How to Find Ammo

Sensible Prepper talks about the hysteria behind the ammo shortage and 4 ways to find ammo for a reasonable price if you're willing to put in a little forethought.

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  • Tevin Manuel

    it will be another shortage this year as the election gets closer.

  • Brennan Bennett

    I love some good ammo porn

  • Slava Owens

    I love working at academy I get 20% off everything:D

  • Bruce Wayne

    really??? you can go to local wallmart and simply pick up life rounds?? God bless america

    • Rasta Fari. D. Culture

      TheJocker Killer and they call it civilisation , thinking it’s a solution, yet it’s another illusion

    • Bruce Wayne

      Rasta Fari. D. Culture if this purchases allowed in my country, I’d wear bulletproof vest even when I’m in the shower.

    • Rasta Fari. D. Culture

      +TheJocker Killer​ no wonder all the time it’s shoot outs in the streets, people get killed like flies and they come up with gun violence……..Sick heads

    • mechanicalfluff

      lol, i just bought a “freedom bucket” of 5.56 – all as i can think in my head is “who else can buy a bucket full of freedom!?” 😛

  • Camaro Man

    I remember when 22 was sold in big milk cartons for peanuts at K-Mart.

  • Steven Bos

    You country must be seriously F-up that you need a gun for safety. USA is really becoming a Third World country like Africa with people like this.

    • SiNaaN

      your country has been in war ever since it was made … almost …

    • 9milNorm

      Steven Bos Meanwhile, muslims are cutting British servicemen’s heads off in the street and killing hundreds at a time in Paris. But hey, you keep believing America is the problem, that should work out for ya.

    • nonameguy96

      Steven Bos LOOOOOOOOL you gotta be a complete and utter fucking fool to think a protest of disarmed populace can do anything to a government thats set on taking control. How is your protest going to do anything? they will just laugh and throw you in a camp. Your just a typical sjw fool that thinks his whines actually do anything. wake up

    • Steven Bos

      @NonameGuy – That is the difference between us having democracy and you being just … well, the ones dreaming that holding a gun gives you a safe world. Keep dreaming – I will wake you up before I walk away with your guns.

      @Balor – there a more meanings to third world then you know.
      First and Second amendment in USA – you will always be right because you can not be wrong. How could that be possible?
      lack of knowledge – of course – I am not a God. I have an opinion and you are the one who does not respect the opinion of somebody else. What makes that of you?

      @9MilNorm – America is not the problem but it also not the solution.

    • nonameguy96

      +Steven Bos not safe u fool realistic

  • Chroma

    6000 rounds?Is that what every American gun owner buy each weekend or something?

  • M Shakir

    There is no excuse for price gouging…

  • louis cyfer

    walmart will not tell you when they get ammo delivery of what rounds.

  • EDDY G.

    no problem in Europe !

  • Perico De Lospalotes

    Ammo shortage, hysteria… watching this video from Europe it’s as if you were speaking about Mars. People don’t have fireguns and hunters can buy all the ammo they want (and is allowed), absolutely nobody is worried about ammo over here. We live in two separate worlds, definitly.

  • Bill23799

    My Walmart has started carrying American Eagle .223 in the new green box for $6.49 a box.
    I bought several boxes last month but last week they were out of it..
    They did have 100 round box of bulk Federal for $35.00.

  • David Zhu

    I want to know the intro back ground music, what’s the name ?

  • Medmann48

    The shortage is OVER guys. I just got back from Bass Pro Shops & their .22LR shelves were bulging with ammo. Basically you can find anything you want & that includes bulk boxes. I am getting spoiled lately, if it doesn’t say CCI Mini-Mag on the box I turn up my nose at it, picked up a couple of boxes of that stuff tonight. I guess my ammo hoarding days are over, if I can get it anytime there is no need to stockpile it anymore.

  • bobbluntman

    if ammo shipping wasn’t so high then finding it wouldn’t be a problem. i know there are sites that do free shipping when you order like 3250 or 5000 rounds but most average people dont buy several hundred dollars worth of ammo at once. like me personally right now im just trying to find what ammo runs best in my mp1522 and i can hardly find 22lr in stores so im wanting to just buy small boxes but i cant buy it online when the box of ammo cost 2.50-5$ but then the shipping is 15$ thats not gonna happen.
    i just wish all stores did free shipping to their store to pickup like bass pro but even they only do that with certain types of ammo.

  • William Dunleavy

    Oh my god

  • QuikBullets

    UK gun laws… KILL ME
    When I am becoming 18, I still am limited with gun options

  • brandon blasdel

    who was the supplier who did the 2000 rounds?

  • kylebike128

    I just bought my first firearm and its a 223, I spent three days trying too find ammo for it.

  • Micheal Antisdel

    How do you lay out that much cash at one time? I would if I could.

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