Klean Kanteen Survival Kit

Sensible Prepper Presents: Building a Survival Kit around the 40oz Single Walled Klean Kanteen. Being able to use the container to cook, boil water or use as a general container, this is a solid foundation for a survival Kit.

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Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • Spike T

    Need to put a ziplock bag in there to hold all of that when you need to fill it with water or to cook with it. 😏

    • Tim M

      +SirPyroNights Never heard of those…

    • taylor vettory

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    • James Ritchie

      You need to fill the bottle with water, and put the items inside itΒ in a separate bag.Β Β  This is not a smart way to put together a survival kit, and the “rule of three” is silliness that’s only true when you’re home talking, rather than in the wild in a real survival situation.

    • Big A Mills

      Spike T also, some birthday candles or crayons

    • specialsmithchick

      Spike T oops! I didn’t see your post until after I made the same point. Great minds!

  • David Kay

    Great idea Sootch. Maybe a gallon ziplock bag was the only thing I could think of.

    • Robert Young

      David Kay the zip bag would be great when you to put water in the can. dump the contents into the bag.

    • Paul

      Yeah that’s what I do but take 2, one for collecting dirty water and one for storing. Just got a few dry bags though and going to use one of them for storing the clean water, stronger than ziplock bag and can carry easy.

  • DB Cooper

    What is the duck taped credit card? Lock picking?β˜πŸ»οΈπŸ€“

  • John Ganshow

    Love the Klean Kanteen, But when I lived in Tucson, it gets so hot in the summer, you can’t hike or bike with the Klean Kanteen, because the metal gets so hot from the air temperature you can’t touch or hold the metal container. So I had to switch to plastic containers between June and October…

  • John Pagdilao

    I forgot to mention I love the quotes at the end of the videos.

  • Joyce Jason

    A plastic grocery bag to dump everything into when you need to use the water bottle.

  • Ashchild

    Great idea! I would add a ziplock bag so you can put all the contents in when using the kanteen and a Maxpedition bottle holder for easier carrying options, protection and it has a pocket for additional items.

  • Flat.Earth.Phenotype

    can you please do an EDC 2017 update

  • SmokyMountainOutdoorsman

    Hey Sootch. One thing you can do with the bic lighter is wrap wire under the red gas button so it doesn’t let all the fuel out. Plus you could use the wire later. Take care.

    • DMxMarine

      The EXOTAC Firesleeve will fit a BIC lighter, and I believe it does float in addition to keeping gas from escaping. It comes in many colors including a glow-in-the-dark variant which could be useful!

  • kelly smith

    Nice, I carry a 40 oz everyday and love it. It’s looking a bit beat, and I was going to get another one…Hated to let the other go, but what a great idea to re purpose it. Just a tip, I use a toothpick and wrap duct tape around it until it gets to be about the thickness of a pencil, lots of tape there. But the credit card thing is good too.

  • JediTim

    Nice video as usual! Love the idea, but what to do with the items stored when you need the canteen for water?

  • bangalorebobbel

    yes, never give up – because also the bloopers are highly valuated πŸ˜‰
    great kit (I loved the cigar most), and you asked us to comment, so I would say first I would like to add 3 items which I think are a) essential for this kit and 2) fitting inside that bottle, too.
    1. one or two needles and some twine. Why? Repair your clothings, and fix wounds (first aid, of course). The needle/s can also be used to remove splinters or make small holes somewhere in. The twine can be used to tie anything.
    2. one small tube of cyanylacrylate super glue. Why? It is as multipurpose as duct tape.
    (both 1 and 2 could still fit in that little red container?)
    3. One of these foldable ultrasmall ultralight 10L rucksacks. (If it does not fit in the bottle you can put the bottle in it.) Why? e.g.: If you have to empty your bottle for keeping/boiling water in it, you still want to carry all that stuff with you. You want to walk with the survival kit, but not by always carrying it in your hand. You want to collect any eatables, firestarters, or whatever else and need a container. etc.
    Then I would like to exchange two items by similar items which could be more useful:
    a) I would replace the Vic Classic by a Vic Alox MiniChamp (why: same size but much more tools) and put the tweezers of the Classic also into the red container (forget about the toothpick).
    b) I would replace at least some of the paracord (or all) by a heavy duty twisted fishing line. There is fishing line which is capable of carrying 60 or 70% of what paracord carries, but this line is much thinner and has less weight. Why? Line is important but You don’t need always the strength of paracord if you need a line. Replacing at least some of the paracord with such a heavy duty fishing line allows you to carry much more line.
    rgds, Robert

  • wavygr

    Looks like fish hooks and fishing line would not take up much room.

  • William Seifert

    1 big flaw with this kit

    U cant carry water!

  • Marcin M.

    Firestarter, matches and a lighter. Are you serious?

    • MrLightPanda

      +Thatguyoverthere he did have three- that rule of 2 is 1 is technically insane. But insane people survive.

    • Marcin M.

      Waste of space and weight.

    • Thatguyoverthere

      MrLightPanda sure. But 2 doesn’t equal 1. You can make an equation such as y=0.5x or does it more closely resemble y=X+1

    • MrLightPanda

      +Thatguyoverthere I think the rule is have 1 more than you need, yeah, x + 1. Sometimes it’s just nice to be freakin prepped people! Have everything you need and then some! Nice comfortable feeling remember we only survive 3 seconds without hope- you definitely got hope if you got supplies comin out your ears!! Jussayin!!

    • Marcin M.

      MrLightPanda y=e^x

  • Dustin B

    3 Knives… Backups of backups?

    But what about water purification backup?

  • Flashlight Smallsun

    Nice video,thanks for your share….

  • Steven Jones

    When was the last time you spent over a month surviving on your own with out any guns

  • mono blanco


  • brain dead New Yorker

    That would work in a city setting. But I would put different things inside of it.

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