Life v choice | Anger, protests in Poland over court abortion ruling [DEBATE]

Poland's top court has banned almost all abortions, sparking nationwide protests and begging the age-old question: right to life or freedom of choice?

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  • Stephen Mcbride

    poland based!!! woo!!

  • cocoj126

    Pro-life instead of pro-death.

    • I'm Rich Fxck 12

      @Brian My point was it’s easy for him to say. He’s not toughing or talking to any girls to have kids😂😂Just some angry single right wing nut

    • Brian

      @I’m Rich Fxck 12 I’ll admit i’m sick of the right wing idiot nut head viking wannabes.

    • Drampa Dreg

      Another moron oversimplifies a serious issue.

    • Michael Apanian

      @I’m Rich Fxck 12 The title Life or Choice is a Misnomer; it’s a Choice for LIFE or DEATH
      Did anyone create their own self to call it MY LIFE?…Did anyone create their own Soul to call It MY SOUL? (Which s Invisible to the Physical Eye)
      If a Culprit kills a Pregnant Women at any stage of her Pregnancy Should the Culprit be charged of killing One or Two Lives?
      IS Not Abortion /Pregnancy Termination Murder?
      The Only thing that belongs to you is Free will Freedom to Choose Evil or Good, everyone knows the Science of Right or Wrong.

    • mother nature

      postpartum depression is deadly

  • Scot Fretwell

    What’s up with that hair color choice?

  • HappyZorro

    1 in 3? Genocide.

    • thequakesoldier

      “Safe, Legal, and Rare” was a lie, just like every other progressive policy. These people must be fought. NOW.

  • Eonian Sage

    I side with the baby.

  • tyronebiggums3

    Sure. Let women face God. Choose wisely. 🤣

  • Dr.Manhattan Pepe

    How is Lauren chen so damn fine & smart at the same time..blows my mind she’s not more popular.

  • ROB 112

    It’s really disgusting when you think about abortions being used as an excuse for bad life choices

    • ROB 112

      @Xyz is that why Planned Parenthood sends lobbyists to different States trying to get laws changed so 12 & 14 year olds don’t need to have an adult accompanying them or have to notify their parents

    • Xyz

      @ROB 112 I don’t know if you understood it correctly. I’m talking about situation in Poland. Polish government prohibited the abortion of deformed children that will die in terrible suffering, e.g. without having a part of brain. What is more, they are planning to prohibit it also when a woman is pregnant as a result of rape. That’s not normal. Those women and children will live in hell. They will not be loved. They will be hated

    • Xyz

      @ROB 112 and the situation in Poland is tragic as well. It is almost impossible to adopt a child because of the bureaucracy and sick regulations. Families with disabled children are left without help of government. Children don’t have access to doctors because of high bills that parents (often only mothers because fathers don’t want to be involved in this difficult situation so they run away) can’t afford because someone has to stay home all day to take care of them. Mothers are often hit and even raped by those kids because they are not aware of what’s happening. Just imagine what they feel. Both women and those children that are suffering. Those protests are not about abortion. It’s about letting women to decide whether they can afford to take care of those kids because in Poland people don’t have money since the government is fucked up.

    • RolIinStoner420

      since you are so obviously against abortion….how many unwanted handicapped children have you adopted?

    • ROB 112

      @RolIinStoner420 I believe women should have a choice. I’m against groups like Planned Parenthood who pop encourage abortions to profit from selling baby body parts & backing political campaigns like they did for Kamal “Heels Up” Harris for in return get laws changed in States to allow full term birthed abortions. Did you know Planned Parenthood was started & strategically-placed clinics in urban areas to target minorities to reduce the draw on social programs like welfare. I guess it’s just normal for the organization to back the Left as Democrats are inherently racist

  • Chirho Knight

    So many people have offended the little ones, it is better that they hang a millstone over their necks and cast themselves into the sea, or that they never where born, then to face judgment of a angry God.

  • joseph pelham

    I agree with the healthy normal looking girl .

  • robertoshea1

    My daughter was told to be downs syndrome. The DNA supposedly said so. She came out normal. Extremely smart. The med industry lies to get the baby to sell. Sell the cadavers. A sick world.

    • Titina de Cassovia

      My sister’s best friend was born in 1993 despite the prognosis, that her mother was expectingng a disabled boy. She is perfectly fine and expecting a baby herself, while her older sister unfortunately can’t conceive a baby despite medical help

    • The Bumble Bee

      That’s right they sell them !!!

    • theAgathe

      but you had a choice to decide weather you want the baby or not. It is simple like that. Here in Poland we have had limited access to abortion and now it will be even smaller. We are talking about goverment forcing women to deliver babies with lethal conditions such as hydrocephalus, cleft spine, lack of brain, lack of lungs, just to name a few. Such children will die after birth. You are forcing women to deliver such babies and watch them to die shortly after, if lucky.

  • Bubba Jones

    The pro abortion protests seem fake, as most of them are lesbians.

  • - spudman

    Is coloured hair a requirement for an activist

  • Graeme Kelly

    It’s ironic & absurd that many of those young protesters would not be alive to protest antiabortion legislation if their mother was pro abortion decades ago. Also if abortion was legalised without restrictions in one generation progressivism would be minority ideology.

    • RolIinStoner420

      dont know how you view others, but the majority of people wouldnt just go get an abortion just because theyre pregnant.
      the pro life lady was saying “put your unwanted child up for adoption” but then 1minute earlier they were saying 98% of abortions done in poland last year(2019) were done due to the fetus having birth defects…. who tf is adopting a child with no legs, extra appendages, ect?
      then the pro choice lady has a great counter point, these same politicians saying “all life is precious” then do a complete 180 when the fetus has been born by cutting social funding (orphanages require funding).

      just because you make something legal like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, doesnt mean that every citizen will partake in it, same can be said about abortion.

      and I will be the first to say this : I would rather have my baby fetus be aborted than bring a legless child to term just to dump it at an orphanage.

  • Thanos the Farmer

    Here’s another great way to prevent unwanted pregnancies: get vasectomies, because it doesn’t involve killing babies.

    • mr8ty8

      Or the pill or a condom.I don’t think the polish government banned those

    • Cutecumber ,

      What about when the parents want the kid but from the start of pregnancy it is kniwn that the child will die in a few hours? It puts a strain on physical health of the mother to see her child die after birth

    • mr8ty8

      @Cutecumber , in the section the reporter said if the baby has defects or the the woman got pregnant due to being raped those are exemptions from the law and abortion will be allowed in such cases.

    • Cutecumber ,

      @mr8ty8 that’s the thing. From now on when the baby has defects it’s not possible to abort.

  • Thanos the Farmer

    “Adoption is always an option.”
    This woman’s got bars.

  • John Romano

    Imagine how stupid people got to be to March bc the government is making killing your kid alittle harder

  • Z Blade

    Its not “life vs choice”
    Its “life vs death”
    These psychopaths are murderers

  • laughing lion

    This is what happens when you take away the fact that sex is to create children, and only focus on pleasure of having sex. Morality starts sliding down hill.

  • Alicja

    Poland didn’t protect families with disabilities children. Three years ago woman spend many days in our parlament sleeping on the floor to change this. Government did nothing to help them, but they closed toilets and put up banners to cover them. When you have disabled child usually your life in poland is terrible and it’s nothing special that you can’t live at the decent standard. We are talking about country where you can’t bay in pharmacy pill day after and doctor can not give you medicines or performe surgery because his conscience does not agree with something. If you don’t live in this country you don’t know what hell the government did on Thursday to women. Don’t judge when you are not have all informations.

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