Lesson in Excellence: Reaction and Analysis to ‘Unchained Melody’



A number of readers may not be familiar with what are called ‘reaction videos’. It simply means someone listens to specific video content – presumably for the first time – and shares what is felt or thought to what was just heard.

I wanted to share this specific reaction video with you because the person offering up the analyses provides a glimpse into excellence concerning the field he operates in.

If you want to listen to his commentary before I offer my insights into what makes him so good at what he does, than go ahead and do so. If not, skip the video and take a look after listening to my thoughts.

Before you do so, understand that this article isn’t first about reaction videos, but instead provides an example of someone that chose a field of interest and developed not only excellence from his own talent and skill, but also provides a framework for the content being offered. This can be done in many other areas of service that are offered to people successfully.

Obviously likes his subject matter

I’ve actually listened to Phil a number of times concerning various instrumental or singing performances, and he never fails to deliver. It’s obvious to me that he’s really into the subject matter, and it shows in his research and delivery.

The first thing I want to say here is his style appeals to those that want to take a deep diver into the entirety of a performance, and not just a general reaction to the videos. Each has its place, but Phil does his research and not only offers excellent commentary on instrumentals and vocals, but provides history and context to the music being played and/or song being sung.

As a matter of fact, some people with much less talent get more views than Phil because they appeal to a more general audience that just wants a look at the video and then a short-term response to it. Usually those reaction videos are under 10 minutes. Phil’s, on the other hand, are usually in the 15 to 19 minute range.

His passion for entertainment is visibly apparent, and even when he gets into some technical aspects of his analyses, it remains interesting; you are able to learn while enjoying his response.

First Step to reaction video success

The first step of success in reaction videos is in choosing the right performances and songs. In researching this topic, I’ve found a lot of those reacting to the videos, many times, doing the same videos as their peers.

A major reason they do that is because it works. In the case of Phil here, he does a similar thing at times, but he adds twists to his comments in a way that differentiates him from his competitors.

For example, in the song ‘Unchained Melody’ by Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers, he focuses on a number of factors in this video, including the extraordinary range he sings in. In another video of the same song and performance, he strips out the music and allows his viewers to hear Bobby’s voice on its own.

Anyone can do the same in the field they are interested in. The key is to become an expert at the foundational level, and from there expand out into the variety that the field offers.

This is a key way to think in terms of applying the teachings of the Bible into everyday life. We should work on getting a good understandings of the foundations of our faith, and then when various circumstances arise in our lives and callings, we can think in terms of how to apply the truth to those specific circumstances.

You do this skillfully and successfully be doing our due diligence with the Bible and the area of life we’re serving in.

Deep dive research

When you listen to the video above, one thing you’ll quickly see is Phil has done his homework in music, intruments and entertainment, and is able to apply that knowledge to the content he’s analyzing.

Even so, the content itself lends to his success in this particular case because it’s considered by many to be the greatest live singing performance in history.

The amazing performance lends itself well to Phil’s expertise in the genre, and together it provides a leverage to his insights that make you want to hear more that he has to say.

The point there is this can be applied to many areas of life as well. When looking for real estate as an investment, those that are very successful develop a list of requirements for each home, apartment complex, or other commercial property, that helps them find properties that give them the best opportunities at financial success. This removes the emotion and tendency to develop an emotional attachment to the property. The same applies to businesses as well.

The more research that is engaged in the better framework for a system can be developed that will increase the chances of success in any endeavor we apply ourselves to.


I would highly recommend listening to the entire video above. The key takeaway is it shows how an expert on a topic goes beyond most of his peers by leveraging his particular skillset in a way that few of his competitors are able to do.

Not only that, he also adds history and context associated with the content in order to create an holistic view of the performer, performance, and some of the events surrounding it.

This is important because it provides somewhat of a monopoly and moat that almost guarantees successfully longevity within the field he’s chosen to compete in. The same thing can be done in many other niches of life.

For Christians, as we continue to learn, obey and live out the Scriptures, there are an almost inexhaustible number of things we can do and offer that differentiates us from the world in all areas of life.

We simply have to ask God through Jesus Christ to give us the wisdom, understanding, and courage to take what we know and speak and apply it to the things we have found to put our hands to, including marriage, children, education, science, medicine, economics, business, poverty, politics, and any other segment of life we are called to.


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