Is Our Cow Luna Pregnant? Test Results are in…

The results are in from our pregnancy test on Luna, our cow.

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  • Ethan Pugh

    This channel is such an inspiration

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    I think those glasses make you look awful cool!! Like a blues brother milk maid!

  • Sooze Kuzyk

    The piano music sounds like the video where K’s playing at the new place. Is it?

  • CiaoBella

    Who kicked you in the eye Kay? One of the kids or a cow?

  • Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy

    As I was watching today, my thoughts went to… GrassHopper was not supposed to leave your homestead.
    Stay strong and be blessed!

  • S M

    Lost a few good YouTuber channels due the new rules. I understand there are other platforms and easier to load content.

  • BMO isgood

    You guys are what I aspire to be.

  • -Amanda- Back to Basics Momma

    Curious, when did you have her bred?

  • Regina Gibson

    Little muscle man. He is so cute. Praying for quick and speedy recovery. May there be NO scaring. How are the Camels doing? Miss seeing them and it’s good to hear the baby laugh and seeing you smile 😊 I’m sure it’s not easy all the time.

  • Chantel Litchfield

    Love watching. And I especially loved seeing how milking isn’t always easy. My first cow will be calving in November and I will be milking for the first time. Have you ever thought about a “blooper reel” showing all the frustrating aspects of milking. You know to show it’s not all rainbows and butterflies when you milk. I know it will make me feel better when I start and see that others have the same problems too sometimes. Anyways just a thought. 😊

  • Joanne Ganon

    I’m glad your feeling better Kay😘.
    You have a fine helper today 💪🌰.
    Look who’s growing bigger, and the curls , so cute!
    JO JO IN VT 💕😄

  • Mark Alexander

    so now what? Weekly fecal tests to observe shedding?

  • aCycloneSteve

    #askhomesteady Have you ever considered posting on BitChute. I try to watch all my videos there, but there are some that I love, like yours, that don’t post there.

  • Frances Bolen

    The baby is so darn cute! Growing up fast!

  • Brenda Unzen

    OUCH!! That is so painful. Be safe


    A cute part was when your son has the noodle in his mouth and the rooster is laughing at him. I thought that was so cute . I love your videos. Your camel heard looks awesome, looking like it’s growing to me.
    I always admired your phone setting to I watch you from Southeast Georgia

  • Erika Richardson

    Prayers for continued recovery for your eye. It was very healing to see you get back to milking after everything y’all have been through. Hopefully, it was for your family as well. My heart sinks every time I see a baby or toddler putting a Nerf toy or pool noodle up to their mouth. Thankfully, your sweet boy was totally safe. However, my son bit a chunk out of his older brother’s Nerf football at our housewarming party. He was less than a year old at the time. A group of the children were gathered around playing with wooden blocks and other toys. The adults did not see my youngest put the football in his mouth. His lips started turning blue and we sprang into action. We swept his airway and went into other emergency procedures after we were unsuccessful. It all ended in a trip to the ER. He ended up coughing up the last piece of the chunk of Nerf. We again saw a trace of blood, just as we did at home. X-rays confirmed no lasting damage. The small amount of blood was from the painted design on the ball. It made a tiny sharp edge when the ball was bitten, and had scratched his throat. When we arrived home from the hospital, my husband got a trash bag and gathered up every Nerf and foam toy/pool item. Toys, like Nerf guns, didn’t return to our home for at least 6 years! We had thankfully been trained in infant CPR and first aid before having children. Not sure why God led me to tell that story now? Maybe it was meant to help a parent who reads your video comments.

    • Homesteady

      Wow, scary story with a good ending! Lesson learned and cautionary steps being taken note, thanks for sharing!

  • Kris Jestin

    I didn’t realize you could breed the calves so soon, or does it just feel like they were born yesterday? 😅 What age are mini jerseys able to be bred?

  • Roberta Durnan

    God Bless All of You.

  • deborah lawing

    Blessings for quick healing of your eye and your family as you all go through the grieving process. Love that you played with the baby on the video. As I am sure you know, they grow up much too quickly. Cherish the time you have now.

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