Jeff Durbin Responds: Strong and Foul Words

Join us for the new episode of Apologia Radio! Pastor Jeff Durbin and Pastor Luke Pierson respond to the recent controversy surrounding Jeff's message at the Fight, Laugh, Feast Conference in Tennessee. Jeff's message has been seen over 200k times and has started no small stir. He used a word in response to the Woke church that has some wondering if there is a biblical basis for using such a serrated-edge.
On this episode we provide an explanation and context.



  • LivingStr0nger

    Intro begins at 5:27
    Show starts at 7:02

  • no name

    It’s time for the church to Roar! – Dinesh D’Souza

    • Abby Earle

      @jeremiah 3:23 israel If you claim to be of Israel according to the Old Covenant of Law, you admit to not being under the New Covenant of Grace. Those who are not living by grace are condemned and perishing under the law. You must repent, both of your sinful kinism and your heretical rejection of the sufficiency of Christ’s blood.

    • jeremiah 3:23 israel

      @Abby Earle all u have to do is explain why GOD had it written that he hates u dragons – b4 n after resurrection – explain why he had it written that he’s going to wipe u demons out (malachi 1:2-4)(romans 9:13)(obadiah 1:18) the lake of fire is ur judgement – i just informed u – i didnt write it GOD did – take it up with him

    • Abby Earle

      @jeremiah 3:23 israel I’ve done my part by speaking truth. You have no excuse to continue in such radical error. Goodbye and God bless.

    • jeremiah 3:23 israel

      @Abby Earle my point exactly u cant explain with scripture – ur truth is some pig puke u n your ppl made up – so run u dragon – uve received ur judgement as it is written THUS SAYETH THE LORD

    • jeremiah 3:23 israel

      @Abby Earle fire u dragon

  • wishuhadmyname

    I once heard a preacher condemn the American church by saying something to the effect of “Every day people are dying and being damned to Hell, and the church doesn’t care. You know how I know that? You all are more concerned about the fact that I said “damn” in church than you are about people dying in their sin.” To the people who are upset by what Jeff said, realize that you’re more concerned with his choice of verbiage more than what he applied that verbiage to.

    • Firebert79TA

      @Cyrus Dabar ben Yisrael I see it in the explicit word of God, preserved for his people so that the man of God may be equipped for every good work.

    • Blargleman The Skeptic

      @Firebert79TA contrary to scripture?? You are aware that Christianity is almost incapable of agreeing on ANYTHING? And every denomination quotes scripture to support their various contradictory positions.

      For instance, what EXACTLY is the COMMON Christian view on what scripture says are the _minimum_ actions/beliefs necessary in order to be saved?

    • scottspeig

      @Cyrus Dabar ben Yisrael Hmm… Could he have done it without the profanity? Yes. Should we be more bothered about the main point rather than the language used? Yes.
      My point is that Jeff scored an own goal in using the profanity. He wanted to get his point across more foceably but it has backfired.

      My pastor once said he reserved the right to use profanity in a sermon to make a point. At this, I said in that case, I’ll reserve the right to stop listening in that sermon…

      We are called out of the world and to be holy. Jeff failed to do this, and while he can justify it, the fact that everyone is talking about the language kind of makes my point.

    • Cyrus Dabar ben Yisrael

      @scottspeig You people have no idea what being separate is.

    • Cyrus Dabar ben Yisrael

      @Firebert79TA What are you?

  • Mrs Dimas

    Modern day Pharisees stop the BS and grow up! ✌️❤️😁

  • I I

    Pastor Jeff you did not use this in cursing purpose we all heard your sermon. By you explaining this again to them I think it only gives these nick pickers more reason to pick on you as if they are correct to accuse you. Apostate teachers and their followers and what comes out of their mouth is truly filthy dung. You accuse them correctly. They just can not take truth.

  • Anthony Dowden

    My personal opinion is that your language was appropriate in the context. Keep fighting pastor!

  • arnaldonyc

    the Bible’s usage is inspired literally by God. You saying it is not.

  • LH

    Pastor Jeff, your response against the woke church was spot on!

  • Kelvin Madden

    Totally support your language Jeff & 100% agreed with the content of your message . You were Spot on . Love your work & ministry from Australia Mate . Bless you in The Name of our Beautiful Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ our God & our King Amem

  • Evenrude Ranger

    Why expose so many cults and personalities leading people astray yet spare Joe Rogan? If what God said is true, Joe Rogan has a million millstones around his neck. Going after Joe could be biggest video you ever made and save the most souls!

  • DonsAdventures

    People today are overly sensitive. There sensitivity holds them back from missing the point. What point are we at where Christians need to appear weak ?

  • Sam Vogel

    Jeff’s witnessing and ability to debate is phenomenal. His love for sinners is shown in his patience when evangelizing /debating. I’ve learned a lot from this channel ( even as an anabaptist 😉). However we can lose our witness ( give sinners an excuse ) when we use this language.
    There is a difference between strong language and foul language. Meant in love and just my opinion.

  • Geoff Gordon Stuart

    The “woke” church has never been more asleep. It’s time to wake up and repent.

    • M Ajose

      So believers who have geniune concerns about racism in and out of the Church are “asleep and need to repent”?! M’kay…….

    • Bill Barrie

      Forgive me but first of all the woke church is a contradiction in terms, second, the woke church is no church at all

    • M Ajose

      @Bill Barrie more sweeping generalisations!! Keep em coming!!!

    • Geoff Gordon Stuart

      @M Ajose Believers who have concerns about racism in and out of the church are against the “woke” movement. As it is a breeding ground for racial division and unforgiveness. (SIN)

    • UnlimitedMercy

      @M Ajose
      I don’t think it’s the concern over racism that is the issue. That I believe is genuine, however, the “woke” church has completely married itself to a godless worldview with regard to critical race theory and intersectionality. Both of which stem from cultural Marxism. The worldview they’re allowing to influence them is one that is Antichrist, it seeks to identify people based on skin color instead of seeing all people as one human race that is in need of a savior. Their doctrines, as well meaning as they are, divide and cause strife between brothers. We as Christians ought to be heartily for justice and equality as defined biblically, the policies the woke church pushes (reparations, unceasing “repentance”, etc.) are simply unjust and unbiblical.

  • Mechanic

    Strong words are important. Speaking the truth clearly, is important. The message at FLF was eminently biblical right up to the use of the word “bullsh*t” which was unnecessary, added no extra power or value, and only served as a cheap tactic that resulted in reducing the sharability of an otherwise powerful message. It was mostly just a cringe moment.
    A lot of the alleged “outrage” that supposedly happened in response seemed manufactured (especially by Marcus) to try to draw attention. The use of the word apparently was intended to create a stir, but all I’ve seen within our circle of strong, Reformed, non-BigEva types, is some folks rolling their eyes at the attempt at sensationalism that only seemed to weaken an otherwise powerful message. No butthurt. No whining. No crying. We’re Reformed brothers who support Apologia. All we’ve expressed is a bit of disappointment. It is unnecessary to be divisive at a time when we need unity in the true church in order to fend off the attacks from within the “church” and without.

    To those few immature hotheads among Apologia’s fanbase that seek opportunities to attack brothers who “dare” to give mature feedback on the matter: By all means, keep slandering men of better discernment. You’re doing exactly what folks like Marcus apparently want — notoriety at all costs. Stirring up unnecessary strife and dissent within the brotherhood is not Christlike. You misjudge others and you mistake for Godly conflict your fleshly actions of trying to create an enemy out of brothers who were with you right up until a single word sullied an otherwise powerful message. Apologia invited criticism and even welcomed it. We gave our opinion of it, and now you attack us for it. You don’t even realize you’re using the very tactics of the left when you behave the way you are. Repent.

    • James B

      Well said…

    • JC/DC

      Thank you for being intelligent and putting this in proper perspective.

    • Judge Dredd

      Did anyone in this thread actually watch the video?? It does not seem so. If you plug your ears and shout, that doesn’t make you right. If you begin your stream of thought with the assumption that Jeff sinned, then whatever follows is lost on the rest of us who actually watched the video and cares to have the context.

    • Truth Seeker

      Hmmm… for someone who critique’s Pastor Durbin’s language, it’s interesting that you should use the word: “butthurt”….. I wonder what that slang phrase refers to?

    • Mechanic

      @Truth Seeker This may be difficult for you to grasp but I’m not preaching a message to an audience, we’re discussing an incident that occurred during one and the vicious, childish attacks made against anyone who dares comment on it.

  • Cheryl Geary

    I’m so glad that I am watching this because it’s helping me realize how I can quickly “jump to WRONG conclusions”.
    I’m only just in the beginning years of turning to apologetics, coming out of the Prosperity, Charismatic chaos.
    I am renewing my oldnewing thinking! I even have to renew the “right” biblical way to pray because in the Prosperity Gospel, they pray as the pharisees did, loud, seen & with many many words.
    I’m grateful for Apologia, for Jeff & others, MacArthur, Washer, etc…..
    Thank you for your faithfulness to the Truth of The written word.

  • Samuel M

    It’s really quite silly when you think about Christians trying to be “nicer” than God.

  • Jess marie sedgwick

    I amend james white when he says there could have been a better way to do it..

  • Capn Geech

    Please please please get Jeff’s mic sorted, you’re unfortunately doing him and his words a great disservice.

  • Abraham Bird

    The writers of the inspired word of God were in fact sinners, that doesn’t really make a good point.

  • mariacristina1003

    “ All fanny packs are from Satan “ 🤣🤣🤣

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