• Laura Elkins

    Thank you for that 😉

  • Alfonso castellanoferrari348

    best compliments…God bless America…

  • Sam Treal

    If you have cheese spread place it in the box with the entree while heating then mix the cheese in with the entree.

  • ItsComingOutOfBothEnds

    Also if you have a punctured package that isn’t viable then you can empty it into a 2-3L pressure cooker pot w/ 1L water : 150g MRE, sit atop a campfire and have a watered down hot meal with extra soup in 10-15 minutes or remove lid to reduce and wait another 10-15 minutes to reduce.

  • Ericules555

    lol cant diet on a mre, 1000-1500 calories or more per meal

  • stewarttrains98

    after reading through some of the comments, one was about heating water. you can only heat water with the heater if you use the separate zip lock bag that comes with the meal. Pour water into the zip lock bag, leave about in inch or so, slide down into the heater bag. if camping this is great way for a warm shave if so desired besides making a warm beverage.

    also another tip is to heat 2 items in the heater at once with the heater in the middle of the two items.

    I’m sure of you search on YouTube you will find out more information and ideas, but most importantly in a survival situation try to limit intake to two per day a day not to exceed 3 weeks. or 21 days.

  • ThePsychoticOtter

    Purple army

  • iraklitos20022003

    Yes MREs are quick, handy and even tasteful but they are definitely quite unhealthy. So they should only be consumed in a pinch.

  • Juan Iglesias

    as long as you got the jalapeno cheese spread, you’re good.

  • Neil MacKay

    Try not to eat MRE’s for more than a couple of weeks. They can of course save lives etc but they aren’t a balanced diet. There are vitamins etc that you will really be lacking. I think 30 days is the max that most manufacturers will say you can eat these things in a row.

  • Holli Bucher

    What if there are two things that need heated (ie the chicken fajita has the chicken fajita filling and refried beans) but it only came with one heater.

    Can i heat them at the same time? Just keep it in longer? Or do it separately? Do I need to add water a second time?

    • Luis Noone

      Holli Bucher You can put them in at the same time or you can put them separate it’s up to you, when I had an Mre I heated both separately and they came out fine. And you don’t need to add water a second time 🙂

  • JD Harding

    My MRE came with a sleeve that I’m supposed to shove the heater and food bag into, but I knew I’d seen people just shove it all into the heater bag. The sleeve method didn’t heat it very hot, so that’s probably why people just shove it all in the bag. Hopefully it was okay eating it while it’s not very hot.

  • James Curr

    Recently I purchased a box of Civilian MRE’s Same as The Warrior approved version but comes in a clear plastic pouch instead of the hard plastic brown pouch. Also to note it does not have the little pouch that has coffee, creamer and sugar with salt packet! But it does come with Salt Water! FYI I notice that with the salt water the heat build up was much faster and higher then heaters that I have used in the past where you just pour water in the heater pouch! Just an FYI.

  • John Mosley

    We used to swap those like trading cards. Thanks for the memories.

  • ghostrider

    I’m running into several of the heaters that don’t work and these are MREs that are only 2 years old. I don’t understand why that is, some will work great and a lot of them don’t activate or only get partially warm

  • Puerto Rican Prepper

    Good , instructional video. thanks for sharing.

  • Mexo-Farva

    i use the heating element as a fire srarter

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