How to Make Homemade Bread with your Food Storage | PART 2/2

With proper food storage, you can keep your items good for many years! This helps to keep for family secure in an emergency, allows you to have items on hand without running to the store, and allows you to save money by purchasing in bulk and storing long term! In this video, I'll show you one of my favorite bread recipes using my food storage. You can store the dry ingredients of your favorite bread mixes in a vacuum-sealed bag as well! Dehydrated foods, like cucumber, carrot, cranberry, and many more, are excellent to add to homemade bread! Use your creativity! For more bread recipes, see our cookbooks and our website!

We love to help you dehydrate, store, and build your pantry! Here are some things we think will help you!

Excalibur Dehydrator:
Vacuum Sealer:
Vacuum Bags:

For high-volume dehydration and storage, we recommend the 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator and a heavy-duty vacuum sealer with dual motors. For low- or moderate-volume dehydration, we recommend 6- or 9-tray Excalibur, and any vacuum sealer, with high-quality vacuum bags.

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