Know Your Enemy: Death Squads Operating in the U.S.

Death Squad Assassinated Aaron “Jay” Danielson

One of the more memorable insights from Sun Tzu in “The Art of War” was that it was vital to know our enemy in order to obtain victory.

In the case of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, most fall far short of understanding the depth of their commitment to their perceived cause, along with their hatred of Western civilization.

While that has been obvious in how they have attacked people and destroyed property, they are engaging in even more brutality, as evidenced by the death squad sent to assassinate Aaron “Jay” Danielson, as will be proven by the photos included in this article.

Before getting into it, it should be noted that there is no need to fear, and it should further strengthen our resolve to stay strong in the midst of such evil enemies intent on destroying us, Christianity, and our way of life.

As this article notes: They are surveilling you. They will murder you. Arguing with them is insane.” I would add, attempting to reason with them is a waste of time; that is probably the main point I want to make in this article, that in knowing our enemies, we must realize they are true believers in their evil cause. They are committed to creating fear and chaos in order to bring the American people to their knees.

In other words, this is far more than so-called “peaceful” protests, and even destructive rioting. As shown below, it has moved on to highly trained death squads looking for those on the right to assassinate.

Unless something about Danielson has yet to be revealed, it appears his assassination by this death squad was one where he was chosen randomly. It’s in the randomness that the training and expertise of these people that made the hit on Danielson is revealed.

The story

To understand the implications of this story, readers need to know that Danielson and Pappas had left a bar and were walking on the street seen in the photos. That’s important to know because it means that someone in the bar had to have identified him as of the right, and communicated to the death squad that he was coming their way. He was easily identifiable because of the hat he wore.

First of all, what this suggests is there are hit squads in Portland, and probably other states in the U.S., that have these squads located in the general vicinity of known places people on the right frequent. All they have to do is have people on the ground in these places to initiate the process leading to taking someone out.

So you don’t think this is a conspiracy theory, let’s look at the photos at this time.

The first photo below shows Danielson and Pappas walking down the street, with the assassin hiding to the side. Something important to focus on is that Danielson is seen walking ahead of Pappas.

When I first saw that photo, I was immediately puzzled as to why he was taking a big stride forward while Pappas appeared to be casually sauntering along.

The reason why was part of the hit team were riding in a car, and in response to being called over, Danielson started talking with them. This was in order to create a distraction and lower his guard as the assassin approached without being seen.

Another thing to note is the other people appearing to walk behind Danielson and Pappas. When looking at the next photo, you see how it appears to be a typical night on the town with a couple walking behind them with them having their arms around each other, and further back another woman and a couple of men appearing to be walking on their own.

death squad ready to assassinate Jay Danielson

There is no apparent reason for Danielson and Pappas to suspect anything at this time, other than the fact they were in Portland and behind enemy lines.

In the next photo we seen Danielson engaging in conversation with two males sitting in the car, not long before he was shot. This was obviously a rehearsed event for the purpose of distracting him.

Jay Danielson distracted by two males in car

closer view of car

Close up of the car when Danielson was talking to the two men.

Now, as Danielson is talking to the two men, we see the assassin leave his hiding place and start moving toward him (photo above this one). We also see a commander, the one with his arm around the woman with the horizontal stripes, look at him and tell him to move. The woman with him was looking directly at Danielson as he stood beside the car talking to the men. She was obviously part of the set up.

What’s not certain is if the woman in the white shirt behind the woman in front was part of the scenario. She was also looking at the men talking in the car. It would be more clear if she had been a few feet ahead of where she was at, because she would have noticed the assassin. Even where she stands it seems she would have noticed him out of the corner of her eye. Why look toward the car when a guy is walking a few feet from her.

As for the cover story, according to video footage, there weren’t two black men in the area the killer was allegedly trying to protect.


The body of Danielson after he was assassinated by domestic terrorists.

One transcript of the event as it unfolded:

1st male voice (MV): “Move! Move! (pause) Move!

2nd MV: “Hey! Enemy club’s over here! We got a couple right here!”

3rd MV: “Him?”

2nd MV: “Pull it out.”

3rd MV: “Right here?”

(Hissing sound)

(Two gunshots.)

Female voice: “Knocked him off!”

4th MV: “Go! Go! Go!”


Go here to watch and listen to video.

The point of all this is these are trained domestic terrorists with the goal of assassinating those on the right. From the transcript above, it’s apparent to me that Danielson was a random target that seems to have come out of a club in the area that some of those on the right hung out at.

It was obviously being watched, and almost certainly had infiltrators on the inside relaying information.

I draw that conclusion because this was too smooth of an operation to spontaneously unfold. This death squad was hanging around in a known area that those on the right hung around, and when the opportunity presented itself, Danielson was assassinated.


It was important to look at this at length because many people on the right aren’t aware of how dark and evil the left has become. They aren’t playing games, and they will kill you if given a chance. This isn’t just true of these trained hit squads, but also those that roam about looking to hurt people or destroy property.

We also need to keep in mind that the media, and in some cases, the police in Democrat-controlled cities, aren’t going to engage these people attempting to destroy the nation. I’m not saying the averaging law enforcement officer feels this way, but it’s obvious they’re being restrained from doing their job against these domestic terrorists.

A concern I have is the lack of response from Republicans. When Rand Paul called for investigations into who’s funding these people, it has been largely met with crickets. Why? This should be a priority right now.

Finally, we must know our enemy in order to understand the way to defeat them. These people are fanatics that have no compunction of doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Looking at these photos, it’s obvious these men and women have been trained in the dark art of assassination. They are trained similar to actors in the sense of creating an environment that removes a sense of danger to those walking into the trap.

We must know that these people are playing for keeps, and to enter into areas they dominate is a way to get killed. It’s also important to think in terms of resisting in daylight hours, not wondering around at night in an area that you’re heavily outnumbered in.

The bottom line is they’re ready to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. You’re not. For that reason, it’s best not to engage them on their turf, or in areas they come out in force.

Bear in mind that the Feds took care of the assassin. Before this is all over, we’ll probably see these domestic terrorists confronted by those trained to deal with them.


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