Lifestraw Emergency Water Filter

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Lifestraw Emergency Water Filtration.

Earth Easy $19.95:

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Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  • Noah O

    also sells them.

  • Fia Agekum

    Why does everybody think 3rd  world countries are so ugly they looks like America unless there was some war or disaster .

  • Jesusandbible

    “shelf life” can you clarify this? Does it mean it is date stamped? OR once you start ACTUALLY using it, it can go 3 years? Or can I keep it in its packet 10 years then one day start using it, and it will then last 3 years? Anyone know?

  • Mhc

    useless since i cant filter water for my food… any work-around?

  • unvmematt

    I demonstrated this to my friends when I was pretty drunk the other night by putting cat poop in a bowl of water and some cigarette butts, then taking a swig. It worked but needless to say I was a little ashamed of myself when I woke up.

  • Lindsey Allen

    One question I have (I just bought the Life Straw), is that the instructions say you need to prime the filter if it is dry (you haven’t used it yet during your hike, etc.) by submerging it in clean water for 20 seconds before using it in unclean water. Is this actually necessary? If so, I assume you would need to prime it at home in clean water following their suggestions, then keep the caps closed so it doesn’t dry, and then you can use it when you find water on your hike. But what if it dries out? Or what if you don’t have water you can stand it up in? It seems in your video that you were able to simply put it straight into the water and start drinking, and the unclean water would prime it. Could you explain more about that?

    • Timothy Lyons

      I had the same question. From the Lifestraw websote:”When you use your LifeStraw Steel for the first time, both stages of filtration are completely dry (after storing, for example), and it takes a little longer to prime the filter. We recommend that you hold the filter vertically in the water, with the water half way up the filter, for 30 seconds before using. This will help get the membranes moist and make it easier to pull water through.”

  • derpy ur mean

    vat19 made these things

  • Javier Martinez

    Www. Drink more kangen. Com

  • Willie Burnett

    This may be way off the subject but when you said, Life is Water, it’s true in a lot of ways, thirst, Noah Ark, baptism. When you said that all this hit me. I also have the straw. Thanks

  • Makenna I Love you. Jones

    I have to buy one.

  • Hollies Videos

    I need one
    But do I trust it ?

  • TraXXXtar

    you have to be sucking on that in that position for a few minutes? but i can drink my piss instantly

  • Adeline Krotum Ouedraogo

    un purificateur d’eau très utile partout ,puisqu’il n’est pas encombrant .placer dans un sac a main il est invisible .surtout,surtout,il élimine les microbes a près de 100 pour 100

  • Michael Haering

    Nice advertisement video for Life Straw. Did you check any of the statements about removing 99.9 % of bacteria or just take Life Straw’s word for it. Have read many many reviews on this product. Many are critical the straw. Your review has only praise. So there were no down sides to the product?

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