Jenna Ellis On The MI Judge That Gave Team Trump Access To 22 Dominion Voting Machines

Jenna Ellis on the Antrim County, #Michigan judge that gave Team Trump access to 22 Dominion voting machines to conduct a forensic audit TODAY!

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  • South park 45

    Stand up now Americans or forever hold your peace 🇺🇲
    American majority of patriots

  • Chester Clardy

    Don’t you think by now that they’ve already had time to clear the machines so they’re not gonna have any record of any foul play!

  • PopcornBuddhaUSA

    This is a RICO crime and needs to be called what it is against the DNC.

    • Mr TruthBomb 2

      Patriot my channel was deleted in the Q purge because of these videos called ‘Election Deception’ . New video just out. Trump will have 4 more years FACT – WWG1WGA , God bless the USA (I am from Ireland but I am still a patriot)

  • Lebron Jameslol

    Hopefully they havnt wiped them clean, you know, like with a cloth. That would be tough to explain.

  • horacio bettencourt

    The question is: who is protecting the machines since November 3?!!!.

    • jamie21871

      @Make ItRight Donald Trump

    • Ozone Pest Control

      DING DING DING 💯 EXACTLY. If they find something it will be a miracle. Demon Rats have cleaned those machines. Machines needed snatched up on November 4th. You are spot on

    • Sue Sue

      Make ItRight we still have all the data from the servers- all they have to do is prove the machine can be hacked/ connected to internet as per precedent from a former SCOTUS ruling

    • Joe Goodwyn

      @Make ItRight Georgia has been certified for Biden. So Biden is the winner. Biden has been certified in all 6 swing states. Trump just continues the fight to fleece his supporters. They are his losers and suckers. He has raised $210m his campaign debt has been covered and $60+m for his lawsuits raised. By creating a Super PAC to pay those bills DJT can legally pocket the $. He couldn’t do that if $ went to campaign.

    • girls only


  • Pushy Slayer

    “sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better”
    Seems like we on the “getting better” end of that spectrum
    God Bless America

  • Real American

    the question really is ” who did the judge let in to clean the machines ? ” and than said ok for you to go and check them now .

  • Alec Hanson

    Yeah, those machines are killing them self right now, Epstein style.

  • goosecouple

    Americans: “We want honest audits.”
    Traitors: “What is honest?”

    • CraZy LaZy

      High! This is a song called ‘Stop the Steal!’ by a South African artist, dedicated to the American people & Donald Trump’s fight for the fair elections! The World is watching you now! Please support by liking & sharing!

    • chadkincham

      The winner of a presidential election always carries his win down ballot, because most people vote a straight ticket – therefore many candidates of the same party also win congressional and state elections on the ballot.

      When Trump won in 2016 the down ballot effect gave so many victories In the house and senate that the Republicans gained the majority in both.

      Yet in this last election, Biden had absolutely no “coat tail effect” on the senate, house, and state elections also on the ballot – but Trump did.

      The Democrats were all predicting they would sweep the election with a huge blue wave.
      But that promised big blue wave of Democratic victories across the country turned instead into a red tidal wave from coast to coast.

      The reason for this turnaround in the election was the massive turnout for President Donald Trump on Election Day.

      Trump’s coattails pulled hundreds of Republicans over the goal line.

      “So, how deep were the losses for the Democrats? In the U.S. House, Nancy Pelosi thought her troops would gain 10 to 12 seats. Instead, the Republicans flipped 15.

      But the real carnage was in the statehouses.
      The GOP gained a total of 192 House and 40 Senate seats in the states.

      Republicans flipped control of three state legislature chambers. As a result of these big wins, Republicans now have majority control in both House and Senate chambers in 31 of 50 states. Democrats now have control in only 18 states.

      And all that happened despite the. Fact that Democrats outspent Republicans ‘at least 3-to-1 in the states.’

      That’s a massive Republican win, one that would have gone to the Democrats if Biden really won the election without cheating.

      The down ballot effect went to Trump because he won the election.

    • Michael Mason


      the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals today handed Wood a 3-0 defeat over his legal frivolity in Georgia, ruling, “because Georgia has already certified its results, Wood’s requests to delay certification and commence a new recount are moot.” And oh, by the way, it found Wood lacked standing in the case.

    • Sherry Reis

      @IMHO good one! 😉

    • girls only


  • Calisims3

    Biden: “i dont need your help to get elected, i need your help after the election”..ya, he said that!

  • Matt Edwards

    Its probably 22 that haven’t been messed with. Then they going say oh you couldn’t find anything ???

  • Durzo Blint

    Will most likely find that the software was ‘accidentally’ erased.

  • irredeemable deplorable

    This just means that they’ve already had time to scrub evidence from 22 voting machines.

  • American Mutt

    The Democrats had way too much time to “scrub” their boxes clean just like Hillary Clinton dida few years ago.



  • Paul Muad'Dib

    It’s been a long time that those machines have been “left alone” before they had the green light to be inspected

  • JM

    👏👏 ALL machines in EVERY swing state, needs a “Forensic” Audit performed!!

  • R CV

    Why can’t there be senate hearing of all the Voting Systems’ CEOs – just like the one that was held for FB, Twitter, and Google?

  • Brent

    The scariest part of all this, it took a judge to grant access to something that should be transparent

  • SoupFork

    Just remember:
    Epstein didn’t kill himself
    These machines didn’t wipe themselves

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