Justice Alito Criticizes COVID-19 Restrictions And ‘Rule By Experts’

Associate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito criticizes the left in speech given at the Federalist Society. Religious liberty and COVID-19 restrictions were some of the issues the Alito touched on. #FoxNews


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  • Sennie White

    *This sounds luke a Twilight Zone. Episode.*

    • Johnny Namechanger

      @Jackie Es those trolls will never be happy on Parler. Their whole reason for living is to be annoying. Trump has shown them for what they are. Now we no longer have to wonder why poor and middle class people keep voting against their own interests. There was no illusion of conservatism in the Trump administration at all.

    • Joe Smith

      Gotta love this Conservative “Activist” Justice putting his thumb on the scale of the legislative branch at a private Conservative Think Tank that recruits activists conservative judges with the same political ideology!

    • Ranid

      @Zoviet Texans Oh, such deep thoughts!

    • Melvin Klark

      @Zoviet Texans they were trying to stop the spread of socialism dumbass 🙄 socialism is an appealing ideology they never actually new it didn’t work until the 1970s though when the soviet union started going downhill today every socialist country is bad compare South Korea to North Korea or South Korea to veitnam

    • Melvin Klark

      @Zoviet Texans nothing works in the sense nothing perfect

  • S W

    These are dangerous times. Never have so many people had so much access to so much knowledge and yet have been so resistant to learning anything
    Thomas M. Nichols

    • Stan Tuggs

      @MeanGeneSanDiego When a response starts with “Blah blah blah” we can be assured we’re having an adult conversation. Lol. I stopped reading right there. Never expect respect unless it’s been shown first.

    • Republican robots

      @Toshow 10 They aren’t. They are making decisions about a pandemic. The virus doesn’t care about economics and policy. You do.

    • MeanGeneSanDiego

      @Stan TuggsAround 1 in every 5 people who are infected with COVID-19 develop difficulty in breathing and require hospital care.[source CDC.]

    • MeanGeneSanDiego

      @Stan Tuggs No reason to respect an imbecile.

    • LaBelle424242

      @Craig Jorgensen Listen to real scientist- there is protocol that works. Period. NO confusion.

  • S W

    Americans no longer distinguish the phrase “you’re wrong” from the phrase “you’re stupid.” To disagree is to disrespect. To correct another is to insult. And to refuse to acknowledge all views as worthy of consideration, no matter how fantastic or inane they are, is to be closed-minded. The
    Thomas M. Nichols

    • Victor R

      @Leonardo P **Said no one ever.

    • Colin Myers

      There’s a difference between disagreement and delusion. I can disagree with someone on the idea of something like religion or whatnot but if you’re outright refusing to believe quantifiable science and statistics and worse, decrying them to others, then no, you’re either too stupid to comprehend them or being willfully ignorant, which is even more condemnable. The problem is that the Trump administration has successfully convinced some 72,000,000 people that being an idiot is somehow “patriotic” and worthy of praise. The truth of it is that he’s scared them all enough they’ll believe in anything, and intelligent people are much harder to scare.

    • Colin Myers

      @Leonardo P You just tried to use a fictitious religious character to justify your argument. No wonder you defend the blatantly obvious would be dictator.

    • In truth we trust

      @Leonardo P So the person in charge who thinks his word should be “gospel”, true all the time and obeyed no matter what isn´t a Fascist ?
      Sounds legit…

    • In truth we trust

      @Leonardo P That´s how “Bunker boy” was voted in…

  • James Huddleston

    Remember the good old days of “flatten the curve”? Those were the days

    • voodooutt

      @Lewis Morris There’s that moniker used time and time again… “THEY” have said this, “THEY” have said that, “THEY” need to beat themselves with a whiffle-ball bat y0000. the best gaslight of the twitter times! they.

    • Fading Son

      @damien11235 the moisture droplets that carry the virus is not just large droplets. The virus is carried upon water VAPOR droplets that easily pass through the mask. One doctor at the beginning of this pandemic theorized that masks actually caused water droplets carrying the virus to be more atomized as they passed through the mask resulting in a water vapor that would be suspended longer within confined spaces. Such theories are now so poliliticall incorrect that they are no longer mentioned. But, from my experience of feeling dampness from exhaling I would think I am expelling a constant finely atomized water vapor through the mask.

    • Jessica Roach

      @Bob Davis check again! Its 70 percent transmission rate if both are wearing them! I find your comments funny when Drs have been wearing them for years! It worked good for us in Vegas! Took us from Lockdown .1 percent, return no mask up to almost 18 percent, and then mask mandate 4 percent..They worked 100 percent in some places. We feel naked without them. Went to a bar and if you left you area/ go to the bathroom mask went on! Beauty ! Other states didn’t have them and that killed us too..Utah has a temporary one going

    • Fading Son

      If someone coughs wearing the mask the spittle may be stopped from being expelled as a large droplet, which could prevent a large droplet from hitting you at 10 feet distance. But that drop of spittle does not disappear, it also now does not fall to the floor. That drop of spittle is now being pushed through the mask into the atmosphere as smaller droplets that will now float for a longer period. The virus is suspended longer in the air.

    • Terry Rose

      @Bryan Wood Yes, and in most cases our tax money pays for it. Abortion is wrong on so many counts.

  • bendoi namsao

    There is a huge difference between listening to experts and rule by experts. A good leader will listen to his advisors (experts) and make a decision that has been informed by the experts.

  • Bob Shy

    I want to keep thinking Ashton Kucher is going to pop up and say ‘you’ve been punkd’.

  • TheWhiteCone

    “My rights, my rights, my rights.” The fairy dust of the “civilized” world.

  • Yung Kab

    People are more scared of the lockdown than actually getting COVID

  • Jochen Amos Hansen

    Quote by
    Johnny Cash
    》✍I’ve learned, that there is no fence to sit on
    between heaven and hell》📚🙏

  • Daniel Ally

    Who thinks there will be another lockdown?

    • Jason _

      @Tharon Pleiades 👈 another brainwashed trumptart.

    • K Sk

      @david clark Its the flu used for political gain. You are sound asleep.

    • Kirk Campbell

      I thinm you lock down things that aren’t necessary at the moment like bars and recreational based things but not the entire country.

    • No Prep Stretch

      @Stacey Stephens Then you are stupid.
      Lockdowns are necessary because all people do not care like you do.

    • Tharon Pleiades

      Good question, Nolan. And NO, Trump can’t mandate things on a national level and wont, because it would be an over reach

      The governor’s have all been in charge of how their states handle the covid response, not the federal government, as it should be. It’s called states rights, and separation of powers.

      It amazes me that those who call Trump a tyrant want him to be more tyrannical and have full overreach. And that’s exactly what they will allow and want Biden to do.

      The federal government should not be given complete power. That’s not how our republic is designed.

  • eTheReal Deal

    I don’t even wanna support Fox by watching this clip

  • William Ruiz

    Ummmmm I thought we were going to stop talking about covid after the election?

  • angel ortiz

    Ohh hey it’s Fox News not like they’re biased or anything

  • sergio Salvetti

    If I was a time traveler…I would make sure I NEVER set the settings to 2020.

  • Donna Farrell

    I thought we were ROUNDING the curve…SMDH!!

  • Victor

    Stamp a “SPONSOR” sticker on his forehead..

  • Alejo M

    All I imagine is that terrifying lunatic televangelist going ” HAWW HAWWW HAWW HAWWW,…….HAAAWWW HAWWWW HAAWWWW”

  • Joe McFarland

    We will not let the experts rule! “We will not give in to the thinkers!”

  • The Nation State

    “disturbing trends that were already present before the virus struck”

    The key bit, America heading towards ‘tyranny’ even before the COVID virus came.

  • Timothy Schuhrke

    The “experts” don’t agree. And are political animals themselves.
    Careful whom you trust, they may not share the same values.

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