THIS went wrong on our homestead and HERE'S what we did! Would YOU have been prepared?
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From TWO hard freezes back to back, losing the majority of our garden, a giant windstorm, and a multi-day power outage. When the unexpected hits, it's important to be as prepared as possible. In this episode of the Pantry Chat, we're sharing what we felt we were well prepared for, and what we realized we WEREN'T as prepared as we would like to be.

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Fermented Tomatoes:
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Fermented carrots:
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Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
1:37 – Question of the Day: Do you have to burp fermented tomatoes?
3:28 – Main Topic
6:58 – Be Prepared for the Unknown
9:03 – Don't Panic
18:58 – Prioritize Your Solutions
22:20 – Our Garden FROZE!

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  • Christie Betts

    During a recent power outage I realized I’m not prepared with light.Handicapped sister who needs light at night,can’t leave oil lamp going.I was prepared with canning supplies to take care of what was in the freezer,but I need good light to do that

    • Madison D McLean

      I’m disabled, and can have mobility issues a night. We have the STR44931 Siege Lantern Lantern Flashlight by stream light, and few other led lanterns of theirs. Well worth the slightly higher price as they have been through quite a bit over the last several years.

    • Jimmy Little

      Had the same issue recently. Plenty of supplies but not a single candle, torch or kerosene lamp anywhere in the house. Madness.

  • Deborah Tofflemire

    I am also dehydrating my green tomatoes as another preserving.

  • Rosana Oliveira

    Good morning Josh and Carolyn

    This is Rosana from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I am grateful to God for the two of you, as I have learned a lot from you in many ways. I think a lot about buying a property and leaving this urban center where I live. I would like to share with you a preparation I have for when energy is lacking. I live in an apartment with my 84-year-old mother and I have on the balcony a small solar panel with led lamps distributed throughout the house. Even with power, the lamp that stays on for the night shift comes from the solar panel, and when there are problems with the power outage we are not left in the dark. The equipment I use is one of the simplest and therefore the cheapest, as I don’t use it for anything other than lighting, not needing anything other than a little panel, a converter, and a small battery. As you already have alternatives to keep electrical appliances working perhaps this may be a good alternative. God keep blessing you.

  • CJ's Olde Thyme Farm

    Thank you for this, attitude is really so important and often mine falls short for a bit before I remember to ‘have a cup of tea’ & pray but when I do everything and everyone goes along better!

  • N. s.

    Love the attitude you guys have and keep spreading the positivity!

  • Shannon Weber

    We had a late hard freeze this spring… watering is how I saved the pears 🍐… I’m so sorry to hear you lost so much. Looks like temps here are dropping early as well. We don’t usually get into the 40’s until late October early November… it was 43° this morning. Just another twist to 2020 I guess.

  • Shannon Weber

    I agree coffee is a necessity!! For just this type of emergency I have a hand grinder and french press 🤣😂🤣… I can always heat water outside 🤣😂🤣

  • fallenangelwi25

    We have a family of 6 and had to hand wash clothes for 2 years right after the fire we understand lol.

  • Stephanie Huesler

    Have you thought about going with solar energy? Your roofs probably get a lot of sunshine that could be tapped into for running your home…By the way, we’ve had fog here in Switzerland, and the meteorologists said that it’s because of the smoke from the fires in California. Now that’s a global village!

  • Jennifer Gierok GuyRock

    I’m in northern Michigan, it gets cold cold when it wants. I pick all my left over tomatoes once it hits the 50s at night. Doesnt matter what color. Once it hits 50 once..all bets are off.. Then lay them on tables in the basement or garage to ripen. Usually need a fee saw horses and plywood to have enough room, but card tables and picnic tables work..These are the tomatoes I make stewed tomatoes with. Also a good time to get all those peppers and freeze chilies. Use those last sweet peppers up in the dehydrator. Then you have some nice flavors for soups, stews and meatloaf etc..same goes for your basil and the more tender leaves. They do NOT like cold. And even watering after the first freeze is a toss up. They like to burst after or start turning that lovely black inside once they i dont risk it anymore. I dont wait for it to get any colder. Too many variables and potential food loss.. Tomatoes ripen just fine and still taste like home grown tomatoes when picked green or just past green for stewed and for even more canned. Dont be afraid to pick them green. Either way, they’re not mass produced, store bought tomatoes grown in water so they’re guaranteed to still be delicious even when harvested green. And…you can make some pretty awesome sundried tomatoes, tomato paste and green salsa with just a few green ones. Also..check those onions! They freeze once and the skins go transparent and theres ho saving them.

  • Udder Charms Farm

    Best advice ever in this world of fear!!!

  • ReForm VIDEOS

    With what you know now about the hardships of the climate, would you still choose Northern Idaho if you could do it all over again? Personally, I can’t fathom moving to such a hard climate with the intention of homesteading. Every area has unique challenges, but the freezing issue seems counterproductive to what you’re trying to accomplish.

  • Maria Chavez

    Well, conspiracies say that “they” want to shorten the food supply by creating weather modifications. Also, “they” are trying to lead everyone in rural areas to the cities by burning them out and modifying the weather.

    • Lauren Andreas

      Maria Chavez …I feel you are right on point! Most people don’t want to believe that the governments (deep state) are controlling the weather and doing other insidious things but they are. All you have to do is look up in the sky and see the odd clouds etc. Good Luck to you!

  • Laurie Christine

    I fermented tomatoes once. I hated them! However fermented carrots are mine and my husbands favorite.

    • Lauren Andreas

      Laurie Christine …I’ve never fermented just tomatoes but I have done salsa that was the best salsa I’ve ever had! Throw in onions, peppers, garlic etc. you will love it!!!

  • Connie Mcgehee

    elliott coleman had a couple books about growing all year long in cold climates
    . he may have tips that can help

  • D Chavez

    I keep a bag of glow sticks around for power outages with young kiddos!

  • Carmie Jones

    Wow! Here you are still without power, still dealing with everything, but you took the time and specialized effort in the midst of it to produce a Pantry Chat. I would have been tempted to wait and just explain why it was late, knowing we’d all understand. You folks sure are troopers!

  • Workin On It

    I love the led lights that looks like a light switch, we keep them under cabinets that have a sink. also keep in all rooms and take them with you as a flashlight.

  • Martha Dirkes

    When I lived in Eastern Washington, I would pull up the whole tomato plants after a freeze, or when a freeze was predicted, and hang them roots up in the shed where they were protected. The plant gave its last energy to the tomatoes, so they ripened with vine-ripened flavor even as the plant dried out. I also tried the newspaper method you described, but much prefer the flavor of hanging the plants. We also grew short season varieties, which helped to get more tomatoes off the vines during the summer.

  • Lady Sarah

    Google “Grand Solar Minimum 25” – more cold weather to come, unfortunately……

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