’s wise to provide alternative platforms or websites that your followers know about and can find you at.

My purpose isn’t to do a deep dive in this article, but to point you to a few articles I’ve written that go deeper into a variety of different niches that generate a lot of revenue for the YouTube content creators.

Here are the four YouTube articles that provide a lot of insights into creating or improving a YouTube channel that generates a significant amount of revenue.

Myths and Lies About How to Make Money on YouTube (and Secrets on How to Really Do It!)

3 Powerful YouTube Channels Generating 6- and 7-Figure Revenue

How to Generate Millions of Views in the ‘Sounds of Nature’ YouTube Niche

Great YouTube Niche: Mind and Brain Healing Videos


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