Hunger Crisis Getting Worse! 1 In 3 US Families Don’t Have Enough Food To Put On The Table

Kitchen tables across America are the clearest picture of the damages brought by the economic collapse. As the sanitary outbreak lingers, millions upon millions are fighting against the hunger crisis. In recent times, demand for food banks has spiked so high that projections already show pantries won't have enough to feed everyone. Food insecurity levels are surging for several different groups and no one is really immune – from children to college students to the middle class, and many others.

At the same time, while the World Food Programme was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its fight against hunger, recent U.S. data points out that tighter crop supplies could aggravate even more the food-inequality crisis that’s expanding around the globe. For that reason, we decided to gather the most recent figures that can translate the reality no one wants to show us: the rising famine emerging amongst American families. Today, we are going to analyze the U.S. hunger crisis by the numbers, exposing this harsh situation that has been growing by the day. So stay with us, don't forget to give this video a thumbs up, share it with friends, and subscribe to our channel not to miss the next chapters of the 21st-century economic depression.
Before all of this meltdown has started, rates for American families facing food insecurity had been gradually declining. Right now, the number of groups who are lacking consistent access to enough food is skyrocketing. As the economic downturn and a second wave of viral cases have been severely disturbing people's prospects to resume their lives, new estimates present some of the worst rates of hunger spikes in America in decades.
This crisis has been challenging families, communities, and the social safety net in a very disconcerting manner. However, since last year a significant amount of U.S. households were already experiencing food insecurity, and this year's economic disaster has just made the situation much worse. In 2019, approximately 13.7 million households, or 10.5% of all U.S. households, undergone food insecurity at some point. That accounts for over 35 million Americans who were either unable to purchase enough food to meet their needs or unsure of where their next meal would come from, reported the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
From those 35 million, over a third had limited access to food to the point of having their eating patterns critically impacted and their food intake was reduced. The other two-thirds managed to obtain enough food but had to survive on less varied diets or use the help of food assistance programs.
This year, on the other hand, the number of food-insecure groups more than doubled, hitting as many as 23% of all U.S. households, roughly 1 in every 4 families were affected as a result of the economic havoc that has been pushing millions out of their jobs, according to one estimate by researchers at Northwestern University. Even more concerningly, 1 in every 3 families with children is coping with food insecurity – which is double the rate since 2018, and a higher proportion than at the peak of the Great Recession, according to a new analysis from The Hamilton Project.
During "regular" times, households with children were almost 1.5 times more likely to face food insecurity than households without children, USDA data pointed out.

Tragically, the food insecurity issue is hardly unique to the U.S. In a recent assessment, Bloomberg estimated that over "132 million more people globally might fall into the grip of hunger this year, including in many places that used to have relative stability". The projections are related to the USDA announcement that says world soybean stockpiles will be smaller than expected amid the growing competition over global wheat shipments, while dry weather is becoming a threat to crops in parts of South America and Europe. All things considered, global food prices are forecasted to keep climbing, as result, adequate nutrition will become even more expensive as millions are still being pushed out of work and the economic downfall deepens.
In conclusion, the UN's chief economist, Arif Husain signaled this crisis as "a hammer blow for millions more who can only eat if they earn a wage. Lockdowns and global economic recession have already decimated their nest eggs. It only takes one more shock to push them over the edge". All the factors are mounting together and leaving many with the worrying question: Has the sanitary outbreak unleashed not only a public health and economic crisis but also a humanitarian one? That's what we are going to find out on the next unfoldings of the global economic catastrophe. So keep tuned with our channel, and we see you on the next one!

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  • InPursuit ofGoodness

    How could the world’s most food secure nation get here? In one word…”GREED”.


      @Brooklynn52 Dee you are wrong. There are some people that ignored the threats from the Covid-19 deceiving politicians and kept their small stores open. Most small business owners are cowards. The cowards closed their small businesses because they are afraid of politicians, not because they were afraid of the Coronavirus deception.
      The Coronavirus is no worse than the yearly flu.


      Watch the video documentary called,
      ‘IN LIES WE TRUST’ by Dr. Lenny Horowitz.

    • Brooklynn52 Dee

      @UNITED STATES I R I E You make as much sense as a football bat!! Doesn’t matter what the reason was!!! They were out of work and lost wages! We are talking about people not having enough for food! OMG! Have a good night!


      @Brooklynn52 Dee you are wrong again. It does matter what the reason was and is. The store business owners now must suffer for being cowards.

    • Brooklynn52 Dee

      @UNITED STATES I R I E Cowards? Lol! Let me know how strong you stand alone for yourself when the Common Pass is implemented!

    • Johnny Blackwell

      United States Corporation whenever Rich they stole the money from the people they took your birth certificate and put it in the stock market you are the stock market and they stole the money from you it’s agenda Coming to America

  • CT

    Two things will happen for sure! One is will be a very sad Thanksgiving and Christmas for millions of people this year! Second is 2021 will be much worst than 2020!

  • Pug

    Where is the church now, all tucked away hiding and hanging on to its wealth instead of giving back to its flock! Bahhhh. 🐑🐑🐏🐑🐑🐑

  • Connor Kirkland

    Four horsemen of the apocalypses: plague, famine, war, and death. huh two out of four and it looks like we many hit the third soon.

    • Kenny G

      Rev 6:12-14: And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

    • Aldous Huxley

      @Kenny G
      “Christianity may be good and Satanism evil. Under the Constitution, however, both are neutral. This is an important, but difficult, concept for many law enforcement officers to accept. They are paid to uphold the penal code, not the Ten Commandments … The fact is that far more crime and child abuse has been committed by zealots in the name of God, Jesus and Mohammed than has ever been committed in the name of Satan. Many people don’t like that statement, but few can argue with it.”
      ― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

    • Kenny G

      @Aldous Huxley They are liars and know not Jesus…Soon after the 6th seal we outa here…yall can debate on it after we gone.

  • chill gates

    prepare while you still can

  • Matt Donna

    I needed to lose some weight anyhow, nothing better than hunger to sharpen your senses. This will help to lower our national obesity epidemic!!!!!!

  • Lookout4the3rdrail


    WHAT ?

    • Leslie Stenta

      @Snake yup, I made 0 on my bank deposit in Hawaii and made more on my Bangkok bank account. Early this year invested in Gold and silver. Took most of my money out of the bank

    • Snake

      @Leslie Stenta
      U smart keep up
      Hold your GOLD N SILVER
      dont sell till there
      Gold back currency
      China n Russia …..other
      World nations buying GOLD
      pushing down gold price down
      Through COMEX ,PAPER GOLD
      GOLD N SILVER under value
      If supply n demand apply
      basic economic
      Gold not good for dollar
      So gold must constantly
      Manipulated down
      By naked short large amount

    • Alternatively Modern

      @Leslie Stenta I and many others bank with JP MORGAN, and they hate when you make big precious metal purchase, that why they manipulate the price of gold and under value it, so you keep that debt note instead in their account for them to invest your money and don’t give you nothing but pennies in return.

    • tairz2013

      @Snake Prosperity for who? We’ve got a good thing going.

    • Snake

      Once US lose it reserve currency status
      It power is gone
      The World will have peace ,nations can trade freely without fear from US sanctions
      It is China’s vision to eradicate poverty of the world nations
      US have been sanctioning nations….
      Causing misery to Iran,Iraq ,Syria Venezuela
      Sanctioning Germany because NORD
      STREAM PIPE LINE Russia building
      Wanting nations to buy its reduntant
      weapons ,like India , Taiwan n ……
      It is necessary??
      Only to bankrupt the countries

  • KQX571 Favorites

    Half the people in this thumbnail don’t need food, they need treadmills.

  • Bobby Humphries

    Food shortage another part of the Sign of the Last days! The horsemen of Revelation, famine, pestilence & death have arrived!

    • Pray for Peace

      Buy real food….the King James Bible.

    • Mycologist

      @Pray for Peace 😀 good luck chewing that while i eat my homegrown veggies.

    • Pray for Peace

      @Mycologist Jesus said, Man cannot live on bread alone, but on every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.

    • Mycologist

      @Pray for Peace well good luck with that!
      by bread he ment mushrooms, you cant live on magic mushrooms alone.
      Ever tought about what Manna was? Look up (psilocybine) mycelium.
      or how he made the wine? why in the church near his birthplace are numerous images of mushrooms?
      once again, Good luck! open your eyes

    • Martha belle

      @Mycologist Some of us have both 🙂 lol

  • the7HoffmanGirls

    In my opinion, Americans selling food, factories, land, lumber, etc. to Communist China is tantamount to treason!

    • Alternatively Modern

      China is overpopulated, now they gonna slowly take little pieces of our pie.

    • the7HoffmanGirls

      aj b The hatred is for the Chinese Communist Party. The people have no rights or freedom. There are death camps for any person or group the leaders want to eliminate. The CCP is not satisfied with controlling their citizens, part of their ideology is world domination! They really do not like countries whose governments allow citizens rights and freedoms, such as those in USA constitution. The part I do not understand is why this bothers CCP so much.

    • Mateo Baysa

      @the7HoffmanGirls you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • califood3618

      Its business as usual.

    • Martha belle

      @aj b personal reasons to do with war,. reinactment,.gravesend,. cursin n stuff,. however,. “a curse without a cause will not alight” 🙂

  • Charlie Porch

    There never was a crisis,fabricated for politics and to do away with the middle class.
    Now there is . Keep voting for stupid politicians.

    • Charlie Porch

      @Lou Vos
      Most are. Just have to pick the one who does something for us.
      And all of them lie.

    • Homestead Hopeful Tara

      I believe there’s a crisis. I just believe the politicians are blowing it up to take advantage of it.

    • Aldous Huxley

      The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.
      Gustave Le Bon

    • ronnel acido

      there are no stupid politicians, only stupid voters who keep voting the same corrupt and self-serving politicians over and over and expect things will get better.

    • Aldous Huxley

      @ronnel acido
      Many are looking for the Messiah and hoping and only to find out they are fleeced and continue to be blind to all of this. Those putting bumper stickers and wearing their emotions on their sleeves defines them and then in the end more regrets. Noticing a lot of Causcison cars with the Incumbent in office , it is a sad state of affairs. There will be regrets it is matter the degree of regrets.

  • Max Tran

    ”If you control the food supply, you control the people” – Henry Kissinger

  • Bob Baldwin

    Agenda 21 kill most of us off one way oranother

  • J J

    Heres some survival skills
    1. Learning how to forge – dandelions, cloves & pineapple weeds are edible
    2. Learning herbology – use food for medicine (honey ‘n’ onion juice acts like cough syrup)
    3. Learning how to farm – potatoes & onions have a ton of recipes, also radish grow super quickly
    4. Learning how to tap trees – sap can also act like glue, waterproofing, medical uses and healthy chewing gum

    5. Learning bushcrafting – filter water, starting fires, building shelters, tools/weapons, hunting
    6. Learning sewing/skinning – to repair and craft clothing
    7. Learing how to dehydrated – long-lasting + you can also make powders/spices with a mortars ‘n’ pestles
    8. Learning how to stay clean – animal fat + ash = soap…..charcoal + water = toothpaste

    • Mycologist

      Thank you!
      If only more people would learn even a few of these skills,
      I frequently ask people if they know how to filter water 90% of the time i get rather dangerous answers.
      5 days+ of no power means 80%+ people will not make it to the end of the week.

    • Alternatively Modern

      @Mycologist probably just like 20-30 percent wouldn’t make it survival mode will kick in for most people.

  • Crusader Cross

    NEVER accept the Conjob-19 Vaccine, it will damage or kill you!!

    • Vickie Clark

      Yeah, the politicians need to take it first. If they are still alive after 5 years, then maybe it will be worth taking.

    • Zach Freed

      @Vickie Clark try like 20 year with These crafty bastards

    • Alternatively Modern

      If they make to where I can’t work or buy things without the vaccine, then there’s going to be a lot of chaos’s and I mean big terrible chaos, it’ll make George Floyd riots seem like ginger beer.

    • al chemist

      @Vickie Clark even if they took it they wouldn’t take the one that’s being pushed to the public. They’d have their own placebo or some bs.

  • The_Punishers_Reaper Martin

    Fasting is healthy if done right.

  • chip sramek

    Walmart in Florida…25 Dollars for a 2 pound bag of peat moss potting soil…attack from all directions.

  • Donald Wilson

    Chapter 4 of the “Hunger Games” Starvation.

  • Randa Felt

    To many people to control for the new world order so many will have to die one way or another. 🤫

  • Mister Banshee

    Yet obesity is still a huge problem if people starving they wouldn’t weigh 650 pounds.

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