Looking for Christian Video Content Creators for Subscription Service

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Looking for Christian Video Content Creators

We’re going to launch a streaming video service in the near future. We’re in the middle of vetting potential video content creators at this time. If you’re one, or you know of video content you would like to be included in the service, let me know by contacting us using contact form.

This can include short-form video, film, documentaries, animation, or people providing their thoughts and commentary on various, relevant issues. Also of interest would be anyone that has a video curriculum made for homeschoolers.

Besides the focus of the video content, the other major reason behind the service is to offer Christian video content producers an alternative to platforms that have, or will eventually, deplatform our work.

To be clear, this is for video creators on the Christian right.

Major parameters of type of content we’re looking for:

Exposing and battling evil (globalism, elites, deviants, totalitarians, etc.)
Identifies and Solves specific problems (application of Scriptures to all of life)
Vision of advancement of kingdom of God on earth
Supports and points to Christian warfare and victory
Wholesome, pure, inspirational, and/or edgy

Including but not limited to these niche ideas:

* Entertainment, film, TV, documentaries, new shows,
* Guns
* 2nd amendment
* Survival and prepping
* Central banking
* Sexual deviancy
* Egalitarianism (opposition to)
* Feminism (opposition to)
* Abortion
* Euthanasia
* Apologetics
* Testimonies and stories of changed lives
* Technology
* Traditional family
* Resistance
* Politics
* Nationalism
* Immigration (opposition to in most cases)
* Crime
* Law
* Business
* Male interests and leadership, masculinity
* Western civilization
* Christian victory
* Global warming hoax
* Islam
* Church as civilization expressed locally
* War
* Localism
* Christians in sports
* News commentary
* Globalism
* Health and medicine
* Kingdom of God
* Gardening and homesteading
* Gold and silver
* Money or currency
* Russia
* China
* Traditional living
* Charities and giving
* Economics
* Home schooling
* Education
* Charter schools
* Private christian schools
* Christian civilization
* Building the kingdom of God

Concerning video, all content creators approved of will receive the majority of the subscription income generated from subscribers.

SJWs, feminists, egalitarians and liberals need not apply.

P.S. All of this related to video is going to be separate from New Creation Civilization. That said, I am looking for writers also, who align with the world view associated with the parameters of the video above, and the listed niche topics. These writers will be included only here on the New Creation Civilization website.

Let us know if you’re interested: Contact form


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