James Younger Being Forced to Transition by Wicked Judge

James Younger being forced to transition by wicked judge.

Now that wicked Dallas District Court Judge Mary Brown has ruled in favor of James Younger being forced to transition to a “girl” against his wishes, the question becomes who is going to stand against this abomination that could unleash a tidal wave of similar rulings.

The judge ruled in favor of the non-biological mother of James Younger, saying that Anne Georgulas will receive full custody of James, while his father Jeffrey Younger will have to pay for the transition at approximately $5,000 per month.

According to the Save James Facebook page, James has stated “multiple times to multiple people (without Jeff around) that he wants to be a boy and hates being forced to be a girl.”

The Save James page added this:

The time for passive actions must end TODAY! We call upon all SaveJames supporters to join us to get the attention of our conservative leaders on every social media platform possible. Our voice must be heard for the sake of these brothers. The world must know that we are still fighting tooth and nail to protect them.

If ever there was an issue that demands a response from conservative leaders, it is this one. But since they couldn’t even conserve women’s bathrooms against deviant transexuals, the question arises over whether or not they even have the will to tackle this atrocity.

We’ll soon find out whether or not Texas politicians like Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz will take on the fight, or confirm that politically speaking, they’ve already transitioned and been castrated into irrelevance.

The LGBT agenda will go on unabated until there is a line drawn in the sand, and Christians and others on the right start taking action to stop the insanity, while at the same time starting to reverse the momentum and roll back the abominations that have been allowed to be encoded in law, such as homosexual marriage and other evils.


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