Is the Rise of Generation “Joker’ Upon Us? – The Growing Rage of Young Men

Generation Joker could arise because of attack on young men

source: YouTube

When first hearing about the film “Joker,” I had no interest in watching it because it sounded like another gratuitous film about mindless violence without a story line.

But when someone I know watched the film and said they liked it, referencing several different elements that dealt with the consequences of the fallout in relationship to Western culture starting with the Enlightenment, and most recently, followed up by the destructive Boomers and their attack on the traditional family, and today, the decimation of reality by gullible millennials that have been brainwashed into believing there are no genders, no boundaries, and an endless source of money that have a right to be given at the expense of others.

They’re also being taught to hate Christians, heterosexuals, white people and men, and Western civilization, as they reject the truth in exchange of a plethora of lies.

Our enemies are also getting bolder in taking the battle to young children, as transsexuals are allowed to engage in vulgar behavior in some libraries and schools, pornography permeates the internet, and drugs are rampant everywhere.

Illegal aliens are invading the West, bringing with them diseases that had been eradicated, violence and rape, and the unwillingness to assimilate in any manner. In other words, they want to tear down the West and turn it into the third-world hell holes they came from.

They also drain our resources by having no other reason to come but to rob our wealth via welfare and other social programs.

Who are the Joker generation?

So what do I mean when saying the Joker generation may be about to rise? I’m saying that the young men of the West that don’t accept the lies that counter reality could turn into millions of people similar to the Joker if they aren’t offered hope and a better way of life than is being offered by enemies of the West and individual souls.

What I mean is they must be presented with a way of life that only Jesus Christ and Christianity has to offer, and channel their rage into not only battling our enemies, but once again embracing the foundations that have made the West historically, the greatest civilization that has ever existed on planet earth. That can only be done with Biblical Christianity that walks in obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ.

Interestingly, throughout the movie there are a steady flow of people told to have happy faces, and even the song “Smile Though Your Heart is Breaking” is presented in one of the scenes. The point is, the brutal and ongoing attack on young men has given them nothing to smile about, and from the increase in anger and rage that I see displayed, it’s only a matter of time before they become the Joker generation if they don’t find a better alternative to the hatred displayed toward them. This is especially true of white males that have endured the heaviest burden of the attacks.

Radical feminists, Islam, multiculturalism, hatred of the traditional family, race-baiting of whites, persecution of Christians, and the takeover of almost every institution that allows for influence and training.

Nonetheless, young men are starting to rise up against this atrocious attack on them, and if they aren’t guided toward the alternative offered by Christianity, the brutality of their payback is going to shock to evil liberals and progressives that have attempted to destroy them.

As for their enemies and my enemies, the response it still going to be destructive to liberals, progressives and others that have declared war on the West and have attempted to define it as oppressive.

Even today men pretending their women can go into bathrooms with our mothers, wives and daughters, transsexuals are allowed to groom our young children and grandchildren, the left blatantly lies and files lawsuit after lawsuit against Christians in business who won’t surrender their beliefs to serve their vile ways of life, and they parade out woman after woman that lie through their teeth about conservative men that allegedly sexually assaulted them, in order to keep them from political office or the judiciary.

One of the good things about this is the left, wrongly, believed it had won the culture wars, and came out from behind their masks and blatantly launched their attacks and revealed the evil intent they have for the world, and for men of the West.

I seen an end coming to the pushing of sexual degeneracy on the people of the West and their children, and end to the influence of false science, and the outright defeat of those that openly declare themselves as followers of Satan, who now openly practice witchcraft and declare they casting spells on President Trump and those they don’t approve of.

The good news, as we know, is greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. We are also told that every knee shall bow before Jesus Christ – whether willingly or unwillingly.

We have been pressured to surrender to the wiles and actions of our enemies. The attempt to manipulate the general population has been unwavering and non-stop, as the left attempts to wear us down to the point of giving up.

What they’re going to find out is it isn’t us who will weep tears of surrender, but them, as we take up the call of God to victory, and teach our opponents that it is they that we demand unconditional surrender from. It is they that will bow down before Jesus Christ and be taught not only the laws and commands of God, but be required to obey them.

Those that are treasonous against God and have participated in sins worthy of death, will be tried, and if found guilty, executed for their crimes. They know that day is coming, and they’re in a rage like their father the devil, who knows he only has a short time.


A tipping point is coming for those men that have been viciously attacked by the left without pity or mercy, who many times have had their lives destroyed or their means of living disrupted because of failure to embrace the political correctness demanded by the left.

Those days are going to come to an end in the not-too-distant future, and when it does, we’re going to turn the tables on the left and place upon them the justice they deserve after the merciless attacks on our young men and children, that have made them spiritual wrecks and temporarily facing a world that seems without hope for them.

My prayer is that God will move mightily in these matters, and help us provide a hopeful vision and alternative to the meaningless and fruitless culture that the left is trying to make, based upon illusions and disception, rather than truth and reality.


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