Making Cordage from Plastic Bottles Hack for Survival

Sensible Prepper Presents: Plastic bottles into cordage & tie-downs. Easy to make jig for cutting the plastic and producing lenghts of plastic rope. Another installment in taking everyday items and using them for multiple uses.

Von Malegowski’s Video

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

Music is from Jingle Punks Royalty Free Music through the Fullscreen Network. Used with permission.



  • Derpy McDerpinstein

    5:05 are we not going to talk about the seductive green demon girl on the shelf thing in the background? No? Ok.

    • Dave Smith

      +SensiblePrepper Man, if only you were into anime I would have found one more tactical weeb like me.

      Generally “alternative use” videos made by people are pretty useless since the use is rarely very efficient or realistic. However, this is an excellent video. I remember something similar but with trash bags, but this is far more durable looking.

    • Catlin Young

      Don’t forget the Captain America shield just above the demon girl!

    • Luke Morter


    • Roo

      they are patches like for a coat or something.

    • Dahlia Deleon

      I was looking at that when ever I was thinking watching it

  • Phil Herb

    This plastic isn’t only strong.. it’s also of good courage xD Get it?

  • spyderxtra777

    Hmmm I might have to stop shooting all of my plastic bottles 🤔

  • partypoison485

    This device is way over complicated, its almost funny.. what ever happened to the kiss method.

    • Daniel Peer

      +Jany Declercq If I understand you right, which is not easy considering how you worded that, you’re saying someone should somehow attach the bottle cap to a drill bit, screw the cap back on the bottle, and then use the drill to turn the bottle and force it along the razor. Aside from figuring out how to securely attach the cap to some kind of bit, the problem is the strength of the bottle – it wouldn’t hold up to the strain.

    • Erg Budster

      Complicated? To you this is complicated? This nothing. SP is a very clever guy.

    • partypoison485

      +Erg Budster Mate, i said it was over complicated.. I didn’t say it was too complicated.
      and yes.. SP is a really clever plagiariser.

    • OohzyJohnDow

      I dont understand why people are attacking the commenter? He is not swearing, he is not shouting, he is not calling anyone any names.. All he did was share his opinion. You will always have some brown noses just blindly defending people as they seem to have been born with some sort of disposition for it. But even the facking owner of the video comes on here all insecure and with childish remarks like “lets see your video idea” as if that then correct this incredibly overcomplicated device. People can have critisism you know! 😉

      Hey guys! You want to make 1 item in a survival situation? All you need is big washers, small washers, 2 machine bolts, 2 nuts, a bigger drill, a smaller drill, a drilling machine, a stanley knife, scissors, a block of wood for under the other block of wood, a pencil… LOOOOLLL.. yes people.. and then ATTACK a commenter that is simply correct in calling out the rediculous complication of this device 😉

      Now, if the maker of this video would come up with a concept that JUST requires a knife.. then yes, it would be worth over a 130.000 views. In this state, I have no idea why it is so popular as in a survival situation very little people will have all these items to cut a facking bottle into cordage.

  • Nat

    Could you do a video on how to pick a good bug out location because I have one but I don’t know if its all that great.

  • Wayne Earls

    If it takes a Nut, it’s called a Bolt. A screw has coarse threads and does not receive a nut.

  • Thomas Tommy

    You must be one bored man. That’s all I know to say. The plastic is not strong enough to tie something down. Sorry. 😇

    • Jacob Berman

      not strong enough? it’s strong enough to hold all the pressure from soda..

    • OKBushcraft

      Ive made cordage from lots of natural resources. A fair amount is not strong and none is this easy to make. One doesn’t need strong cordage in all circumstances.
      Sootch’s whole premise is “survival cordage” In an environment where buying supplies is difficult at best, things needing to be joined together will most likely be bound and not fastened with screws or nails.
      Is this ideal? No, but it will definitely work and probably is stronger than 2 ply reverse twist grass leaf cord.

    • AWitty PIlot

      It’s strong enough to work very well if you braid it like all other rope. Almost not cordage is strong until it’s braided

  • Richard Z

    SUPER !!!
    thank you !!!

  • MilesDei

    Ya know this is a great idea, you have a new sub!

  • Jeremy Hicks

    how strong of line would that make

  • desmond moras

    turning bottles into wire thumbs up for me

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