Live with Alex Bosco of SB Tactical: Are Braces illegal now?

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The BATF has once again decided to cause problems by telling Q, the manufacturer of the famous Honey Badger 300 BLK pistols and rifles, to stop selling the pistol versions with braces. Only Q has recieved a cease and desist from the BATF at this point, so what does it all mean?

We will discuss the ongoing issue of braces, their legality and what it all means with the designer of the original brace, Alex Bosco of SB Tactical.

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  • Thomas Herrera

    The NFA is unconstitutional. Keep and bear ARMS my friends. Now is the time to deny government over our constitutional right

  • Azaziz Donasdogamatastos

    That’s it I’ve had enough of this garbage, we need to make a petition to ban the NFA, and never stop pushing for it!

    • Jay East

      @WC_2 Electric_Boogaloo SMH, people like you will never understand the truth, think about it, why do YOU PEOPLE need weapons of any kind, you don’t, because you are gentiles and you need no weapons of ant kind period, only God’s chosen people need weapons.

    • WC_2 Electric_Boogaloo

      @Jay East okay buddy, well in america “gods chosen people” (the irony of that statement) dont get special privilages. I dont know what youre on about, you sound like a religious nut, and there seems to be no reasoning with you.

    • Jay East

      @WC_2 Electric_Boogaloo Your the one who’s unreasonable.

    • JSN

      It’s an anti-law; it only has power if you play along with the narrative that it’s actually a law.

    • Azaziz Donasdogamatastos

      @Jay East What the hell are you talking about?

  • Seahour

    12:50 Right There. That is tyranny. The government does not grant rights, its entire existence is to protect them. But right there they can legally take away your right to self defense away, and they don’t need a reason. If they feel like a 90 degree hunk of plastic makes you a felon, then they take away your rights, if they feel like 91 degrees isn’t, they still might do it anyway. That is EVIL. The founders would be done with their fight for liberty already.

  • Mark Apollo Santamaria

    HEY ATF ! You guys went to college right? Do you understand “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED “

    • Mark Apollo Santamaria

      @Steve Lyons hey so WTF! You threading on me for! Turn in your guns to your Leader Biden and Harris then!

  • Non Compliant

    Well the ATF did classify an AR15 as a machine gun if is assembled with a certain plastic stock, so what makes anyone think they cannot classify an AR15 pistol as an SBR if it is assembled with a brace?

  • JLK

    Good lawd, look at all the yellow dots where ads would be. Apparently YouTube would love to put 30 ads here. There are ads. Hmmmm

    • Military Arms Channel

      Right now they haven’t demonetized it, likely because we cant’ show guns. Give it a while, many times they lave monetization on until a bot flags it then it goes bye-bye.

  • Brass Catcher

    Wow I heard thirty seconds of content and ten minutes of ads during my shower…

  • WC_2 Electric_Boogaloo

    Some handguns have textured surfaces to aid in the support hand grip, meaning those pistols are designed to be fired with 2 hands.

    God forbid the ATF finds out that people use support hand thumb rests on ‘race guns’

  • Marty Mcfly

    ATF isn’t the only agency that doesn’t have it together.

  • Andrew Kramer

    ATF is staunchly anti gun and needs to be gutted. Just makes me sick.

    • KrunKmaster E

      @Sky King 200 something years, at least for the country I see as the greatest. Most countries dont have 1/4 the gun rights we do so try to put things into perspective. Since 94 political gains and innovation have given 2A people more choices than ever. Bottom line things are not so bad have improved significantly in last 25ish years, thanks to democrazy

  • Honey Badger

    This guy deffinetly doesn’t want SBRs off the NFA.

  • Sam Kite

    NFA is ridiculous, to own a firearm atf or not you need the same requirements, only difference is a tax and having to wait months on end.

  • Walker Cobb

    20 ads in an hour long video. And I thought cable was bad.

    • Thystaff Thywill

      That’s one reason why I got rid of cable. Makes no sense to pay for something that also gets money from advertising.

  • beckerod777

    The ATF sounds like a rogue agency with broad powers that are wielded by whatever individual who happens to be running it using vague standards that can change daily and bypassing the normal process of creating laws. At the very least, it needs to be gutted and reorganized or eliminated all together.

  • Bill Butcher

    The ATF (and government in general) doesn’t care at all about what we think.
    It’s time that the gun and ammo industry as a whole cut off all contracts and supply to any and all government entities, selling only to private citizens.

    • Parsecboy

      A nice thought, but that ain’t gonna happen – military and police contracts are where a lot of these companies make their money – why do you think Glock pursued law enforcement so aggressively in the 90s?

  • Kenneth Curtis

    How is this a move to interfere with the election? Congressman Gaetz and several others sent a signed letter last June to AG Barr outlining the ATF’s secret intent of what is happening today. The president’s AG, Barr, has sat on this informationn for four months and did absoluly nothing.

    Now, it is someone’s fault? NOW, it is politically motivated? Wasn’t it politically FOUR MONTHS ago when Gaetz sounded the alarm?

    This is just another example of the rouge BATF being allowed to trample on the 2ndA.


  • Rich Muller

    The number of ads is out of control.

  • combatarmsmaniac

    America to batf: Stop enforcing unconstitutional laws!

  • Troy Clark

    Can we get a few more ads in here? I don’t think we are here for the discussion. More ads please

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